Thank you all

Thank you all so much for making this possible.  I am so overwhelmed and loss for words,  I don’t know how I missed seeing it two days ago, when my eyes set on it very late last night, it was a wonderful feeling.

Thanks Mr Ngobesing Romanus for giving me the opportunity to reach a wider readership all round the world, through your inspiring and motivating Guest Author scheme on Success Inspirers’ World.  I bless the favour God has given and wish you all the same. Thank you WordPress for this platform.  Keep enjoying our solidarity.  With Christ on our side who can be against us.




Borderline Personality: 2 for 1

Please, let me help,

Darling, stop your tears,

I’ll bandage your knee,

Don’t think of your fears.

I feel your pain and want it to stop.

Let me take your weight,

My shoulders miss it,

We must be fate!


Please, go away,

God, I know what you think,

I’ll let your wounds weep

Like I will, after I drink.

I am hurting but just don’t care.

Let me flip a table,

Break your fucking legs,

Yes, You say, Unstable!


Oh my god,

What have I done

I love you my dear

You are the only one.

Please let me fix it,

Don’t leave me alone

This guilt I feel,

So familiar, but recently unknown.


Ha, you laugh at me

But I know you are leaving,

I see it in your eyes,

As I spit curses, chest heaving.

I will never be enough,

Whatever you pretend,

You must have problems

But this probably isn’t the end.


What the hell,

I’m so confused,

These bombs come and go

Leaving me bruised.

I’m hurting you,

I’m living wrong.

I’ve been so confused

For far too long.

I can’t say without guilt

Or explain not in vain

The way two minds

Share my one brain!

Do You Write?

Hi guys,

I am really wanting to support upcoming writers like myself so if you have any poetry or short stories on you blogs comment below and I’ll check it out and give some feedback! I often find there is so much talent that just doesn’t get the recognition it deserves because it’s hard to get noticed! So put yourself out there, time to do some self advertising!

Lots of love and respect


Who Are You Really?

When the mornings black,

When your heroes fall

When there’s no one left to back

That’s when you find out how small

You really are.


When the day is bright,

When your name rises,

When there’s love through the night

That’s when you find out how big

You really are.


When the dark is surrounding,

When your friends have left,

When the past is always hounding

That’s when you find out who

You really are!

Learning to Surf on my Blogboard

Struggling on my own is not fun,

So when I need help I will ask,

Sometimes it is not pride,

Sometimes it is not shyness,

Sometimes its who do I turn to

Surfing on the ocean is fun,

Some say the same for the internet

Special techniques enhance blogging

Step by step it all comes together,

Stage performance?  Ready, Steady, Go.


Written by Guest Author for Success Inspirers’ World




Faith: Blind or Bold?

There are some of us that laugh

At those who blindly have faith.

Over dinner table conversations

Claiming to speak on reality’s behalf


We question ‘till they cannot answer

Acting entitled to this cruelty

Because we have proof, evidence.

They take it with the grace of a dancer,


Or not. Either way, we act wrong

Not stopping to consider

The high ground we walk on

Is false, that maybe they too are strong.


They have no proof of god, right?

Then what courage must it take,

To trust in something you cannot see

To find, in an empty void, light.


Would you jump from a roof,

Not knowing if the mat below

Would catch you, or if it was even there?

Hold that courage up against our proof.

Smile and Share

This is world is not nice.

It’s here to weed out weak.

We are little boats in stormy sea’s

Dolphins in desserts bleak.

Fighting many monsters,

Green, blue, big and small,

Some can be seem, but most not.

But we have a choice, us fools,

Don’t settle for your lot.

Plant seeds, grow trees,

Be an oasis for the lost.

Share your flowers and voice,

Kindness has little cost.

Don’t worry about your future,

Or be bitter about your past,

Be the light of each day

And you’ll create something that will last!


Just have to thank you….

I am new to this community. It is a great honor to be a part of it! I have read the most wonderful stories, the most heart wrenching poems, seen gorgeous pictures from all over the world, read about others’ travels all over the world (with pictures, thank you!!)…have read lovely quotes, laughed at the most funniest stories, enjoyed pictures and stories of animals, learned new make up tips, new fashion trends, read new book reviews, watched films, (although I’m using up my data shhh!!)…read political opinions, shared with others about America, have been Encouraged, Motivated to Write, and been Forced to Think about things……thank you all so much!!

Young at Heart…Prompt

Beauty surrounds us    

And comes from

       Places we never

        Could suspect

             Might it be

               A personality

                 Of someone, we

                 Only have just met?

