If I had my way

If I had my way,
I would bring more joy
To others;
I hate to see people unhappy;
When a human suffers,
My heart is torn to pieces;
Make no one suffer
Inflict pain on no one.
Be a source of joy;
Not a source of pain.
If I had my way
I would stop human suffering,
And make joy prevail
In the world.


No more unending tears

man crying on field

Photo by Jim De Ramos on Pexels.com

If the continuous pang of pain
You have known for eternity,
And have cried to him in vain,
He challenges you to turn
Once more to him for your miracle.
The time has come
That He will turn your agony
To joy;
He that heals all wounds of
Body, heart, and soul;
Will give thee relief;
No more shall you cry in affliction;
No more shall you writhe in pain;
No more unending tears to shed;
No more shall sighs of frustration
And despair be your stock-in-trade;
Your suffering has, to its end come;
In place of sorrow, you will know
A season of happiness.
By the will of He That is mighty,
No more shall your heart irk with dstress.

Pray for the suffering today

man holding white sack walking beside street stores

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Pray for all those who are in pain today;
That God may relieve their suffering;
Many are those who are suffering;
From one plight or another;
Some are hungry;
No food to eat;
Some are sick;
No cure for their illness;
Some lack the money for medical attention
Or to buy their medication;
Some are tortured in their own families;
In their own country;
They need your prayers;
Some are unjustly punished;
Punished for crimes others have committed;
Some are displaced;
Some have no roof over their heads;
Pray for all these people;
That the Lord may have mercy on them.
And relieve their suffering;
Will you have time to pray for them?

Delightful Tuesday: Just Like Every Other Day

Yes, I am glad to have weaknesses if they are for Christ. I am glad to be insulted and have hard times.

I am glad when I am persecuted and have problems, because it is when I am weak that I am really strong.
2 Corinthians 12:10 ERV

Rejoice because God’s strength is made perfect in weakness.

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SIWO Global News 27th September 2018 #163

Knowledge is Wealth

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“Military Mindset” Helped Injured Ex-Soldier Become Invictus Games Weightlifter.

Invictus Games was founded by Prince Harry and many injured soldiers from around the world now participate.  The 29-year-old ex-soldier called David Atkin lives in daily pain and will still compete in powerlifting, indoor rowing, discus,  and the 100m and 200m at the games for “wounded warriors”.  At 20, he was a section machine -gunner in a RAF Regiment with the rank of Senior Aircraftman. The vehicle he was riding in hit a trench, throwing him in the air and he landed slamming his back on the metal platform.  The following bouncing action crushed his back giving me an excruciating pain.

After treatment  and rehabilitation he was a back brace for nine months.  As his spine got worse he had more surgery.  The cocktail of analgesia he had was unbelievable. Mr Atkins praised the help he  received from Help the Heroes charity, which is supporting the Games.  The charity provided rehab facilities at Headley Court, Epsom, gave him occupational therapy and bought a special orthopaedic sofa.

He had counselling to help him with the post traumatic syndrome, has been medically discharged from the army.  Determined to stop taking all the painkillers, he trained to be fit and lost 15kg, keeping away from takeaways too.  He is now a centre manager for a military preparation college where youngsters of 16 to 23 are trained for the military career they want.  Weightlifting is something he did as a young one and when he watched the participants of the Invictus Games he wanted to be involved.  It has helped him to focus.  He says the competition thrives on the immense public support.

A Capital City Near You Could Be Saving The Planet

In Changing Cities by Rohan Silva writes about how his baby is obsessed with trees.  Scientists like Professor Edward Wilson has been writing how humans have innately emotional affiliation towards the natural world.  This is now known as the “biophillia hypothesis”. A review by American psychologist Roger Ulrich of  hospital records have shown patients responding well after surgery when their bedside windows are looking out onto trees rather than brickwork.

Cities such as Tokyo and Paris are taking steps to reduced environmental impact, they are making the cities greener.  It appears that cities can make these changes easier and quicker than government’s.  In Singapore the government is investing £100 million each year to plant trees and create new green spaces.


Content from BBC news. Evening Standard .  BrainyQuotes.com


Be careful Be joyful Be peaceful