The opposition is an asset to the government

If you surround yourself only with people who think like you, agree with you on every issue, fear to contradict whatever you say, because they like to conform, you do yourself no good. In fact, you do yourself a disservice.

Do you know why?

Because, even if you are wrong, they will only agree with you.

If you are heading for a precipice, they will only praise you and keep praising you until you take a dive of no return.

Dangerous are people who agree to everything you say. Even more dangerous are people who praise you for every move you take.

There are people who will praise you for going right. If you suddenly realize you are going the opposite direction and make an about turn, they will praise you for your wisdom. If along the way you make another about turn, they will still praise you.

You must beware of such people. They are dangerous. They will not help you. They will destroy you.

It is good that you be surrounded by both people who support you and people who oppose you.

A government does better when it has an opposition than when it doesn’t.

An opposition helps the government to sit up.

An opposition helps the government to sharpen its wits.

An opposition helps the government to see the other side of the coin.

Hence, the opposition helps those in power to perform better.

The opposition helps the government to obtain better results.

I see people who do not like to see anybody around them who does not agree with them.

Don’t discard them. Keep them but be vigilant.

The opposition is not a liability, but an asset to the government.

Quote (God’s plan for humanity)

“God created us humans to be for one another not against one another. The reason the world is beset by problems is we have departed from this plan and have embraced the opposite plan, which is placing ourselves against each other.

If we want to save our world from destruction, we must follow God’s plan for humanity and be for one another not against one another.

If we continue to defy God’s plan by pursuing the opposite plan of being against one another, we will pay dearly for it.” (Romilia Quote)

Can one beat all?

Is it possible for one man to be strong enough to beat the rest of the people around him all pitted against him?

Many people will say this is not possible unless those around the man are weaklings. But it may not be so. They could well be strong but if the man is super strong he can crush all of then.

When a star player breaks the defense of his opponents to score a goal, it may not be because that defense is weak, but rather that he is a great player or that the defense underrated him or did not work hard enough.

A lesson which I have learned in life is no boxer should underestimate their opponent in a boxing ring. This goes for every situation where two sides face each other (boxing, football, other games, politics, etc). You do not underestimate or dismiss your opponent with a wave of the hand. You may have your shock if you do.

Jesus Christ, Mohamed, and other great leaders beat all their opponents and triumphed. You beat all your rivals at conception and emerged victorious. As you fight to realize your potential you will meet people along your way who will stand up against you. Beat them and pave your way to victory.

I have my dear friends who may not be aware that one man can beat them hands down and emerge with flying colors. I tell them, ‘if you don’t take time you will have your shock.’

Opposition? Shatter it!

Opposition should not stop you;
Trials should not put you down;
Challenges should not discourage you;
Failure should not kill your determination to win;
Whether it be
Or challenges,
Put them off!
Shatter them!
Or let them make you stronger than ever;
And with that renewed strength
Pull down any mountain on your way;
And win.

When you encounter opposition

How do you feel when you are doing something great and encounter opposition from people who deliberately decide to stand on your way?

If you have a small mind, it will bother you. If you have a great mind, it will not. Hear what Albert Einstein said: “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

Violent opposition to great ideas often comes from small minds. Be strong when people with small minds oppose you.