Good spirits

My spirits are good
As I start this day;
I look forward
To many blessings;
I like
When good things
Happen to me;
And hate
When bad things do;
I am happy;
I thank God,
The indications say
The best
Is what lies ahead.
Not the worst, the best.
No doubt, my spirits
Are high.
I hope for the best.

I am most optimistic

Looking at the situation squarely in the face,
Reading between the lines,
I want to assure you fully
I am most optimistic;
The universe remains
Your only limit;
The sky may be dark
Yet there will be
No rainfall; and you will soar high;
The sea may be rough,
Yet the ship will not sink;
Instead, it will sail better
On the waves;
The times may be hard,
But we cannot miss
Our three square meals
A day;
It is not on earth
But in heaven
That we are sure
Who is a saint,
You don’t declare someone
A loser,
When a match is still
Going on.
And so don’t tell me
It’s over for me;
It’s not over
As long as I am not wearing
My golden crown.

Continue! (Be inspired today 324 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Continue to be optimistic;
Continue to hope;
Continue to expect the best;
Continue to put aside negative thoughts;
See the good you want coming
Not going away from you;
See your blessings increasing
Not decreasing;
See good things happening;
Not failing to happen;
See yourself smiling
Not frowning;
Laughing not crying.
Continue to think positively;
To maintain a positive attitude;
If you do, you will harvest;
You will reap your reward.
Reach for the stars.

This Saturday (Be inspired today 300 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

How I see this Saturday,
It’s hard to tell,
I look forward with hope,
Optimistic mind that I am;
At the same time,
I have my fears;
And have my worries;
The unknown is a source
Of great worry,
And great fear as well;
What lies ahead
Is so hard to know,
In a precarious land
Like ours;
Everything is possible;
Nothing impossible;
The good and the bad;
The beautiful and the ugly;
But who wants the ugly?
What I want is beautiful;
And I hope I get
What I want this Saturday;
I really hope I do.
I want the silver lining.

Always optimistic (Be inspired today 93 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

I am happy
Because I allow nothing
To easily discourage me.
I am easily discouraged
By nothing;
It does not matter
How dark the sky maybe;
It matters
What I know will happen:
The dark clouds are not permanent;
And soon will be off;
I am always optimistic;
Always hopeful.
I will have nothing
Short of the best.
This is the best attitude
For you also;
Be optimistic and hopeful;
Let nothing discourage you.
Always go for the best;
See only the best coming.

Great days ahead

Great days are coming;
Be optimistic;
Your future is bright;
Fill your mind
With hope,
Based on
The promises of God;
Remember all his promises
To us, his children;
He has given us assurance
Of his support,
When the going is hard;
When the future is bleak;
When we fall;
When our feet are weary;
He asks us to:
Remain optimistic;
Remain hopeful;
Remain confident;
Remain expectant;
Because the best is coming;
Because great days are ahead.

Today seems a perfect day

Today seems a perfect day;
Though not everything
Is going well for me;
Important things
Are going as they should;
I see things going great
For you too.
It’s all in the mind;
And how you see the things
That happen far and near;
Ours is not a perfect world;
But good things abound;
If you focus on the good,
And keep your heart off
The bad,
Life will be more joyful for you;
Reasons there are, for sure,
To complain and criticize;
To be bitter and condemn;
But only misery will this bring;
Look on the sunny side;
And make life a celebration;
And live a happy life.
On this day that seems a perfect day.
Come celebrate with me

If you are serious about winning

You will be optimistic;
You will not be pessimistic;
You will be positive;
You will not be negative;
You will hope;
You will not despair;
You will encourage yourself;
You will not discourage yourself;
You will see stars at night
You will not see darkness;
You will laugh at difficulties;
You will not cry at difficulties;
You will smile often;
You will not frown;
You will have a winning spirit;
You will not have a losing spirit;
You will learn to stand tall;
You will learn not to lie low.
You will see the bright side;
You will not see the dark side.

How will today be?

How will today be?
Will it be good
Or bad?
Will it be difficult
Or easy?
Will it be bright
Or dark?
Will it be positive
Or negative;
Will it be charged
Or relaxed?
Can anyone say?
I don’t think so;
It’s impossible to know;
One can only guess;
One can be positive
Or negative;
Or pessimistic;
But God alone decides.
Let us pray for the best;
Hope for the best;
Expect the best;
As we put
Our trust in God.