My confession

My confession to you
This day I make;
To cleanse my heart
With man and God;
I have hurt you bad,
I pray you, forgive me;
It’s not my desire so,
To do any such thing;
A thing I should not do;
On the very contrary,
I want to make sure
You are a happy one;
That is my intention;
To lift you high up;
To highly elevate you
For all to see you;
That you are somebody;
A person of substance;
Someone who matters;
Who can do things;
You change the weather;
The rain clouds high
In the sky know you;
They obey your orders;
The ocean waves stop
When you ask them to;
You are no easy one;
You are so mysterious.
So much, I respect you;
I want us to be friends;
If you want it so as me,
That is like this idea,
Do let me know;
We haven’t any time
To procrastinate;
I want that we move;
And move only forward;
No looking backwards.
Forward is the way;
Our unique direction.
Our only way to go;
That is what we will do.
So I send you this letter,
My solemn words to you;
To declare my fidelity;
To you faith I ever will be.
Take me for my word;
Once given I do keep it.

There for you (Poem 99 from 100 poems for my sweetheart by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

I want to tell you
I love you;
I want to tell you
Mine you are;
I want to tell you
How precious you are;
I want to tell you
I will ever be yours;
Yes, you count on me:
When the sun shines,
Count on me;
If snow falls,
Count on me;
Ever I will be there
To stand by you.

I don’t mind it

I see it clearly;
You don’t value
The support I give you,
I don’t mind it;
I see it clearly;
You don’t appreciate
The help you get from me;
No problem for me;
I see it clearly;
You don’t acknowledge
My assistance to you,
That’s okay for me.
I will continue
To support you;
To help you;
To assist you;
I will continue
To do my best for you.
I will not relent
In my effort
To help you succeed.

Share your resolution, share on making a resolution

This is the time for making resolutions for 2019,
Some people have already done theirs,
Some are still doing theirs;
Some people believe in making resolutions;
Some people do not;
What about you?
Are resolutuions worthwhile?
Should we spend time making resolutions?
Let us share on resolutions.
And if you have already written your resolution
For 2019,
And do not mind it, 
Could you share it with us, please?
I have not yet written my resolution for 2019,
But I hope to write one.
And I look back at 2018,
With joy when I read my pledge.

No one can stop me

If you are thinking of blocking me,
And stopping me from moving ahead,
I tell you not to waste your time;
You will fail;
No one can stop me from moving ahead.
If you are considering standing on my way,
And stopping me from succeeding,
I tell you not to waste your time;
You will fail;
No one can stand on my way;
No one can stop me from succeeding.

Pledge (Add a line or more No. 32)

I pledge to work hard everyday;
To do everything I have to do;
To let nothing stop me.

I pledge to build my faith everyday;
To live a prayerful life
To be God fearing.

I pledge to do nothing that I know is not right;
To stand for the truth;
To defend the truth
And if necessary, to die for the truth.

What do you pledge to do?

Making never-kept promises

Millions of promises are made in the world daily but how many of them are kept.

You might have made a promise to someone or to yourself yesterday. Did you keep it? Do you usually keep the promises that you make?

It is evident that many of the promises that people make are not kept. As Chuck Palahniuk says in a lullaby, we live “in a world where vows are worthless. Where making a pledge means nothing. Where promises are made to be broken.”

If our world is beset by problems, it is clear that one of the reasons is our failure to keep the promises that we make. People make promises which they know they will not keep. Such are unscrupulous people. This is where the unscrupulous politicians shine the light of darkness.

However, at the top of the list of the promises that we make but fail to keep are our promise to God at baptism.

When we are being baptized, we promise to love God with all our heart, to serve him, to be obedient and faithful to him for ever. But how many people keep this promise? Many break it.

Another promise that many of us make but do not keep is the promise to love and be faithful to our spouse, till death do us part. How many people keep this promise which we make with a lot of enthusiasm on our wedding day? Not many. The so many divorces or broken marriages are proof that many of us who make this promise do not keep it. They are made to lull, deceive and seduce to achieve what our heart desires at that moment.

When a boy and a girl are dating, it is normal to promise love for ever to each other. Are such promises usually kept? Not always. In many cases, those who make them start breaking them even before they have blinked their eyes.

As Paulo Coelho says, “Some people think they can promise anything.” Others think they should believe everything they are promised. “Liars make the best promises” says Pierce Brown.

Perhaps you can think of a promise that somebody made to you but failed to keep it. Can you share with us how you felt? What harm did it do to you?

What advice can you give to people concerning the making and keeping of promises or making promises and failing to keep them?

Can you trust someone who makes promises but never keeps them?

The bible in the book of Ecclesiastes advises: “Do what you promise to do…Better not to promise at all than make a promise and not keep it.” (Eccl. 5:5).


A great work, I started with you;
That was many years ago;
Many years after,
It remains incomplete;
Yet, you want to leave me;
How do you leave me?
That which we must do
Has not been done;
It’s incomplete;
You cannot leave me;
Neither can I leave you;
We are bound together,
By the strings of our word;
Until that which we pledged to do,
We have done.

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