You have not disappointed me

Many thanks to you,
My people;
You have not disappointed me;
You could have failed me;
You have not failed me;
At first, it appeared
You were failing me;
My support came
From outside my continent:
From across the oceans;
America, India, what have you?
And I asked myself;
“Where are my own people?”
I felt disappointed;
Though I did not give up;
I felt you had not discovered
What your own was doing;
I continuef to have faith
In you;
Hence, I kept on digging
And hoping;
And I was right;
As expected,
The time has come;
This is that time;
You have discovered,
What your own is doing;
And this is your weight
All behind me;
And it is so clear
For all to see;
Silently eloquent;
Thank you and thank you
And thank you, my people;
Great, indeed, you are;
Greater than anyone can imagine;
Greatness I find in you!
Great people support their own,
To take greater strides;
To run and not fall;
And when they fall,
They hold their hand
And lift them up;
To continue
Their hard, sinuous journey.
Thank God
You have not disappointed me.


We are one world

Whether we have black skin
Or white or red skin,
We belong to one world,
We are one people,
The people of the world,
The people of God,
Created by the same God.

Whether we speak English
Chinese, French, German
Or some other language
widely known or unknown,
We belong to one world,
We are one people,
The people of the world;
The people of God;
Created by the same God.

Whether we swim in luxury
Or we wallow in poverty,
We belong to one world
We are one people,
The people of the world,
The people of God;
Created by the same God.

Whether we like other people
Or we hate other people,
We belong to one world,
We are one people;
The people of the world;
The people of God,
Created by the same God.


Today’s society is bombarded with many slogans that portray us to be “deserving” of something. Such self-focused messages are:

            “You deserve a break today…” used by McDonald’s

            “You owe it to yourself…” used by cruise lines

            “Treat yourself to take the break you deserve” used by Hilton HHonors

In the dynamics of families and relationships, how many times have you graciously gave a gift and never received a “thank you” of any kind? How often have you heard the stories of parents passing away, and the children fought over the estate and money? If a sibling or parent is near their deathbed, do they deserve to be treated with respect if they never reciprocated love to family members in a state of healthiness? What if a husband and wife purchase a home with their hard-earned money – should their children feel entitled to the parent’s assets?

Within the business world, employees arrive late and perform their duties with little ambition. They demand pay raises and better benefits. Are they really deserving of it? Or, a parent scrapes and works hard to grow a business, and their grown children now believe they’re entitled to run it when the parent is deceased.

Churches also run into the same dilemmas when the congregation feels entitled to receive answers from their pastors or to hold positions within the house of worship. And, while I walk down the path of religious connotations, many believers feel deserving of God’s blessings. Speaking of this, do you know why much of humanity walks away from God and stops believing in Him? They prayed for an answer they wanted to hear and didn’t receive it. He was a means to get what they felt entitled to in life! Ironically, I believe our church leaders are responsible for this incorrect train of thought. They stand on the pulpit and preach God will meet all our needs and give them their desires if they pledge their soul to Jesus. The fact is our sin separates us from the Lord.

Entitlement is a dangerous walk in life – it’s Godlessness. Let me be frank here – God, parents, and employers owe us nothing. God blesses us with things because He wants to – an unconditional love of grace. A selfish demand for His generosity will reap no benefits. It’s that simple!

Jesus’ ministry spoke of loving others with a grateful heart. This includes treating each other with respect, even amidst our differences. The well-being of gratitude promotes healthy relationships, both in our walk with the Lord and relationships with others.

In the subject of parenting, fewer children today respect their elders. They ignore the recognition parents deserve for years of hard work and dedication to their families because they live in the “gimme, gimme” world. These generations are gifted with their heart’s desires, and they expect it from the parents. Thus, the slogans I mentioned at the beginning of the message above, come into play. As the children grow older, they feel entitled to life. Little do we know, it promotes laziness, ungratefulness, and the subject of this blog – entitlement. What are we teaching our children and others?

So, how can we live a life feeling less entitled to things and people?

•          Humbly give thanks to God for all we receive. “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18

•          Remember the grace of God, for Jesus died on the cross for our sins. We do not deserve to be treated with graciousness for our sinful attitudes, but the Lord’s love and grace reaches out to us, anyway. “At one time we too were foolish, disobedient, deceived and enslaved by all kinds of passions and pleasures. We lived in malice and envy, being hated and hating one another. But when the kindness and love of God our Savior appeared, he saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy.” Titus 3:3-5

•          Set your mind on eternity with the Lord and not on this world. Money and physical possessions mean nothing, for they cannot be taken with you to heaven. “But, as it is written, what no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love him…” 1 Corinthians 2:9

•          Continuously pray for discernment of entitlement. Why do I feel entitled, and how can I change this train of thought?

In summary of today’s message, expect little, receive with a grateful heart, and always give thanks. Give God the glory for your unexpected blessings!

Written by Anne Bicks, Editor and Marketing of Bicks Books LLC

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We shall be free

The d-day is coming;
When the birds in the sky
And the fish in the sea
And the animals on land,
Shall with one voice,
Like one man,
Shout for joy,
Saying, at long last,
The Lord has done it
For us;
At long last, we are free;
What we have dreamed of,
At last has entered our hands;
What we have fought for;
And many have died for,
Has come and met us at home;
And we are alive;
At last, we are free;
To live in peace,
Like humans, not animals;
Yes, we shall be free,
Like birds in the sky,
To fly from end to end.
Indeed, we shall be free.
We shall not be in chains again;
We shall no longer be slaves
To anyone mighty or rich.
We shall simply be free.

I don’t blame

I stopped blaming people
At random;
For any reason;
I don’t blame you;
I don’t blame anybody;
I don’t blame people
Left and right
Because things are
Wrong in my life;
Unless I am sure
Who is at fault,
I will blame nobody;
At times, we blame people
We should not blame,
We leave the people
Who have done wrong
And deserve blame,
And blame people
Who are innocent;
That is unfair;
It can cause great pain
In one’s heart to receive blame
For another’s wrong;
Instead of blaming others,
What I do is,
I look at myself
Straight in the eyes
When anything goes wrong,
To see if the fault
Is not mine.
It could well be mine.

Love all

In this blessed world
Where we live,
You shall meet
All kinds of people;
Some will encourage you;
Some will discourage you;
Some will love you;
Some will hate you;
Some will criticize you;
Some will praise you;
Some will block you;
Some will open the way for you;
Love all;
And pray for all.
He put all of them
In your life;
Not for nothing,
But for a reason.
And surely a good reason.

Vibrant personality

Do you want to have
A vibrant personality?
If you want to have
A personality,
That’s vibrant,
You must work hard
To have it;
It wouldn’t come easily
Or by itself;
Like every good thing,
It takes time, hard work,
And perseverance;
But you don’t regret
The time you put in
To get it,
When you start to reap
The fruits
Of your labour.
So, set to work.

They are my people (Be inspired today 367 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

The people who make me proud,
Are my people;
The people who stand by me,
Are my people;
The people who show me love;
The people who give me help,
Are my people;
The people who don’t bother me,
Are my people.
The people who oppose me,
Are also my people;
The people who give hard times,
Are still my people.
All depends on how I see things.