Today’s morning prayer 36

God, Almighty king,
To start a day
Without you,
Is to start on
A wrong footing;
I am not ready
To start my day
On a wrong footing;
That is why
I am starting
With you;
Come on my side,
O Lord;
Journey with me;
And be my companion;
Give me all
That I need;
See me through
In all that I do.
This is my humble plea,

Today’s morning prayer 16

My dear father in heaven,
Yesterday, I made a mistake
Which I don’t want
To make today;
I started my day
Without talking to you,
And getting your blessings;
For that reason,
I couldn’t find my way;
Forgive me, Father;
Grant me your mercy
For such pride;
Take me back into your bossom,
Like the prodigal son.
I promise not to make
That mistake again;
I cannot fall
Into the same pit twice.
I come then to you,
Dear father,
Pleading to you to bless me,
Bless my day,
And bless
All those who are dear
To me.
Make this day a good day
For us all,
Grant us the grace
To act according to your will.

Empower me

Empower me O Lord;
That I may do the work
You have called me
To do for you.

Empower me O Lord;
Though I am willing to do
What you like me to do,
I lack the tools.

Empower me O Lord;
I have accepted to do
Your will,
I cannot do it on my own.

Empower me O Lord,
If you equip me,
I will do what you expect
of me.
And do it well

Will you equip me?
Will you empower me?
Tell me you will.
I am waiting to hear
From you.

Help us O Lord

We cannot provide for ourselves O Lord,
Nor save ourselves
From the dangers
That surround us;
We are helpless;
We cannot protect
Ourselves from evil men
Who are everywhere
Around us;
Only you can;
Nothing in life
Can we do on our own;
It’s only you
Who can will it,
On you alone, we depend
For our needs and safety;
You hold our lives in
Your divine hands;
Before you, we kneel;
To you, in prayer,
We submit our lives;
Take full control
O God, our Father;
Keep away our enemies;
All power is in you;
You can do anything
You want;
And so to you we cry,

Oh God your help we need

Help us God, or we perish;
Your help we need;
People are dying
In their numbers;
We live in fear
We live in uncertainty;
No one knows what comes next;
Unless you help us Lord
We will all go;
On you alone we count;
Adults are traumatized;
Children are traumatized;
What we see,
We have never seen;
Our hearts are torn with fear,
Sorrow and worry,
No one understands
What has gripped our land;
The devil is in full control.
If you don’t regain control,
No way for us.
War is ravaging our land.

Light I shall find (prayer)

You remind me everyday,
O Lord,
Of your unshakeable love
For me;
In you alone can I find joy;
As you made light shine
In the world,
To take away the darkness
That covered the world,
You alone can make light shine
In my heart;
And take away
All the darkness
That is
In me.
As those who believe
In you see light,
May my belief in you
Be strong,
So that I may see light.
For now, in darkness
I live;
But in darkness
I do not want to live.
In you, I find hope that
Light I shall find.

O God, my Creator!

O God, my Creator!
You know me,
Than I do;
You know what I should do,
Than I do;
You know where I should go,
Than I do;
You know what I can do,
Than I do;
You know your plan
For my life,
Than I do;
You know what I should
Not do,
Than I do;
I, therefore, surrender
To you
O perfect planner;
Perfect guide;
The best of the best;
To guide me
To where you want me to go.
I will listen;
I will go where you direct!
I will follow where you lead.
O God, my creator,
This is my humble cry to you;
My humble plea
That, before you, I put.

Do not pass me by

Do not pass me by O Lord,
When you respond
To the cry of your children;
Do not pass me by
When you are touching
Your children with
Your healing hands;
Do not pass me by
When your blessings
You are pouring down;
Do not pass me by
I am on the line
Waiting for you;
Do not pass me by
When you are counting
Those you join you
In your heavenly kingdom;
Humbly, I plead with you,
Do not pass me by;
For where will I go
If you do?
I have no God but you;
All I have is you;
And all my hope is you;
Do not pass me by.
You who are the king
Of the universe;
You who are the alpha
And Omega,
Do not pass me by;
You who have the yam
And the knife,
Do not pass me by.

Prayer of a worried heart

Many worries I have O Lord,
And bring them all to you;
All my fears and doubts
As well I bring;
This is the prayer
Of a worried heart;
You know what worries me;
Protect all my people;
And the family
You have entrusted
To my care;
Grant safety to all
Who are travelling.
The times are precarious;
Nothing can be predicted;
You died on the cross for me;
For me you shed your blood;
And your promise you gave me;
Keep your word to stand
By me and my people;
Humbly, I submit my plea
To you in faith and hope,

Remove us from this mess

When shall you heed our cry O Lord,
And grant us what we need;
Shall we cry out Loud?
Or silently moan
To get to thy fatherly ear?
Don’t you see how desperate we are?
How long shall this go on?
How long can we stand this?
Forgive us our sins
And heed our humble plea.
We don’t want to perish;
We don’t want our children
To continue to die;
Neither should our parents;
We don’t want anybody to die.
On you alone we depend;
Help us dear God;
Remove us from this mess
In which we find ourselves.