God’s plan I accept

God’s plan for me
So dear, so lovely,
With all my heart,
And so warm a heart,
I accept;
Nothing wiser can I do;
Than to accept
God’s amazing plan
For me;
Nothing do I know,
That is better and wiser,
Than God’s plan for me?
A plan so noble;
And divine;
From the unfathomable mind
Of the Great Master
Of the universe.
Thank you, Great King;
For this lofty plan
For me.


Don’t follow a wrong plan (Be inspired today 385 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Don’t pursue a wrong plan
For your life.
That is a wrong thing
For you to do;
It is a waste of time
And energy as well;
No wise person
Can afford to do that;
Pursue the authentic plan
For your life;
Know this authentic plan,
And devote all your time
And energy to it.
But how do you know
The authentic plan
For your life?
By asking the one
Who made it;
The authentic plan
For your life
Is not your plan,
It’s God’s plan for you.
Hence, He alone knows it;
He alone can tell you.
Go to him;
And he will tell you
His beautiful plan
For your life.
And when you know it,
Pursue it;
And don’t stop until you
Realize it.

God’s plan

Which plan for your life
Are you following?
God’s plan or your plan?
Your parent’s plan
Or God’s plan?
Which plan for your life
Do you know?
Do you know the plan
God has for you?
God has a big plan
And not a small plan;
God has a plan
To make you grow;
A plan to make you rich;
A plan to bring happiness
Into your life;
It is a great plan
God has for you;
You have to follow the plan
God has for your life;
Not your plan;
Not another person’s plan
For you,
But God’s plan
No plan is better
Than God’s plan
For you.

My answer is “yes”

Look at yourself carefully,
Look at yourself in your mirror;
And ask yourself a few questions;
Are you the person
God meant you to be?
You must not walk through life
Half awake and half asleep;
Go through life fully awake;
Be aware of God’s plan
For you;
God has a big plan for you;
A plan to make you live fully;
A plan to make you happy;
A plan to make you strong;
A plan to make you loved;
A plan to make you famous;
A plan to make you obedient;
A plan to make you successful;
A plan to give you many children,and grandchildren;
Who together with you
Will be God-fearing.
This is God’s lofty plan
Specially designed for you;
A plan which eloquently
Reflects God’s love for you;
God immensely loves you;
And wants you to be intimate
With him.
What answer do you give him?
Mine is a clear, loud “Yes!”

Quote (God’s plan) by Ngobesing Suh Romanus

“If you have a project, be it to build a house, take a wife, a husband, set up a successful business, or whatever, the possibilities of plans to realize it are infinite. This implies that for every project, there is the possibility of as many plans as you can conceive and draw up. However, one plan remains the best – God’s plan. No plan for your life or for anything you may want to do can supersede God’s plan. If you are wise, for everything you want to do seek counsel with God to reveal his plan for it to you; and then you follow it to the letter. The results will be matchless.” (Romilia Quotes)

the best plan for you (Be inspired today No. 105 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

No other plan must you follow;
As you pursue your journey
Through this world;
No other plan is best for you;
The plan that God drew for you
Is the plan to follow;
That is the best plan for you;
There will be other plans
Submitted to you by the world;
Some by your close ones;
Some by people unknown;
Some by school and teachers
Some by your friends;
None of  them is the right one
For you;
The plan that God designed for you
Before he molded you
In your mother's womb,
Remains the best plan for you.
That is what you must pursue
All your life,
Until it is realized.
In case of difficulties,
Don't despair;
Don't throw in the towel;
Turn to him on your knees;
He will lead you through.

God’s better plan for you

Do you have a plan for your life?

If you have a plan for your life, that is good. You need a plan for your life.

What is it that you want to become? What are the steps that you plan to take to become that which you want to become?

A life without a plan is a wasted life.

You absolutely need to have a plan for your life. And the best plan for your life is God’s plan.

God has a plan for your life too. God’s plan for you is better than your plan for your life.

If you are pursuing your plan, working very hard for it, and you exhaust all the possibilities of getting it, but do not realize it, do not despair. It is because God has a better plan for you (Heb.11.40) than what you are pursuing.

Ask him to reveal it to you.

You will be surprised by the immensity of the plan.

Bear in mind that God will not deny you what you wholeheartedly work to get without having something bigger for you.

A big mistake many of us make is we make plans for our lives without caring about God’s own plan for us.

Actually, before you make a plan for your life, you are supposed to consult God. God is your free consultant. He will give you wisdom free of charge to make the best plan for your life.

And He will give you this wisdom only when you seek it or ask him for it through prayer. Asking him is a clear indication that you value his wisdom; and when you show that you value his wisdom, he will give it to you.

You cannot do much on your own without the help of God. The Bible tells us in Luke 18:27 “What is impossible with man, is possible with God.” Hence, be wise enough to turn to him to help you realize the mighty plan he has for your life.