Page views hit high

Dearest friend,

Did I read well? Who read it too? Six hundred thousand page views. Unbelievable! But true.

How did SIWO get here? Of course, you made it possible – your support; your prayers; above all, team work.

I said team work. That is right. We have an incredible team. High spirited, committed, focussed, full of love, mutual respect and ambitious to break the bounds of impossibility.

We are a world team. We come from all the continents of the world, breaking barriers of race, language, religion, geography and social class to work together.

And there is space for more people to join. You can join like an author. And within the house, you find where you wish to stand.

Immense thanks to our awesome team for the amazing work at SIWO.

Immense thanks to our wonderfully loving readers.

Love you all,



2015 a great year for me

2015 was a great year for me and my blog. This blog recorded spectacular success.

2014 ended with a record of 6,875 page views, 3,303 visitors,169 posts published, 1,930 likes, and 1,242 comments.

These statistics skyrocketed in 2015. I have had 50,322 page views, 19,256 visitors, 1,582 posts published, 45,201 likes and 11,329 comments.

For this great leap, I thank God and my sweet friends that you are. I expect to reach 100.000 page views by this time in 2016.

On Sunday 27 December, I had 233 page views and 111 persons visited my blog. This same day in 2016, I expect to receive 300 visitors and have 500 page views.

I believe in dreaming big and encourage you to dream big. There is vast ground for the achievement of big dreams in life. So why would you not dream big?