I don’t blame

I stopped blaming people
At random;
For any reason;
I don’t blame you;
I don’t blame anybody;
I don’t blame people
Left and right
Because things are
Wrong in my life;
Unless I am sure
Who is at fault,
I will blame nobody;
At times, we blame people
We should not blame,
We leave the people
Who have done wrong
And deserve blame,
And blame people
Who are innocent;
That is unfair;
It can cause great pain
In one’s heart to receive blame
For another’s wrong;
Instead of blaming others,
What I do is,
I look at myself
Straight in the eyes
When anything goes wrong,
To see if the fault
Is not mine.
It could well be mine.


Love all

In this blessed world
Where we live,
You shall meet
All kinds of people;
Some will encourage you;
Some will discourage you;
Some will love you;
Some will hate you;
Some will criticize you;
Some will praise you;
Some will block you;
Some will open the way for you;
Love all;
And pray for all.
He put all of them
In your life;
Not for nothing,
But for a reason.
And surely a good reason.

Vibrant personality

Do you want to have
A vibrant personality?
If you want to have
A personality,
That’s vibrant,
You must work hard
To have it;
It wouldn’t come easily
Or by itself;
Like every good thing,
It takes time, hard work,
And perseverance;
But you don’t regret
The time you put in
To get it,
When you start to reap
The fruits
Of your labour.
So, set to work.

They are my people (Be inspired today 367 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

The people who make me proud,
Are my people;
The people who stand by me,
Are my people;
The people who show me love;
The people who give me help,
Are my people;
The people who don’t bother me,
Are my people.
The people who oppose me,
Are also my people;
The people who give hard times,
Are still my people.
All depends on how I see things.

Value your supporters (be inspired today 347 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Value the people in your team;
Value the people who are for you;
Value those who support you;
Value those who defend your interest;
They are your treasure;
Without them,
You are an easy prey
To your detractors, opponents,
Or enemies.
In my village we say
A king is king because of the people he rules;
And he succeeds because of
The people who support him.

We are one (Be inspired today 272 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

If I have never met you,
If I may never meet you,
If I don’t know you,
If you don’t know me,
That does not remove oneness
From us;
Aren’t we closer than
We may realize?
Don’t we share common possession
Of the land on which
We live?
Don’t we share the air we breathe?
That flows freely around us?
And don’t we share the sunshine
And moon light from the sky?
We are one;
All humans are one;
We put unnecessary barriers
Between us;
To keep us apart
Wherever we live, we are one;
Meant to be one;
To live like a family.
The world is one;
And no matter where we come from,
The color of our skin,
The language we speak;
Whether rich or poor,
We are human and we are one;
We each have a right to be here;
To be treated with dignity
And respect.
The earth is for us all while we are here.
Let that be inscribed in our minds and hearts.
Let none wallow in misery
While others swim in opulence.