I ask, “Where are you going this Easter Day?” He says, “To ride in the sun, it’s a beautiful day!” He has on his gear, jacket and boots, He now has Wings But I gave him roots- His bike starts up, Va room, Va room, my heart starts to beat bah bah boom, bah bah […]

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If you know

If you know
The right thing to do
Why not do it?
If you know
What you should do,
Do it;
If you know
It’s good to work hard,
Work hard;
If you know
It’s bad to be lazy,
Don’t be lazy;
If you know
It’s bad to steal,
Don’t steal;
If you know
It’s irresponsible
To drink too much,
Don’t drink too much;
If you know
What you will do
Will hurt you or others,
Don’t do it.

Do what you should do;

Don’t do what you should not do.

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Unwise or downright stupid

It’s unwise
If not downright stupid
To waste time
Doing what you know
Will not benefit anybody.

It’s unwise
If not downright stupid
To waste time
Waiting for somebody
You know
Will not come.

It’s unwise
If not downright stupid
To be crying for love
From someone
You know does not love you.

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Maximize each day

All days are not the same;
Each day is different
From all other days;
Each has its ups;
And each has its downs;
Some days life is sweet;
Some days life is bitter;
Some days spirits are high;
Some days spirits are low;
You must be ready to face
Each day as it is,
And make the most of it.

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Seen and unseen

What is unseen
Is more powerful than what is seen;
The world is ruled by forces unseen;
God is unseen;
But who is more powerful than God?
The devil is unseen;
But source of all the evil you know.
Talk of love, it is unseen;
But can heal all wounds and bring peace;
Or inflict deep wounds;
And cause war;
Who can live without air?
Yet, it’s unseen;
You cannot see faith; cannot see prayer;
Their power, none can match;
The list is long;
The waves that tear the air with news
Are unseen;
Clearly it stands,
What is unseen, don’t joke about;
Its power, you cannot measure.

Daily Prompt

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What are you waiting for?

cio_success-100582962-primary-idgeYou can do great things,
What are you waiting for?
You can move mountains;
What are you waiting for?
You can go places,
What are you waiting for?
You can create records,
What are you waiting for.

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In tears for love

Why are you doing this to me?
Why are you pushing me to the wall?
Why have you changed your ways
Towards me?
What have I done to get this from you?
You loved me or so you told me;
And I loved you;
Why do you want that love to turn to hate?
Do you want us to hate or love each other?
Where is that loving heart of yours?
I ask these questions because
I can’t believe what I see;
I can’t believe where I see us heading to;
I see us heading at top speed
To the edge of a precipice;
And I see both of us shattered to pieces
At the bottom of the deep valley below.
Couldn’t we avert such shameful disaster?
Can’t our love and our lives be saved?
My heart bleeds;
The ball is on your side of the court.

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