We are so close

We are so close
To the D-day;
We are so close
To our destination;
We are so close
To the end,
And can’t
Be discouraged;
We’re long past
The time
To be discouraged;
We are at
The winning point;
Only a fool
Will give up here;
At the winning point,
When the trophy
Is at arms reach.
You have to persevere,
And cross the line;
And carry the trophy.
Indeed, you are close;
So close.


Be steadfast

Be steadfast;
And keep your fingers
Don’t relent in your effort;
You will regret
If you do.
Success never comes
With ease;๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
So you keep hammering;
And don’t stop
Until, to pieces,
The stone has shattered.
Hold firm;
Your reward will come;
And that might be
Sooner than you
Can guess.๐Ÿ‘
Believe me,
What I’m telling you
Is true.
Never stop working
For your succeess
To rest and continue.

Keep on trying

Keep on trying;
Do you know who
I am encouraging?
Try to guess;
I know it will be hard
To do so;
I am encouraging myself;
I am working on a thing;
It’s not easy at all;
I just thought
I should give up;
Then came the advice
I give to others:
“Keep on trying”,
Timely advice to me.
Ask me
If I have followed it.
Yes, I have;
I have not given up;
I have kept on trying.
I am sure
It will bear fruit.
When the going is rough,
What do you do?
You keep on trying;
When the going us tough,
What do you do?
You keep on trying;
When the future is bleak,
What do you do?
You keep on trying.
Yes, one thing
I encourage you to do:
Keep on trying.

That is the way

That is the way;
You will arrive;
I say this with conviction;
And with a reason
What I was looking for,
I have found;
It has taken such a long time,
But it has come;
Indeed, I worked hard;
And persisted;
And was patient;
And now,
I am happy to reap
The fruits;
Of course,
With my lesson learned;
All that you need,
Is to be
On the right track;
Then you keep going,
Steadily and wisely;
And being patient;
One day,
Be it sooner,
Or later,
You will arrive;
That is the way;
There are no two ways.

Keep going till you arrive

The night was so dark I could not see;
Where I put my foot, I did not know;
But I knew where I was going;
So I moved on, one step at a time,
I tested the ground before I put my foot;
Yet, many times I fell;
Potholes were here and there;
The road was not straight;
Many bends and uphills;
But I kept on going;
And each time I fell, I got up;
When I got tired, I rested;
And on my way I went.
See where I stand today;
I arrived;
My bruises are healed;
Now, I celebrate;
And what do I celebrate?
Not just victory but stay on power.
Because I stayed on,
Because I had the courage
To go through thick and thin to the end,
Victory played its way into my hands.
No secret is greater than this.
Stay on to the end;
Once you know where you are going,
No matter the potholes, the bends and hills,
Keep going till you arrive.


Chinese bamboo is my dream

Do you know what? Chinese bamboo is my dream.

Take your dream to be a Chinese bamboo. That is what I do.

If for years it shows no signs of growth or of ever bearing fruit, do not mind it. Do not give up on it. Continue to water and nurture it.

However discouraging things may look, persevere and persist. Stay focused on what lies ahead. When the right moment comes, like a Chinese bamboo, it will shoot to the stars.