How do others see you? (Be inspired today 152 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

I want to inspire you
To make others see you positively;
That is important;
Do you know how others see you?
Do others see you
Positively or negatively?
Do others like you
Or hate you?
Are they happy with you
Or angry with you?
Please, make me know
How others see you;
How others see you matters;
If others don’t see you
They may stand on your way;
They definitely will not support you;
Make others see you positively;
Make them like you;
Don’t make them hate you;
Make them talk positively about you not negatively.
Do you feel inspired enough
To make others see you
And not negatively?

These amazing souls (Be inspired today 100 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

I want to be like these
Amazing souls;
These men and women
I meet on the blogosphere,
Who teach me
To go out
Of my little self;
And meet people;
And give to fellow humans;
It’s not just about me;
About me alone is selfish;
It’s greed;
And what is ruining the world;
It’s much more about others;
Others are the treasure
I desperately seek;
That gold I want;
My golden crown
Will come from others;
Many don’t know;
That’s it – others;
They hold the key;
No others, no access
To Treasureland.
When shall I have this
Indelibly printed
In my skull?
Are you aware of this?
Take it in;
No others, nothing;
No others, no treasure;
No others, no success;
No others, no victory;
Help me O Lord,
To be like these
Amazing souls
Who know
The value of others;
And put others ahead,
Not behind me;
And go for others
Not waiting for others
To come to me.
I strongly want
To be like
These amazing souls.
I want to love others;
To treasure others;
And go for them always.

What we do to others

Do you care about others?
How much do you care
About others?
What we do to others,
We do to ourselves;
What we do to others,
Others will do to us;
I know some people
Whose caring hearts amaze me;
They think not only
Of themselves,
They think also of others;
They want to see others happy;
And spare no effort
To support others,
And otherwise;
Such people, I admire,
And like to be like them;
And what I have found,
When you are for others,
Supporting and helping others,
So richly are you blessed.
Therefore, friends,
Let’s think not only of ourselves,
Let’s think also of others,
What we wish that others do to us,
Let us do to others.
It will come back to us.

Also give to others

13 reasons to:

  • Love,
  • Respect
  • Be kind
  • And live in peace with others.
  1. Your birth came through others;
  2. Your name was given by others
  3. Your first bath was given by others;
  4. Your last bath will be given by other.s
  5. You were brought up by others
  6. Taught by others
  7. Your life is influenced by others.
  8. Your funeral will be organized by others,
  9. You will be put in your last home by others.
  10. Your property will be inherited by others.
  11. Others have done and continue to do so much for you.
  12. You owe so much to others.
  13. Others have given and continue to give so much to you.

You should love and be kind to others as others love you and have been so kind to you.

(Adapted from unknown)

Quote (others)

“Honestly, I like what
I learn from others.
I really wonder what
I would have become
Had I been left to myself.
Those who are too proud
To learn from others
May not know what
They are missing.
They are missing a lot.
Others are a storehouse
Of wisdom,
You must not fail
To tap from
To build your own life.”

Romilia Quotes




Other people matter;
In reality, other people are
If you want significant success;
You can’t do without other people;
You can’t do much alone;
You can do much only
With the help
Of other people;
Do not try to make it alone;
You will not go far;
Print this in your mind
Once and for all,
That other people are
A treasure;
That you need them.
Your challenge is to make
Other people like you
So that they will help
You become the person
You were created to become.


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