I like people I can trust;
If you cannot be trusted,
Don’t get near me;
If you cannot be trusted,
I am not for you;
If you cannot be trusted,
If you cannot be trusted,
How can anyone believe you?
You have to be someone
Someone can trust.


#poem, #trust, #truth

Know God

Do you know God?
Do you love God?
Do you recognize God?
Do you appreciate God;
Do you respect God?
Do you pray to God?
Do you praise God?
Do you want God by you?
Do you like God to be
Your friend?
That is a brilliant thing
To say;
He’ll be the best friend
You ever can have.
Know God.

#faith, #god, #know, #love, #poem, #pray, #recognize

A sunny day

The sun is not shining;
But I call this a sunny day;
Guess why?
Nice things happening;
More on the way;
God is in control;lk
My spirits are high
As bright as the rays
Of the sun.
Thus it’s a sunny day;

#prose-poetry, #bright, #day, #happiness, #high-spirits, #poem, #shine, #sunny


You are on the right track, continue;
Make sure you give your work value;
If you keep going as you are going,
And continue to do what you are doing,
There can be no doubt you will win,
And celebrate with a good shot of gin.


#continue, #doing, #gin, #going, #poem, #value, #win

Precious gift

I have a gift for you;
It’s a precious gift;
A gift you cannot touch,
And cannot even see;
A gift no other is better;
A gift of love.
I love you.

#gift, #poem

My cry to the Lord

I see your works O Lord;

I see the mighty works you do;

Do same for me O Lord;

Do some mighty works for me;

Through me;

And with me.

This is my cry to you.

#appeal, #plea, #poem, #pray, #prayer

Let God do it

Who does things for you? 

Is it you alone? 

I doubt it. I really doubt it. There is an invisible hand behind. That is the hand of God. Without Him nothing is ever done. 

If you want a miracle, go to him; ask him; plead with him. He alone does it; and He’ll do it for you.

Let God do it for you;

Let God do it for you;

Let God do it for you.

He alone will do it for you.

#encouragement, #faith, #god, #inspiration, #motivation, #poem, #pray