How do you win

How do you win?
Don’t get defeated by eyes;
The look of things
Doesn’t say it all;
It tells the story
Only in part;
If you want the full story,
You have to look beyond
The surface;
Dip your hand deeper,
To bring out what’s inside;
That’s how you win;
And if it’s the kind of fish
You don’t like,
Throw it back into the river.
And dig deeper;
And keep on digging
Until you get the right catch.
If you need to be told
A million times
That you will never win
By giving up,
I will do it;
You win by making sure
You stay on till you win.


Be wise and quit

We are told when we fail, to try and try again until we succeed.

I subscribe to this.

Winners never give up but keep on trying until they succeed.

Everybody ought to know this.

At the same time, wisdom calls us to know when to give up; and when to keep going.

It is not at all times you keep going.

It may be that which you want is not what God wants for you; and that may be why it is not coming despite your efforts.

You should be able to read the writing on the wall; read the signs of the times; and act accordingly.

That may be God at work.

You cannot ignore what God is telling you.

God speaks clearly to those who know His voice. But to those who don’t, what he says is noise.

Blessed are those who know their Master’s voice.

They are the ones who will gain the Master’s reward when they hear his voice and follow him.

So when its not coming because the Master wants you to quit rather than stay on, please do.

Never stop aim

I am still in the wilderness;
I have been there for years,
Trying to find my way,
But I haven’t done so yet;
Definitely, it’s no easy task;
It’s an uphill challenge;
Yet, my determination
Is not shaking;
I will remain steadfast,
Until I find my way.
Never stop aim,
When you have not hit target.
That is the pathway
To achievement.
Stay on till you get it.
Keep taking aim.

Rest and continue (Be inspired today 403 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Finish whatever you start;
Do not start and quit
When you have not finished;
To do that is to become
A quitter;
And as we all know,
Quitters never win;
And winners never quit;
Quitters are losers;
Losers are quitters;
Don’t make yourself a loser;
Make yourself a winner;
Hence, if you start a thing,
Do not stop until you finish.
And if you must stop,
Do dol only to rest;
After which you continue;
Till you cross the winning line;
Or the final whistle goes.

Stick-to-iters (Be inspired today 372)

I love the stick-to-iters;
People who stick to it;
People who don’t give up;
People who stay committed
To their cause;
I love people who struggle;
People who let nothing
Turn them off their chosen path,
No matter the discouraging
Messages they may receive;
Such are the winners
Of the world;
If you want to win,
Join them;
Stick to it;
Be committed;
Be determined;
Stay on until you win.

The last thing I will do

The last thing
I will do
Is to be discouraged
By negative results,
Or challenges.
If I meet a thousand challenges
On my way,
As long as I am already
On the way,
I will keep going;
I know this is easy
To say
And hard to do,
But, that is the only way
As far as
I am concerned.
I am determined;
I mean business;
I will persist;
I know what it means.

Unless you give up (Be inspired today 326 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

It cannot be said you have failed in life or in anything you are doing unless you have given up. As long as you keep trying, you have not failed.

No matter how bleak your chances to succeed may be, if someone keeps trying, have hope that the person will succeed.

We have seen the impossible become possible, haven’t we?

I like it when I see someone hanging on to their dream even when all around them think it’s no use.

The ability to hold fast to your dream is the one quality that makes the impossible possible.

Holding fast or sticking to it is a clear sign of faith in God. It means you trust that God will not fail you. And usually, he doesn’t.

If you stick long enough to a goal and do not get it, that will simply mean that the thing is not good for you. It is not meant for you. It is not the best plan for you. God has a better plan for you.

So my dear friend, never say you have failed unless you give up. Never say some body has failed unless the person gives up. As long as you keep trying, you may succeed no matter how bleak things may look.