I recalled with a vividness I found unsettling, my feeling when I’d seen the damage that I’d done to her. It was a primal feeling in which I still felt gripped. Mingling with all these confusions I was acutely unaware of my very own alienness. The facts were mounting, the truth was before me and I felt its crushing weight as it was a mountain on my shoulders. I was face to face with the fact that I had pushed her away.

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A giant lollipop

Who is celebrating a birthday?
We will make it a happy day;
We will prepare a giant lollipop,
And a champagne to pop.


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(A Timely Question

If God is all but one, an epitome of everything,

Is it too much to ask whether evil breathes in almighty’s heart too?

The perfection of it all lies in imperfections of faith.

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Those not for you

If anyone is not for you,
They are against you;
If anyone doesn’t love you
They hate you;
If anyone doesn’t stand for you,
They stand against you;
If anyone does not want
To make you happy,
They may want to make you sad;
This being the case,
Watch out!
Give no one a chance
To make you sad;
Draw strength from those
Who are for you;
And ready to make you happy.
As it’s clear,
All can never truly be for you.

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Sparkling with joy, gloom by sadness,

Eyes that hold captive, eyes that speak

All that is to be read are always spoken by the eyes.


The Eye

An original pen and ink sketch by Sketches By Nitesh


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In My Arm’s Embrace

Though I hold you in my arms my bride,

And I can feel you tremble with my touch.

In my arm’s embrace,

Your ungathered hair tumbled as such.

The breeze whispers your name my angel,

The sky asks nothing and leaves you free.

One who was so distant came so near to me,

And still nearer when the moment drifted away from me.

We two meet once, all time lost,

To the warmth of your skin.

Of your touch, all those kisses on your arms,

My lips on your hands as I have seen.

Hand in hand we merged,

No word upon our lips.

I lose my way among your smell,

From you there is nothing else to keep.


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If you…

If you are strong,
Don’t think it’s everybody
Who will hail you;
Some will hail you;
Some will castigate you;
If you are successful
Don’t think it’s everybody
Who will be happy about it;
Some will be happy;
Some will be angry instead;
If you become rich,
Don’t think it’s everybody
Will look at you with good eyes;
Some will do;
Some will not;
If you start making a name for yourself,
Don’t think it’s everybody
Who will like it;
Some will like it;
Some will hate it;
If your star starts shining,
It’s not everybody
Who will celebrate it;
Some will celebrate it;
Some will spoil the celebration;
If you shine and sparkle,
Don’t think it’s everybody
Who will like you;
Some will like you;
Some will hate you.
Such is life;
Many will be for you
If you are nothing;
If things are not moving for you;
But will turn against you when they are.

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