Intentional Living; How To (A Book)

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Intentional Living: Choosing a Life That Matters

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Bury the Past

What does it mean to bury? When any living thing dies, the best decision to be taken is to bury it. Why?

  • It was made from the earth, from soil, and definitely, it has to return to where it was formed, it was the Spirit that is the real man,
  • To get it out of sight to tackle the psychological effect that, others will also die one day,
  • To prevent the stench that is very dangerous to our health.

If someone that we dearly love dies, do we cry forever? God forbids bad happening to us, we have to mourn, and then forget it. The same measure has to be taken concerning our pasts, the past happenings. “Bygone is gone”, we cannot allow the rope of the past to tie us down. The past is a dead issue, if we brood over it at all, it should be for a short time, we learn from it, and we allow it to go.

GIF Crying

Whether success or failure, we have to let our past go in order to have new things done, in order to have new success recorded. Past achievement keeps one handicapped, it puts end to better achievements, if we dwell on it. If we dwell on what had happened in the past, it is always dangerous.

GIF fighting

There was a young man that was left by his fiancée, and he couldn’t let it go. He gave it a thought every now and then, he was so dejected that he later got sick and he died in the hospital. That was what the past and its happenings specialize on, if not well-handled, it puts a halt to better achievements and every progressive movement.


There was a man called Abraham, his wife died at a good old age, yet he couldn’t let go, he cried and cried that he nearly killed himself. Then, he was told to stop brooding and crying over a dead matter, he was commanded to bury Sarah’s body, not Sarah, she has ascended to heaven, the Spirit is the real man. If he possessed a good mentality, he is supposed to know he was dwelling in a wrong abode, and he was taking a wrong approach. What he was sitting down with and brooding on is just a soil, not his wife.

He is supposed to be thinking of the right step to take at the present, and have it in mind that in the future, they would meet in Heaven. The best treat to give to the past is to bury it, learn from it, forget it, and take the right steps in the present moment that will lead to a greater future. That is the best way to treat the past: to apply the lessons from it to today in order to make the future better.

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Be Childlike

Children don’t brood on matters like men

Children don’t stay with people that live in a den

Children don’t live continuously with a yen

Learn the way they caper like hens

Learn the way they don’t sit on the fence

Their words they don’t mince

In their hearts, they don’t keep malice

With their hands, they don’t deal with fake merchandise

Love they have as the only franchise

Be childlike, but not childish

Be joyful always and be jolly

Do not be a harpy while you are happy

And do not practice a folly.

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Self-preservation on the Line

A post by Success Inspirers’ World Team member

self=preservation on the line by purposivewriter

Years ago someone added me in a Facebook community. This community tackled the political issues in our province. At that time our province was divided mainly by two political parties. Hence, each party had supporters; not just plain supporters but supporters who were willing to fight with gritted teeth for their party. I also supported one party because I was a registered voter.

One time I posted my opinion on the page concerning some issues we, locals, were facing. There were then an exchange of opinions in the thread. Slowly, one supporter of the other party began to attack me. I defended myself by saying I do not level with small minds (that may sound harsh but a little better than the words he used against me). His reply was more immature. He told me he knew who I was as if insinuating my social status compared to his.

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May you’d find inspiration from Purposive Writer’s little stories and life musings.

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To Quit or Not To Quit

to quit or not to quit

When you have unfinished business, God will give you the strength to hold on.

One common scenario in a corporate world: the employer calls, looks for a specific employee and when she answers the phone, the employer bombards her with filthy words without caring about the listener’s emotions. Her anger is poured out in the open. Period. She does not care what the other person has to say, nor dig into the issue.

Okay. That was me. Not the employer but the employee. For eleven years, that was a common scenario. I have a choice I know. But third world country culture is far different from the more advanced nations. Finding a new job is a pain in the neck due to few job offerings and massive number of applicants.

After enduring such scenario for eleven years, I came to the point of giving up. I already suffered burn out and had experienced symptoms of stress. I have to walk out, I told myself. However, is it sensible to pack your things up just because you are angry and hurting? Of course not, right?

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Gretchen Rubin to the Rescue of My Urgh Day

gretchen rubin to the recue of my urgh day

As I opened my window to look at the rays of sunrise up in the sky, I was sad to see nothing. The weather was windy. I should have been happy because it’s my favorite weather. But I did not feel any excitement. I took a short brisk walk to awaken my spirits. Nothing happened. My mood danced with the rhythm of the weather more when it rained a few minutes after. I gave up. One of those urgh days. Everybody has it at some point.

Some days I pretend I am alright and successfully managed to pull through. Today I doubt it if I could manage the day with this mood. But I am left with no choice than to live the life I am given today. Though it would take that much effort to even smile, smile must I.

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Big Thank You!

a big thank you

It is my greatest pleasure to be here in Your Success Inspirer as a member of Blogger Solidarity Society. My big thanks to Sir Ngobesing Romanus for sharing with me this space. I am overwhelmed and excited.

