The perfect success equation

If you want to succeed;
Know what you must do;
Know the success formula;

The equation that never fails;
First things first;
Make sure
You are alive;
Take care of your health
Protect yourself ;
And at this time of covid 19,
Top of the chart is
Social distancing;
Wearing your nose mask is paramount;
Many are going;
Don’t forget
Hand sanitization
Success is not manna from heaven;
It’s the fruit of the right decisions
and right actions.
Short and simple,
Do the things that bring success
And nothing will stop you
From succeeding.
If you do nothing,
Or fail to do the right thing,
No matter how you dream of success,
It will be nothing but a dream;
Dream and act;
And not any kind of act;
Act rightly;
And don’t be deceived,
It may still not come;
Then use your joker:
I can assure you;
Success can never resist
The right combination;
Right decision;
Right action;
And persistence.
Perfect success equation.


How can you make your success unstoppable?

Do you know what can make your success unstoppable?

We will answer this question in this post. It’s what I will be telling you.

But first, let us look at a few realities about success.

Do people find it easy to succeed in our times?

My answer is negative. And I have just read a post on the web which confirms this. It says according to studies, only 8 percent of people actually achieve their goals.

92 % don’t.

This is not the best news, but happily, the article gives 7 things they do differently.

Where do you fall? Are you among the 8% or the 92? As for me, its clear. I am among the 92%.

Thank God, I know it and also know what to do to move to the 8% group.

I like that Marcel Schwantes’ article gives what the successful people do differently that makes them succeed.

As a speaker and leadership coach, Schwantes knows what he is talking about.

Succeeding in today’s world is really hard. But why so?

This has always worried me and worries many others too, because, of course, we all want to succeed.

As I was searching for more on the subject, I met The Our Shawn McBride who has taken time to answer the question and also goes further to tell us what can be done:

“Why is it even harder to succeed Today Than Ever Before, And What To Do About It

It makes a good read. And yes, success does not come on a platter of gold. But despite the challenges, a lot of people are still succeeding.

However, some people succeed better than others. Why so? A strategic business advisor and coach consultant, Amishi Mehta gives eleven good reasons for that:

11 Reasons Why Some people are More Successful Than Others.

A good question is: can you succeed? Can you overcome the so many challenges and pluck victory?

The answer is yes. But you have to pay a prize.

What does it take to be successful?

Different people have different answers to this question. While we have just had six points, in Lifehack, David K. William gives ten:

10 critical things you need for life success.

Success is what we all aspire for. There is no denying that it is a hard nut to crack to get to success.

Yet, everyday people succeed. That is the good news; and they will continue to succeed. This says that success is not farfetched. It is possible. And if it is possible for one, it is possible for all. Whoever wants it and does the right thing, gets it.

From what we have got from the experts we have been reading, the overriding elements in success are knowledge, action and persistence.

Know what you must do, (knowledge) do it ( action) for long enough (persistence), and success will be unstoppable.

Put these three elements to work and they will work for you.

Listen to all the success gurus in the world, they will tell you that knowing what to do is primordial. As I have always said, you cannot fry an egg without learning how to do it. You will make a mess of it.

Many people think they can dive into business and succeed without any knowledge of how to go about it. Simply locating your business demands knowledge of how to know a good location for it.

Then, of course, action is indispensable. No matter how brilliant you may be, if you conceive the best ideas, you will need to put them to action for them to produce results. No action, no result; action, result.

Lastly, action does not bring automatic results. Most of the times, you will have to push for things to work in your favour. This is what we call persistence.

Knowledge+action+persistence = Success.

If you don’t quit

You not only have found
The secret of success,
You are actually using it
If you work hard
And don’t quit
When the sky changes colors,
Turning from bright to dark;
When a hot day
Suddenly becomes cold;
Or, from a cosy armchair,
You find yourself sitting
On mud,
And yet refuse to budge an inch.
I like such a horse;
There is no magic wand
That lifts people
To the top on this planet
That I have come across;
The only lever I know
Is hard work happily
Married to persistence.
Let this couple never lack
In your entourage,
No matter the purpose
of your journey
And your destination;
If you call them
Brave soldiers in your war
Against failure,
I will not contest.
Since I know no door
They have failed to open.
What I tell my people is:
Work hard and don’t quit.
That is the Master Key.
If you quit you lose;
If you dont quit, you win.

Late start again

I had another late start today;
A late start again;
It’s worrisome, indeed;
I have to work very hard
To catch up;
And if I don’t take time,
I may miss my target;
But I am optimistic;
I will make it;
That is the spirit;
Optimism and determination;
When you meet a setback,
As you go about today,
Don’t throw in the towel;
Optimism and determination
Married to persistence,
Will play the trick for you.

Looking for success? (Be inspired today 357 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

If you are looking for someone called Success, I can tell you where to find him.

He is so hard to find but not impossible.

He is found in a place called Persistence.

You get there by passing through a road called Determination. The bus is labeled “Positive attitude”.

If you want to go for him, do so right away. Don’t procrastinate. The sooner you get there, the better.

Good luck!

Those who give up (Be inspired today 341 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Those who give up
Usually end up
Those who don’t give up.

Those who give up
Eventuall become
Of those who don’t give up.

Those who give up
Usually end like losers
While those who don’t give up

Those who give up
End up mourning;
Those who don’t give up
End up celebrating victory.

Will you give up
And mourn
Or stick to it and celebrate?
Isn’t the choice so clear?

Gradually going back up (Be inspired today 339 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Have you noticed we are gradually going back up?
That is what we are doing;
Slowly but surely,
We are climbing back up
To where we onced were,
But slipped,
And fell;
What is happening
Is so nice;
And just because
We refused to give up;
We did not surrender;
Though many times
We were tempted
To do so;
You know how easy
It can be
To throw in the towel,
When the going is rough,
But we had the courage
To stay on;
Thank God we did;
Now, we are reaping
The crops;
The harvest is promising
To be abundant;
Confirming our belief;
That success eventually comes
To those who refuse to quit.
The journey back up
Has started;
And once you start,
Have hope
That you will arrive.
That is the hope we have.
We will arrive.