I’ll love with passion

I will spend this Saturday loving you;
Whether you are far away from me
Or you are near me;
It matters little;
I will spend this Saturday loving you;
I will love you with all my heart;
I will love you
As I have never loved before;
With passion;
I will close my eyes,
And think of you by me;
I will touch you;
I will feel you;
And my heart will glow with love for you;
I want you to do same;
You don’t need me by you to love me;
Just think of me;
Think of a sweet loving person,
Who’s burning with love for you;
I am that person;
A perfect love for you;
Just love me;
Bury your heart in mine;
And let’s make this Saturday a love Saturday;
Just for you and I;
Let’s make it passionate love!


Does it give you joy?

Does blogging give you joy? It gives me great joy.

If I am passionate about anything at this stage in my life, it is about blogging; sharing ideas; giving mine and taking what others have to offer. I do not know why I am so passionate about it but I realy am.

I really l
ike to know what blogging means to you. Why did you create a blog? Why do you blog? Tell me if it gives you joy.

Let’s share on this. What advice do you have for those who are afraid to blog or who start to blog and easily get discouraged and give up?

Why you’re still not achieving? Do you know?

If you’re still not achieving what you want to achieve, this is for you. If you have already achieved, skip it. Of course, you can still have a look and see if you share. Actually It’s not a long story.It’s just one simple thing.

If you are still not achieving, it is because you’re still not committed to any goal. If you are committed, then your commitment is not 100%. Try 100% commitment to your goal and see what happens. This means put your heart, your mind, your soul, your energy, your wits, your resources into your goal. Go to bed with it; get out of bed with with; walk around during the day with it. Be consumed by it; be mad about it; and pay no attention to discouraging messages.

Ready? Tell me if you are. Anyone who does not say ‘I am ready’ is not ready; and should not expect to achieve the goal in mind.If you are ready, declare it here and go for it. Have the courage of your dream; and don’t come back until you have had it. I am sure you will.


In this world, there are people who eagerly wait for each day to get back to their work.

Are you such a person?

When closing time comes, they are in no hurry to go home.They have a passion for their work.

They are committed to it. They let nothing come between them and their work. They go to bed with it in mind and get up with it in mind.

If you can develop this type of passion, thank God. You will be unstoppable.You will shine.

Passionate love and marriage

Too many people rush into marriage without giving themselves enough time to know whether or not they are meant for each other.Soon after the marriage, they find they are not meant for each other; that they are incompatible.

The result is their marriage becomes marred by problems. They end up in divorce.

There is something about love that is deceitful and dangerous. When you find your heart burning for somebody, do not jump to the conclusion that you must spend the rest of your life with that person or that you will die if that person does not become yours. Marriage is much more than passionate love.

No matter how your heart longs for somebody, take your time and be sure that you both have what it takes to make a successful couple before you decide to marry.

It’s not everything that your heart goes for that is good for you or that you must have.

Persistent energized passionate action believed prayed

Do you want to move mountains? You can. But you must do what is necessary. The title of this post is a mountain-moving combination. It has six words that will work magic for you.
Be passionate about your dream.
Take action.
Put energy into the action you take.
Believe you will achieve it.
Persist till you succeed.
Pray without ceasing about it
This is how great lives are built.