Today’s morning prayer 33

Heavenly Father,
If I am not having
What I want
It is because I depend
On myself;
Who am I?
What power do I have?
All power comes from you;
I surrender my life to you;
Be my light and my guide;
You are my Senior Partner
In my game of life;
Make me succeed
As in your plan for me,


Kindred spirits

Kindred Spirits

“The most intriguing people you will encounter in this life are the people who had insights about you, that you didn’t know about yourself.” Shannon L. Alder

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“Oh God ,I just met you ,but I feel I know you so much already”

A kindred spirit is someone whose energy resonates at the same frequency as yours.

This can happen when you meet some one in person or online !

Definition of Kindred Spirit

According to Free Dictionary, Kindred spirit is defined as

“A person who shares several or many fundamental beliefs,ideas,convictions,sentiments,attitudes and/or interests with oneself”.

Kindred Spirits

It’s shared way of experiencing the world.

Simply put, a kindred spirit is someone who you share a mutual meaningful connection with.

Kindred spirit is the person who understands you so well and you too feel ,you understand this person equally well at the very first meeting between you both.
Both are very comfortable with each other at any given point .

It’s about innate connection.

The kindred spirit can enter your life for a moment, for a short period or be with you life long .

We meet many people in our lives.With some we feel the disconnect as if there is a wall in between but with some you feel they are magnetic and you both get attracted to each other !

Kindred Spirits

To discover a kindred spirit is to find your heart ,in the heart of a friend. Ann Parrish

Kindred spirits can be with anybody,be a known or unknown person.

What is the basis of Kindred Spirits ?

  • You both share common interests.
    you can talk hours together and surprisingly outsiders can’t understand you.
  • You both understand each other so well and there is never an argument.
    You both enjoy each others humour
    You both feel as if you are a long-lost friends.
    You are comfortable with each other .
    You don’t hesitate to tell the most personal stuff
  • Though you might have met the person physically or online for a brief period, you have some sixth sense telling you that you can trust this person.
  • You are available all the time supporting each other both in Times of happiness and sadness.
  • You both are always in sync.You both understand your limitations.And there is some unexplainable cosmic flow between the two.The relationship is always positive and supportive.

Don’t confuse Kindred Spirits with soul mates or Twin flames.That is another discussion on some other day.

Have you at any time come across Kindred Spirit ?

Please share your thoughts on this subject.

Thank you.
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When will you marry?

This is for those who are not married?
I want to know
What you are waiting for;
When will you marry?
Are you waiting for Miss Right?
Or Mr. Right?
If you are looking for Perfect,
Let me assure you
That particular individual
Is still a long way off;
Mr. Right and Miss Right
Are hard to find.
You will grow white hair
Waiting for Mr./Miss Right.
And why should you?
How right are you?
Why do you want right
When you are not right?
If you are not married,
Make up your mind and get in.
Stop looking for what
You will never find.
There is no Miss Perfect;
And no Mr. Perfect anywhere
In the world.
No Mr. Right, no Miss Right.

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Hurt feelings in marriage

Hurt feelings are common in love;
Hurt feelings are common in marriage;
But why these hurt feelings!
Why hurt your spouse
Or your love?
Why say or do things that hurt your spouse?
Hurt feelings lead to hard feelings;!
And hard feelings inflict pain;
You must stop hurting each other?
Stop inflicting deep wounds on each other.
That is not why you got married;
Instead of saying things
That hurt your spouse,
Say things that please your spouse;
Things that make your spouse happy.
This means you must be careful
With what you say to your spouse.

Be a good partner

If you want to be
A good partner,
Don’t go to bed
With anger
In your heart,
Against your spouse;
If you have a hurt,
Do work it out
Before bedtime;
Your night
Will be good;
Anger is a monster
You don’t take to bed;
Give it no room
To lie by you.
Crush it on the head
Before it’s late.
Lest it devours
Your peace,
Your happiness;
Your marriage as a whole
In the night.

Bite your pen

Marriage is not easy. Maintaining a good relationship with others is not easy. Do you know when it becomes necessary to bite your pen? Hahahaha! When you are tempted to say something that can bring trouble. It could be when you are tempted to exchange harsh words with your spouse, business partner, neighbor, or colleague.

You could take ‘bite your tongue’ literally or figuratively. It means you refrain from talking.

At times, it is more golden to be silent than to talk. That is when talking can cause enormous trouble. At such moments, stay silent. Bite your pen.

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