How to get the most out of today


Start the day with a prayer.


For the spirit of the Lord to guide you;

For the wisdom of the Lord to lead you;

For the love of the Lord to inspire you;

For the goodness of the Lord to shine through you;

For the peace of the Lord to come upon you;

For the energy of the Lord to be in you;


Decide what you want to do today.

Take the decision to do it to the best of your ability.

Work as if all your success depended on hard work.

Maintain a positive mind throughout the day.

Give a deaf ear to discouraging messages

No matter where they come from.

Do not give up until you achieve

what you have decided to achieve.


When one door closes…

1412246079828Is there a door
That has just been closed to you?
Check the next door;
It might be wide open;
Waiting for you to walk in.
Is there a gate
Which you’ve been knocking
And no one is ready to open?
There might be another gate somewhere
Wide open;
Look for it;


Keep on knocking;
And knock harder;
And if still no one opens
Knock much harder.
 2012-09-01 12.55.11
Have you come to the end of your road
But haven’t arrived at your destination?
There must be another road;
And if you find none,
Dig one.
 These are the ways of the winners.
If they find no road to where they want to go,
They dig one.
If a door is closed to them,
They look at the next door and it may be wide open.
If they knock and no one opens,
They knock harder.
If you do like these winners
You will be a winner like them.

You can achieve it

krHave you ever abandoned a goal that you set for yourself?

If yes, why did you?  You definitely considered it too big for you to achieve. Did you not realize later on that it was actually achievable; that had you not abandoned it you would have achieved it?

I have.

Many people have.

Many more people will.

People abandon certain goals because they consider them unachievable whereas they are achievable.

We allow fear, doubt and discouragement to take hold of us easily and make us abandon goals that we should not abandon.DSCN8534

no dream is too bigYou have no reason to fear a goal or become discouraged just because some obstacles stand on your way.

No goal is too big for you as long as you can conceive and believe it. Napoleon Hill holds this strongly in Think and Grow Rich:

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

If your heart desires something strongly, you can achieve it if you actually set it as a goal for yourself, and never feel discouraged about it; and never abandon it.

You can achieve it.

Keep after it until you achieve it. How far off it may appear to be matters very little. Keep going for it. One day you will achieve it.Be the architect of yoir destiny

Hear Napoleon Hill again in Think and Grow Rich: “You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct, control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be.”

That goal which you secretly desire but fear or doubt your ability to achieve is achievable.

You can achieve it.

Go for it; and never give up until you have achieved it.IMG_0170

You can achieve anything

no dream is too bigYou can achieve anything you strongly desire to achieve in this world. All you need is determination, and hard work, persistence, and the belief that you can do it.

With faith you can move mountains. In life a lot of people underestimate themselves.

Don’t underestimate yourself. Don’t sell yourself too short. You can do much more in this world than you think.DON'T SELL YOURSELF

It takes time to build a great life

IMG_0375Anyone who wants to get to the top of the ladder in one day and becomes frustrated when it is not possible has not understood life.

A great life is not easy to build. A hut may take a day to build; but not a mansion. A dollar may be easy to earn; but not a million dollars.

Things of value are not easy to come by. You have to work hard for them.

You must persist to reach the winning point in a marathon. How can you ever bag a PhD, if you have not read for long hours? You cannot master a discipline if you have not taken time to study it.

If you have a big goal to achieve, get ready for many krblisters. Big goals are difficult to achieve; and call for hard work; persistence, or stay-on power. The challenges are enormous; but if you work hard, and persist, the result will be joy.

A great life takes time to build.

Forward ever backwards never!

Have you ever conceived a dream and later on abandoned it?

Perhaps you abandoned it because you thought you could not achieve it; just to realize afterwards that it was achievable; that had you not given up, you would have achieved it?

This happens to many people, doesn’t it? They conceive great dreams but soon abandon them.

This happens when they become discouraged. Either they doubt their own ability to achieve it or someone or something convinces them that they cannot achieve it.

Many great dreams have been killed this way.

I encourage you not to fall into this trap. It will prevent you from realizing dreams that are at your reach. The Bible warns against starting to plow and looking back.

Once you have given profound thought to a dream, no matter how lofty it might be, if you think you can achieve it, take the decision to go for it.

Once you have gone for it, never turn back until you have achieved it.

Try and try again


When you try and do not succeed,

Try and try again;

And when again you try

And do not succeed,

Try with all your might.

Of everything, do not give up;

Do not be discouraged;

Keep on trying until success comes your way.

Bear in mind:

Success is achieved by those who try;

Success is achieved by those who persist;

Success is achieved by those who keep on keeping on

Until they succeed!

Be not a quitter

For, as we rightly know,

The quitter never wins,

And the winner never quits.

The quitter is the loser not the winner.

When you keep on trying,

Chances are,  someday some how

You will win.

Lose not heart, then,

When success is hard to come your way;

But keep on trying

Until you succeed.

Then you will know

How sweet is the taste of success;

For, in truth, the harder success comes,

The sweeter it tastes

When it does.

What if you are by-passed?

Picture 056 Picture 057Millions of people in the world work very hard and deserve to be rewarded for their work but are not.

There is great injustice in our world. Those who merit are often bypassed in favor of those who do not. Opportunities are often offered to those who do not deserve while those who deserve are ignored.

Picture 065Everyone who works well deserves a reward and an opportunity to do better.However, if you are by-passed in favor of a less meritorious person, do not be discouraged. Don’t give up your dreams.

God may have a better plan for you. As commonly said, when one door closes, another one is open somewhere for you.

Often, things appear to be going wrong when they are actually going right. Hence, for everything give thanks to God who knows best.


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Continue to shine and light up the world.

Keep pushing on

That is the secret of success

Some days are great and some days are not.
Some days we get up on the right foot;
And everything goes on well for us.
Some days we get up on the wrong foot;
And everything goes wrong for us.

Sometimes we do things right;
Sometimes we do them wrong;

Sometimes we succeed;
Sometimes we fail;
Sometimes we win;
Sometimes we fail;
Sometimes we fall;
Sometimes we rise.
When we fall we must rise and get going;
When we fail we must try and try again;
For, in failing and trying and trying again
We come to succeed.

Have you failed once?
You must try again.
And if you should fail again,
You must try again and again,
And keep on trying until you succeed.

Therein lies the secret of the winners of the world.
They do not stop when they fail.
They keep on trying until they succeed.
For nothing stands on the way of the one who keeps on trying;
Persistent effort is the key.
Therefore, never, never give up;

Try and try again

And keep on trying until you succeed.