Pick up

Pick up
Where you stand;
It is never too late;
Don’t wait for tomorrow;
You so well know
How uncertain it is;
Pick up
Where you stand;
And don’t stop,
Till you arrive.
And every time you fall,
Maintain the pattern:
Pick up
Where you stand.
If you are waiting
For tomorrow,
You are signing a pact
With failure;
Tomorrow has never come.
Pick up on the spot
Where you stand.

Picking up signs

Every time you see
Pick-up signs
Staring at you
After you have been
Rolling down the hill,
Give thanks to God
And push on;
Don’t relent
In your effort,
To reach
The point of victory;
Where the golden crown
Waiting for a brave winner.
If you relent,
You may start
The downward journey again;
Focus always
On the prize;
That is the secret ol
Of the win;
Keep journeying to it;
Till you carry it home.
The more pick up signs
You see,
The better for you.
The journey is never easy;
Stay positve,
Whatever happens;
Let it never leave
Your mind
That no night lasts
For ever.
Night comes, night goes;
Same like
No matter how bright
The day may be,
It cannot last for ever.
The trick is
Always keep hope alive.
And welcome
Every pick up sign.