Plant good seeds

If you are planting seeds;
Select the good ones to plant;
Not the bad ones;
There are seeds
And there are seeds;
There are good seeds,
And there are bad seeds;
Plant your good seeds
On good soil;
And on the soil,
Still apply manure
In appropriate quantities;
To augment soil fertility;
Thus, you can be sure
To reap a good harvest;
Your plant may grow
Into a mighty tree
And bear good fruit,
Good yields come
When the necessary is done;
You may not labour again
Except to harvest the fruit.
Planting is investing.
Investing well
is like planting good seeds
on fertile soil.

Give and receive

How much have you given
To God today?
How much have you given
To others today?
How much have you given
To nature today?
If you have give nothing,
You will receive nothing;
If you have given small,
You will receive small;
If you have given moderate, you will receive moderate;
If you have given big,
You will receive big.
It is by giving that we receive;
Just like planting and harvesting;
How can anyone expect to harvest when they have not planted?
Always, we reap what we sow;
And by giving, we are sowing;
Sow now and get ready to reap.