Search continues

Once you have begun, you have no reason to stop. Continue the search. It is there and you will find it. Do not give in to discouragement.


If God cannot do it

Listen to me!
Let me tell you;
If God cannot do it,
He has all the answers;
He has all the powers;
He can do and undo;
If you’ve been battling
With a situation
And making no headway,
With no light glimmering
At the end of the tunnel,
Turn it to him;
The things that are
Impossible with you,
Are possible with Him;
For him miracles
Are the norm;
To put your trust in him
Is the wisest thing
To do;
The fruit to reap
Sure to be abundant.
He replaces tears
With laughter;
Despair with hope;
Loss with gain;
Failure with success.
Where there is no road,
He creates a way;
When you feel at the end
of the road
And about to turn back
Empty handed,
He fills you
With the spirit of persistence
To stick to it
And end the day the winner.
God is the answer.
If he cannot do it,
It cannot be done.
But always, he does it;
And spectacularly he does it.

Did you get me?

If you haven’t had it,
I mean to have
Your desired results
In your hunting bag,
Do not just tell me
You want to quit;
You cannot say that;
How can you start
A project and leave it
Half way.
Push it right to the end.
And don’t go for crumbs;
Go for something juicy.
Don’t go on your knees;
Stand up straight;
Don’t crawl when you are
Fully equipped with wings
To fly;
And don’t fly low
When you can fly high;
That is my advice to you;
Don’t tell me
You are quitting;
That is the way the cowards
And the losers go;
Stay put till you win.

Don’t bother!

If it takes many years
For you to reach
Your destination;
Don’t bother;
If it takes many years
For you to get to
The top of the mountain;
Take it easy;
If it takes many years
For you to understand
The world;
That’s okay.
If it takes many years
For you to attain
That is normal.
Nothing worthwhile comes
In a day in life;
What is important
Is that you reach where
You want to go.
If it’s not today,
Let it be tomorrow;
Or the next day;
Your duty is
To remain focused;
And hopeful;
To expect the best;
And keep going.
An do not let the challenges
Bother you.

Success will break barriers

I know how frustrating it can be,
To work so hard for nothing;
And that is what you have done;
You have worked so hard
Over the years,
But the fruits are nowhere
To be found;
Success has been eluding you;
Despite your brilliance
And determination;
You have worked hard;
Every normal person
Would find it hard not to be
That temptation, you now

man person portrait old

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But I urge you;
Don’t be frustrated;
Be strong;
Keep your spirits up;
Your determination untouched;
Stay focused on your goal;
Success will break all barriers
And land in your arms.

We can know if you will win

We can know
If you will win,
From your level
Of determination.

We can know
If you will win,
From the way
You fight.

We can know
If you will win,
From how hard
You work.

From your ability
To persist,
We can know
If you will win.

From the courage
You display,
We can know if
You will win.

From your ability
To risk
We can know if
You will win.

I see it coming

If you work

As I think you do,

I see it coming;

I see your success coming;

Nothing will stop it

From coming;

All you need do

Is work;

And work the right way.

Success will come.

And if it doesn’t come;

Don’t give up;

Keep on;

One day, it will come;

That is a law

That never fails.

Hard work

Done intelligently

Leads inevitably

To success.

That is why I say

I see your success coming.

You will get there

Are you doubting?
You may doubt
If you like;
But, let me assure you,
You have no reason
To doubt;
You will get there.
Why do you doubt
What you should
Not doubt?
You will get there;
That is as clear as
If it is hard now,
Don’t worry;
And dont be discouraged;
Stay on course;
You will get there.
I am very sure of that.
Focus on the target ahead;
And keep going;
Explore all the ways;
If a method doesn’t work,
Discard it,
And try another;
You will get there;
Does not mean impossible;
Let it be difficult;
But keep at it;
Take a rest if need be;
Then you get back
To business;
The bottom line
Is what matters;
And the bottom line
Is clear:
You will get there;
if not today,
If not now,
Some time later.
You will get there.

It was hard to imagine

When we started
Our blog,
It was hard to imagine
That one day
We would be where
We are;
It looked
An impossibility;
Like success was only
For others;
All the same,
We gave it a try;
It wasn’t easy;
And though it was hard,
We never gave up;
We kept on;
Falling and rising;
Learning and moving;
Slowly but surely;
Good to say,
Success began to smile
At us;
One step at a time,
We got nearer
Our destination;
One brick at a time,
Our edifice went up;
One person at a time,
We built our community;
Today, we stand tall;
High up in the sky,
And look down;
Its hard to believe,
Where we stand;
Its hsrd indeed,
When we know
From where we come;
That is our story;
Which can be your story;
This is the truth;
No matter where you stand,
Whether in the middle
Of the ocean,
Or the bottom of the mountain,
You can rise to the top.
Take the first step;
And let the second follow;
And the third;
And the fourth;
And the fifth;
Until you can count no more;
You will make it;
As we have done,
You will do;
Only you must keep going;
If you fall,
Don’t remain there;
Get up;
Dust yourself,
And move on;
Your place is not
At the bottom;
Your place is at the top;
Get going;
And get there.

Keep asking God

Keep asking God;
To open the door
Of success to you;
He may not do it
Right away;
But, one day
He will do it;
And that day,
You will see
A downpour of success;
It will rain
On you
Like heavy rain
From the sky;
Don’t stop
Asking him;
He holds the lock;
He holds the key;
He holds the yam
And the knife.
He can do
And undo;
Don’t be discouraged;
Don’t despair;
Have hope;
Above all,
Keep asking God.