Can you see? (Be inspired today, 61 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Can you see
That we are regaining grown?
Can you see
That our efforts
Are paying iff?
That we are having enough returns;
The lesson is clear
For those who see
And think;
Hard work pays;
But you may work.hard
And still not succeed;
Make use of a second tool:
And the last weapon
Is what you will use
To break the camels back.


Je persisterai par Ngobesing Suh Romanus

Qui connait les secrets
Du succès?
Revelez-les moi;
Moi aussi, je voudrais les connaiître;
Comme les autres,
Je voudrais, moi aussi réussir.
Que dois-je faire?
Ne me dites pas de travailler;
Parce que je l’ai déjà fait,
Mais en vain;
Si vous me dites de persister,
Je ne refuserai pas;
Je vais persister;
Je persisterai jusqu’à ce que
J’aurai ce que je veux.

I congratulate you

I do warmly congratulate you;
You have held fast
To your lofty dream;
You have not surrendered.

You have tenacity of purpose;
That is the winning spirit;
Many, with the losing spirit,
Surrender easily.

They pack their bags
And go home;
Not the champion’s spirit.
And not at all encouraged.

You have kept on going;
With faith and confidence;
You have displayed courage;
I say, “Bravo!”; I applaud you.

More power to your elbows;
The happy rewards, to reap,
When the time is ripe.
I do warmly congratulate you.

Your golden crown

If you want to win
A golden crown,
The rules of the game
You must learn;
And once you have them
In your palms,
To obey them
In the best way that you can;
The main rule always
To be on top,
Is never to turn back
Without the crown;
To persist until you win;
No matter how weary
Your legs may be,
Perseverance is the word;
Crawl like a baby
To the finishing line;
This encouragement
I give to you,
That you may claim
Your golden crown.
If not for the victory,
That you will win,
For the courage
You have displayed.
Now, you go and bring
Your golden crown.

Stop forcing it to work

We know about persistence,
But don’t force it to work;
If it can’t work,
It can’t work;
Accept that it can’t work;
Don’t try to force it
To work;
Why should you try
To force
An unworkable thing
To work?
Push on if you know
It is workable;
Not when you know
It is unworkable.
It is foolish
To try to force
An unworkable thing
To work;
And equally foolish
To give up
Something that you know
Is workable,
Just because you encounter
Always bear in mind
That success is not easy
To come by;
You must encounter difficulties;
And discouraging moments;
We are talking of
Noteworthy success;
You must struggle for it;
If you know
Its workable,
Keep going till it works;
But if you know
Its unworkable,
Stop it;
Stop wasting precious time;
Stop forcing it to work.
Because it will not work;
Nothing is left out;
Are you trying to force
That relationship?
That marriage
Which is not working?
What of that partnership?
Stop forcing it to work
If you are sure
It cannot work.