Don’t hurry too much

Hurrying too much is the problem of many people. They want everything to happen now. They want to succeed instantly. That is not possible. Be patient. Continue to work hard and do your best. Success will come your way.


I will wait

All day long, I waited;
Moving up and down,
Unable to do a thing,
Because the door
Could not open for me;
I knocked and knocked,
Then realized I had been blocked;
Lack got me blocked;
And then I told myself
There was nothing
I could do,
Other than hold my peace
And wait;
That is what I always do.
I was patient;
I waited;
I will always wait;
When things don’t go
As I desire them to go.
I know the value of patience.

Can you see? (Be inspired today, 61 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Can you see
That we are regaining grown?
Can you see
That our efforts
Are paying iff?
That we are having enough returns;
The lesson is clear
For those who see
And think;
Hard work pays;
But you may work.hard
And still not succeed;
Make use of a second tool:
And the last weapon
Is what you will use
To break the camels back.

It’s intriguing

What happened to me today is intriguing. I did an 11 minutes reflection on radio early in the morning on “The generation gap”. My emphasis was on the need for old people to give a chance to young people to exploit their talents.

At the same time, the young ones must show proof of responsibility. If they do not prove to be responsible, they may not have access to the opportunities they are due.

Great was my joy when later, I found this beautiful post: “Generation Gap: How to balance between one generation and another.” Deepika gives 9 points which can help bridge the gap between generations. It’s a brilliant post indeed, and if you have read “Patience: slow and steady wins the race..” you should know what to expect from this amazing blogger.

I warmly congratulate Deepika and encourage her to keep making use of her writing talent to lift people to where they are born to be.

Your day will come

Your day will come;
Yes, your turn will come;
If others are having it
And you are not having it,
Don’t worry,
Your day will come;
Your turn will come;
To everyone their day;
To everyone, their turn;
Don’t you worry,
Your day will come;
Don’t be sad,
Your turn will come.
Be patient;
Give time a chance
To do its work.
To everyone, their day;
To everyone, their turn.
Your day will come;
Your chance will come.

That is the way

That is the way;
You will arrive;
I say this with conviction;
And with a reason
What I was looking for,
I have found;
It has taken such a long time,
But it has come;
Indeed, I worked hard;
And persisted;
And was patient;
And now,
I am happy to reap
The fruits;
Of course,
With my lesson learned;
All that you need,
Is to be
On the right track;
Then you keep going,
Steadily and wisely;
And being patient;
One day,
Be it sooner,
Or later,
You will arrive;
That is the way;
There are no two ways.

It is not enough

I thought that working hard
Was all I needed to do
To make it big;
I worked like a horse;
But did not make it at all;
Then I was told to persist;
I persisted;
But still,I had no results;
Then I was told to be patient;
That big achievements come slowly;
I was patient but nothing happened;
Then it dawned on me,
That all that was not enough;
That it is only by the
Grace of God;
Yes, if God says yes,
No one can say no;
If God says no,
No one can say yes;
If God closes a door
No one can open it;
If God opens a door,
No one can close it.
He is the author of all
Good things in our lives;
Thus, on him
More than on hard work,
Our intelligence,
And persistence
Must we depend.
I shall work hard
I shall persist;
I shall be patient;
But all along,
I shall go down on my knees
And beg my heavenly father
To blesss my efforts
With the success he earmarked
For me when he conceived me.πŸŒŽπŸŒπŸŒπŸŒπŸŒ‹πŸ‘

Tough to be patient

If you think it’s easy
To be patient,
You are mistaken;
It is tough to be patient;
At times when you are
There comes a time
When you see just no reason
To keep going;
You want to give up;
All reasoning tells you
To quit;
To stop being patient;
You find it tough
To be patient;
That is when you must be;
Yes, it’s tough to be patient
But be patient all the same;
In the end, you will smile.