Truly a great figure

He was a great figure
From head to toes;
Truly a great figure;
Looking at him,
You saw a great man
Who towered above all
Around him;
The way he walked;
The way he carried his body,
And comported himself,
And talked
Bore the airs
Of a great man;
And indeed,
He was in and out
A great man.
By all standards
A great man of our times;
A truly great figure, he was.


Vibrant personality

Do you want to have
A vibrant personality?
If you want to have
A personality,
That’s vibrant,
You must work hard
To have it;
It wouldn’t come easily
Or by itself;
Like every good thing,
It takes time, hard work,
And perseverance;
But you don’t regret
The time you put in
To get it,
When you start to reap
The fruits
Of your labour.
So, set to work.

3 things that make you stand out

Do you know the three things
That make you stand out
To me?
Your beauty, of course, tops
the list;
I am still to figure out
What it is in you
That makes you look so beautiful
To me;
The truth is your beauty has captured all of my heart
More than anybody else has
Ever done before.
The second thing is your
You are the most dynamic person
I have met so far;
The third, your electrifying
I have seen you step into
a room and everything has
changed for good;
You light up the environment
Wherever you go.
These are the three things
That make me see you as a superstar.
Indeed, you are my superstar.

The magnetic personality

Lily has such a magnetic personality that many people fall for her as soon as they set eyes on her. It baffles a lot of people how she developed her charisma. She has the type of charismatic and inspiring personality that every body likes. She is a role-model to many young people.

What intrigues everybody who knew her when she was much younger is the fact that she was never like that. In fact, she was nothing to write home about. Then came the transformation which was so thorough that she become unrecognizable to many.

Over the years, I have been searching for the secret of this total metamorphosis. I became overjoyed when I discovered the secret. It will be my joy to share it with who ever is interested. Are you interested? Do you like to have that magnetic personality that immediately catches and holds people’s attention?

<a href="">Magnetic</a>


The hidden self

If it were possible to peep into human hearts to see and expose what is there, the world would be shocked by what they would find.

All kinds of thoughts, ideas and plans are deeply lodged in the human heart; and hard to see; and hard to know.

How do you look when you are at home with your kids? Do you look as you look when you are going for an outing? Not at all. You package yourself when you are going out especially to work, to a party, to a celebration, etc.

We humans like to package ourselves for the public eye. We mask ourselves BY using lipstick; painting our fingers, make our hair, wearing all kinds of clothes.

The reason we do this is we have ‘a me I don’t like any other person to know.” Yet, I am incomplete without this side of me.

But why do I not want anyone to know this side of me? Because I fear that if thy know, they might think lowly of me or reject me. Very few people have the courage to talk about the “me I don’t want others to know.”
It takes courage to tell people, ” I am a greedy man?” Or, ” I am a very jealous man?”

Some people look so self-confident in the public eye; yet they are full of self-doubts. Everybody knows them to be full of self-confidence. Do you think such people would find it easy to tell people they do not have self-confidence or they have self doubts? Not at all. They will prefer to be seen as self-confident.

The “Me” such people do not like others to know is that they are full of self-doubt.
Who is the you you don’t like any other person to know? Do you have the courage to talk about this?

Visit this place:

Important feedback: how I see you

The end of one year and the start of another is a good moment to get feedback on our work and ourselves. Many people go for feed back on their work but hardly on themselves.

Getting feed back on how you come through to others is very important. How do others see you? What type of personality comes through from your words, your posts, the way you relate to others?

It is hard to know unless you do an opinion survey. Also, someone can opt to let you know how they see you. I want to try this exercise. I want to see how far I can go to let you know how I see you and how others see you through your blog.

Are you interested? Just indicate with the words, “I am interested” or “Please, kindly let me know how you see me.” You may also put it in your own words.

It’s not an easy task, but I want to try. My methodology shall consist in going to your blog, reading your about page, reading the comments that people make about you, and the posts you write, the responses you give to comments, and drawing a conclusion on how you come through to me.

If you want it, indicate.

Tower above the crowd

Once I met someone who had a magnetic personality. I found him simply electrifying.

There are people like that. Wherever they go, they generate lots of electricity. There are also people who command a lot of respect. They are imposing.

Who would not like to have this kind of a personality? This is a winning personality. This is what say you need to acquire. Read ‘How to develop a strong personality.’

With this type of personality, you will tower above many around you.

How to develop a strong personality

If you know the importance of a strong personality, you will do everything to develop one. Here are a few tips to help you develop a strong personality:

Stop conforming
You conform when you do a thing because every body is doing it instead of because it is right. Break away from the crowd and do only what you believe to be the right to do rather than because everybody is doing it.

Learn to stand on your own feet

Stop depending on others for what you want to do.Learn to have your own thoughts on issues of importance and not depend on what others say you should believe or do.

Stop doing things to please people
Do what is right not what will please somebody. If they are not pleased wiyh what you have done, it is their problem not yours.

Work on these tips every day
To achieve anything in life you need to be dedicated. Work on these tips everyday with determination to develop a strong personality.

There are other things you can do; but these are enough to enable you become a strong person.
Good luck!

Your look matters

krThe way you package yourself can contribute either to make or to mar you. Your look matters.

If you neglect your look, that can cost you.If you take proper care of it, that can fetch for you positive results.

Haven’t you met people you respected or liked just because of their105 appearance? Also, there are people you write off just because of the way they look.

Good self-packaging will give you the look of a winner not a loser; and enhance your chances of success. When combined with other qualities it can do you great good.

Always package yourself well.