                     Or perhaps some

                      Vibrant colored blooms

                         Planted in

                         An imaginative place?

                             It matters not

                              Where it’s found.


Compliments of K’s daughter 

              It’s that

                              Feeling of

                                              Childlike exuberance

                                                  Of an unexpected

                                                  Discovery, A

                                         Warm embrace

                                          Like explosion 

                                          That awakens

                                   And trickles 

                                 to our  Soul

                         If we are

                        Young enough

                At heart to

                Be open

        To Such

A Moment.

When Something makes me feel young at heart, it helps whisk me away from all the realities and the problems in the world. If only for a minute. It allows me to dream. To let my mind soar to a different place. I reconnect with me, which allows me to center. It is at that time that I can come back, refreshed and help others without anything holding me back. For me, it is a type of meditation.

What makes you feel Young at Heart? 

What would You write about if given the prompt

 “Young at Heart”?

Kind Regards and Sunshine Abounds – K

Facing discouragement

Do you know your number one enemy in life?

Your number one enemy is discouragement.

This is an enemy you must meet when you are pursuing any worthwhile goal.

This is the enemy you meet many times in your life.

He is nourished by fear, doubt, and anger. When anger grips you, the next thing is you are discouraged; and want to give up. When fear and doubt grip you, the same thing happens. You start feeling discouraged and want to give up.

Discouraging moments come my way quite often. Sometimes I start a project with very high expectations, but along the line things do not go as I envisaged and I think I have got it all wrong.This will make me discouraged and I will want to give up and take another course.

Many people have this experience. I used to fall into the trap of allowing myself to be discouraged quite often until I saw the harm it was doing to me.

The problem is not with feeling discouraged. The problem is with allowing discouragement to win in your life. If you allow discouragement to prevail in your life, you will fail. What we always need to have at the back of our minds is the fact that even the toughest people in the world experience those moments of discouragement; moments when they are tempted to quit. What makes them different is they do not quit.  They do not give up. That is a big difference between the winners and the losers. Winners don’t give room to discouragement; losers do.

If you want to be a winner you must say a vehement no to discouragement. It cannot be emphasized enough that when you decide to do something and know it is right, make sure that you take it to the end.

Do not be surprised when moments of discouragement come.

Moments of discouragement are inevitable. Prepare yourself for such moments and stand strong when they come.

Let the examples of others inspire you.

We would not be where we are today had some of those who were here before us gave in to discouragement. Think of how many times Thomas Edison failed in his experiments. He was not discouraged.Think of Abraham Lincoln; how many times he failed to win the presidency. He would have been discouraged. He was not. You know what that gave him. Not only was he the 16th president of his country but he was one of the greatest leaders the world has had. The list can continue.If Christopher Columbus had given in to discouragement, he would never have discovered America; neither would Ferdinand Magellan have found the sea route to India had he given in to discouragement. You know certainly that while at sea they and their men encountered enormous difficulties and felt discouraged many times but did not give up. This is what it takes to win. Examples like these should inspire us.

I have read some of the discouraging messages that candidates for high office like the presidency get before elections. They are often so discouraging that any weak-minded person would give up without a second thought. Of course, those who do that lose before the election. By giving in to discouragement they are admitting that they are not of the stuff to lead people.

We have to watch out not to fall into the trap of discouragement. It is always lurking around and showing its ugly head. Give a deaf ear to it and continue with what you want to do. Remind yourself, when such moments come, of the legendary statement:”The winner never quits and the quitter never wins.”

Many bloggers do not succeed because they give in to discouragement. When they start, they think the traffic would just start flowing to them and money would start pouring in. Often months after they start there is no indication of light at the end of the tunnel. They get discouraged and give up. It almost happened to me. On Saturday September 27, 2014, I issued a message which I considered the message of my life concerning my life dream titled My vision for an excellent world. I expected that message to generate at least 100 new followers to my blog. Not even one came. Was I discouraged? Of course, I felt discouraged but I did not give up knowing that the winner never quits and the quitter never wins.

I also wrote a post titled The challenge of being a teacher which I expected all teachers to jump at. Did any teacher read or make a comment? Not to the best of my knowledge; but I decided not to give in to any discouragement because I had set myself goals which I was bent on achieving and would not let anything stop me.

I have been reading how it all went when Scott Dinsmore started Live Your Legend. He experienced discouraging moments; but he never gave up. See where he is today with Live Your Legend.
I want us to agree on one thing: discouragement is an enemy to success. It is the number one enemy to success. We should never give it a chance when it comes knocking on our door.