You don’t leap

You don’t leap
Like a frog;
From the bottom
To the top.

You don’t leap
Like a frog
From darkness
To light.

You don’t leap
Like a frog
From oblivion
To stardom.

If once in a while
It does occur,
That does not make it
A rule.

Success won’t come
In a day;
Let alone come
On day one.

So why hope for it;
You could start
On day one;
But that is not enough.

It won’t give you
An A grade,
Great is your mistake
If you think it will.

To start work on day one,
That is the ideal;
It tells the world
You are ready for the job.

But, you must go beyond
To let the world know
You can do it
Do it and excel.


Who is unaware?

Who is unaware
Of the danger looming
In the air?
It looms above our heads;
Seeming poised to crush;
Who is not touched
By the scare
Of corona virus?
Whose cure eludes humanity;
Who can be indifferent
While the world swirls
And groans
Under the yoke
Of this deadly virus
Whose source we are
Yet figure out.
Whose destination
We are yet to know;
Many stories are shared;
Many are told;
The reality,
Too hard to know.

Burning fire of love

What are you?
Are you fire?
Or you are love?
Why does my heart
Burn thus
For you?
Each time
I set my eyes
On you?
My heart will burn
Like fire in a furnace.
And even mere thinking
Of you,
It is not different;
And you don’t seem
to be aware;
At this rate,
How shall it end?
What shall we do
To quench
Such blaring fire?
I fear for my heart;
And my life;
My heart may burn
To ashes;
I am told only love
Can quench
This fire of love;
Shower me then with love,
That I may not die
Of burns
From the burning fire
Of love.
In my heart.

What happened?

What happened to our love?
And what happened to you?
You’re now a different person;
I don’t recognize you;
You are silent!
You don’t talk as you did;
You look at me as if
You don’t see;
I am worried and confused;
Totally confused.
Where is the love
That was flowing like a river,
In your heart for me?
How did it dry up so fast?
Explain to me;
It is hard to understand;
Will you be kind enough,
To explain to me?
Take your time, let me know;
Explain to me!

Love beats all

Can we make today
A special day for us?
Let us meet privately,
Away from the crowd;
And see what direction
Things go;
Being by ourselves
Can be so palatable;
Nobody will disturb us;
We will focus on
The content of our hearts
Which we call love;
I will focus on you;
And you will focus on me;
Can there be a thing
More desirable?
Not, as far as I know.
Love beats all.
When you have love,
You have everything.

Let’s talk love

Let’s talk love today;
Lets spend our day
Talking love;
It will be a day
Well spent;
The love we’ll talk about
Is our love;
It’s not other people’s love;
Our love;
Let’s talk about
How we love each other;
You tell me
How you love me;
And I tell you
How I love you;
And then we hold
Our hands,
And stare at each other,
And get transported
By love
To a land we never imagined!
What do you think?
And what do you say?

A day of joy

This is a day
Of joy,
Not like other days;
Flying high up
In the sky;
Is our boy;
Just like a bird;
With the wings
Of a kite,
He flies;
As I look at him,
Flying so high,
I feel so happy
It’s not daily,
That someone flies
As high as he does
In the sky.
So special is this day;
I can never forget;
But will remember
All my life;
And celebrate
As a day of joy;
When my boy flew
So high
In the sky.

Wisest decision ever

Do you know
The wisest decision
Ever made?
Do you know
The wisest decision
Someone can make?
Do you know
The wisest decision
You can ever make?
I know;
The wisest decision
That someone has ever made,
Is the wisest decision
That you can ever make;
It is the wisest decision
That someone can make.
It is to say “Yes!”
To God when He calls.
God is always calling;
If you listen,
You will hear His voice
Calling out to you.
If you say “Yes, Lord,
Here, I am;
I am ready to do what
You want,”
That would be
Your wisest decision
Of your life.
Every “Yes” to God
Is the wisest decision.