A word to leaders

If you are a leader,
Be wise;
Avoid creating problems
For yourself;
Too many problems may drown you;
It is hard to survive when problems
Storm down on you every day;
Leadership is not easy;
You have to be wise,
Work hard,
And be a diligent leader.


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Create your own thing

You want to create your own thing?
Laudable ambition;
Think hard;
Work hard;
Fight hard;
It’s not easy to create anything;
But no one says it’s impossible,
You only have to think hard;
Believe hard;
And work hard;
Your imagination has to go to work;
You have to listen to your inner self,
And take a look at what others are doing;
Of course, you have to be determined
To create your own thing;
And the truth is you can do it.

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Tears flow in Manchester

Who would have imagined?
That tears would flow so much in Manchester?
So unexpected they came;
Through the backdoor,
Where the devil slipped in;
And before anyone was aware
He had accomplished his devilish mission,
Bringing darkness unto Manchester;
Lives were lost;
Hearts broken;
A flow of sorrow never before known
In this city of love and solidarity.
A worthless soul;
Driven by evil,
Better not to have been born,
Plucked off lives so young; so sweet.
Manchester was broken but not crushed;
Manchester moves on.

#evil, #manchester-tragedy, #poem, #sorrow, #terrorist-attack

It’s scary

All four compete
To control the world;
Everywhere people live in fear;
Insecurity is so much;;
Hatred and wickedness abound.
It’s scary, isn’t it?

#fear, #hate, #insecurity, #poem, #wickedness

What God has put asunder

I thought I took the right decision
When I decided to marry you;
How mistaken I was!
We aren’t meant for each other;
We cannot journey together;
We must part ways;
I know how you feel;
But what God has put asunder,
No man should try to put together.

#love, #poem

Leave me alone!

Don’t look at me
If you don’t love me;
Why do you look at me
If you don’t love me?
Don’t you know that your look sets me off?
You should know what that means;
Don’t look at me!
Leave alone!
Leave my eyes
And my heart alone!

#love, #poem

~ना तुम आए ना तुम्हारी आहट~

वो दिन मुझे याद हे 

तुम चला करती थी मेरे संग संग

हथोमे हाथ डाल के जहु के किनारे 

वो लमहेय वो लहराती हुई बलों की खूसबू

मुझे आब वी तुम्हारी करवट बदलने की वी अदा 

तुम्हें याद हे वी जहु कि किनारे भेल पूरी की दुकान

ना भूल पाए तुँहेय ना भूल पाए तुम्हारी वो अदाए……..काश 

ना तुम आइ ना तुनहरी आहट |||| ना तुम आइ ना तुनहरी आहट 

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