I used to thrive in my comfort zone, speaking unto myself and listening to my own thoughts. When I started my own blog I thought I would read it alone. But when I received the good feedback, I easily felt someone cares and shares his/her time. Slowly I opened my world to others and cautiously entered into their world too. I then realized it is not a threatening world after all. Truly, God will lead us to places where we could grow the most.

It is my heart’s grandest desire that others maybe inspired from the thoughts I share and from my journey as well; with all the victories and the heartbreaks. May God bless my purpose. The journey here is the start of it.

May we inspire and learn from each other.

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Top of the Elevenses/Brunch #13

Today I had the Service Engineer in to make sure my Vacuum Cleaner is going to be working well for the next year.  I also had breakfast of a brand mix Cereal, Almond milk and Pitta Bread with Olives.  I just ate earlier than I have been, I haven’t had breakfast for ages, its been Elevenses/Brunch.

Both of us are from the diaspora, one from the African Continent and the other the Caribbean, also both Christians.  The latter came up many times  but was rather clearly declared at the end of the conversation just because we were talking on inspirational and motivational matters and I have a poster of it.  Its amazing how a conversation starts with one topic and moves on and on to many.  The virtue of patience was one of them and you may know this story already but this is what came up.  Do you know which is the stronger?  Which of them can make a man take off his jacket

The Wind or the Sun.The wind blew and blew and blew so hard, turning this way and that way.  It got very rough and shook the man who held very tightly to his jacket even though he was on the ground.

The Sun then began to shine and slowly got hotter and hotter.  It was getting to the point of being quite intense.  The next thing that happened was the man took off his jacket.

The Winner is The Sun. Infact patience not noisy, rough or forcefulness won.

Oh, I wonder how many people talked about or plotted their family tree, discussed travelling to take their children to get to know the rest of their family both near and far?


Junior Year & Growing Pains

Well, I’m here to break the news to everyone.

Five days ago, officially, I became a big bad junior in high school. Approximately one year until senior year, about ten giant leaps closer to graduation. So, yes, you’ve heard right. Hannah is growing up.

Wait! What are you doing?

Oh, come on! Pull it together, man! There’s no crying in blogging!

The truth is, it hadn’t even sunk into me until the first week of school that I, indeed, was finally one of those “big kids” that I always wanted to be more like. In second grade I remember my best friend Brooke and I always looking at the juniors and seniors, planning and imagining what we’d be like when we were finally “grown up” and about to go to college like them.

Now, instead of playing pretend we’re actually getting dangerously close to being on our own. Weird, huh? The days feel like years and the years are feeling like days.

So…my mom and I were going school shopping last week, just a girl’s night for her and I. Notebooks, binders, pens, highlighters, and the likes…nothing exciting, but just going out and shopping together, having fun.

We were walking through the busy aisles and talking and laughing as we are accustomed to doing. She stops in her tracks in front of the food department and smiles a sad little smile at me.

“This is one of the last times I’m going to go school shopping with my baby.”

I smile back at her and wave off the comment. “Hey, maybe not! I’d have seven more years of this if I go to law school.”

She laughs, and we continue on the long voyage through the seemingly endless aisles of Walmart. Eventually, we check out with about our cart filled to the brim with school supplies.

And trust me, when I tell you this, guys…if there were ever a paper shortage on earth, just holla at me and I’ll send a notebook your way. When notebooks are 17 cents, we’re going to take advantage of it.

But, after the school supply fiasco, my mom and I still hadn’t eaten (at almost 9), so we decided to make a late night Wendy’s stop. We went inside, laughed, ate, talked, all as my mother tried her best to embarrass me by singing to the oldies on the overhead radio, but she didn’t embarrass me! (Mostly, because practically no one was there, but still…that’s progress!)

I knew at that very moment, this was a time that I’d remember for the rest of my life. Being with my mom, one of my very best friends (and sometimes, arch nemesis), and just having her be there for me. I know I’m lucky in that aspect. I have both my parents and they love me, no matter how much I resist them and would like my freedom at times, I know I would be lost without them.

So, on my first day as a junior, I could tell my mom was a little off. Being a mother is a tough deal. You take care of someone for years and years and then you are expected to let go…just like that. And my mom was just thinking of that inevitable clock ticking down.

I guess this piece is mostly to reassure everyone (especially those moms out there) that if your kid is growing up, don’t be scared! Being a mom doesn’t end at a specific point. I’ll always need my mom, no matter how old I am. Her motherhood doesn’t have an expiration date.

So, Mom..(since I’m sure we all pretty much know that this was directed toward you), thanks for all you do for our family and all that you have done specifically for me. I really appreciate it. I’m feeling all that excitement and joy looking forward to the future and all there is to come! I know you are too 🙂



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