Our Bishop on the move (Be inspired today 166 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Our beloved Auxiliary Bishop, His Lordship Michael Bibi has been braving the odds to get to the field to nourish the people of God with Living Food – the Word of Life that brings joy. Almost every where, Bishop Bibi faces tough challenges to get to and out of the visiting Parish. The political situation in his Diocese being very very precarious. We say Bravo to this brave Bishop who has resolved to leave everything in the hands of the Lord and do only his work.

Bishop Bibi is so loved by his people. Here are some of the pictures of his most recent pastoral visit.


Send us photos

Do you know what photos
Mean to me?
Send me your photos
I will not stop admiring you;
Photos touch my heart;
And inspire me;
I want to see you smiling;
Looking happy;
I don’t want to see you
Looking sad anyway;
But if I see you looking sad,
I will not quickly take my eyes
Off you;
I will keep looking at you;
And asking:
“Why this sadness?
Why are you sad?”
I don’t joke with photos;
I love photos;
Your photos will charm me.
Who is sending me
Their photos today?

Day Four–Heading Toward a Habit!

Today I had nine out of 12 people wave today. I also unintentionally walked a 5K (3.14 miles) and in 50 minutes!

Here are today’s pictures:


Got to love the country with its old, faded wooden signs.


This little guy did a good job warning me to stay off his owner’s property.


Another sign


Some sort of fruit tree? Again there were barking dogs so I couldn’t get too close.


The nature photo for inspiration.


I am not sure but I believe this may be an old fire watch tower for the field. Not sure if anyone still uses it though. I wouldn’t climb it that is for sure.


Welcome Day Three of Walking

Some notes about my daily walks. One it is really hard not to take a bunch of pictures and cheat, posting them on days I don’t walk. This would be self defeating. I have set a limit on myself: three to six pictures a day. Two I love where I live. I wave at every car passing me. Today 6 out of 8 drivers waved back. Country/Small Town people are pretty friendly. Lastly, I measure my distance by mailboxes. My phone has the Samsung Health App which measures my actual distance and time. What I do is pick a mailbox up a head and walk until I get to it. Each day I pick a further out mailbox.

So without anymore delay, today’s pictures:


The Daily Trees to inspire. From this angle they look like they are in line but they are not.


This is a path into the woods I would like to walk but I am not sure who owns the property.


First Wooly Warm of Autumn. Anyone know the folklore about the coloration and Winter?


A turtle cross in the road. This folklore I know, when turtles cross the road it means rain is coming.


BONUS PIC: My best friend’s two year old not ready to face