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No more unending tears

If the continuous pang of pain You have known for eternity, And have cried to him in vain, He challenges you to turn Once more to him for your miracle. The time has come That He will turn your agony To joy; He that heals all wounds of Body, heart, and soul; Will give thee…

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Pray for the suffering today

Pray for all those who are in pain today; That God may relieve their suffering; Many are those who are suffering; From one plight or another; Some are hungry; No food to eat; Some are sick; No cure for their illness; Some lack the money for medical attention Or to buy their medication; Some are…

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SIWO Global News 27th September 2018 #163

Knowledge is Wealth (For sharing, discussing, liking, praying, comments) “Military Mindset” Helped Injured Ex-Soldier Become Invictus Games Weightlifter. Invictus Games was founded by Prince Harry and many injured soldiers from around the world now participate.  The 29-year-old ex-soldier called David Atkin lives in daily pain and will still compete in powerlifting, indoor rowing, discus,  and…

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