My special dream about 2018

I have a special dream
About 2018;
It’s a big dream that I have
About 2018;
In my dream, I see people
With no hope
Having hope and moving
To great heights;
I see lazy people working hard
And succeeding;
I see people who are lost
Finding their way to the summit;
I see 2018 becoming
A wonderful year;
I see you gathering momentum
And leaping to greatness;
I see you highly motivated
And flying like a jet-plane
In the sky.
That’s the dream I have
About 2018;
That’s my dream for you
And 2018.


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Cockroaches and rats

Cockroaches and rats all over;
They have invaded you,
What are you doing about it?
Look at them climbing
On you;
They are hungry creatures
Hunting for verbal food;
Do you ignore them,
Or wipe them off
With insecticide?
Idle creatures with no knowledge
Of how to use their time
They are out to tear you down;
To pull you down;
But they remain cockroaches
And rats.

This poem is talking about the idle people around us who spend precious time talking about others, trying to tear others down. They do nothing worthwhile but take delight in criticizing the people who are doing their best to do things.

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Enlighten me!

Enlighten me
On the current issues
Of the world;
I am lost;
And frightened too;
What’s ahead?
Who knows?
And how will things end?
Will they be better or worse?
See what’s going on;
See how people are suffering;
See how people are dying;
If you know where we are
Heading to,
Enlighten me;
That I may not be left
In darkness.
I need someone
To enlighten me.


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Song ‘Open Window’ (audio & lyrics)

Michel Montecrossa working on a painting

Michel Montecrossa’s Song ‘Open Window’ taken from his ‘Living On A Planet’ Cyberrock & Climate Change Concert that you can read about here
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Michel Montecrossa Homepage:

Song Lyrics

Open Window

The open window, the magic of your love, stars shinin’ dreamlike through
the walls of unreal, normal ways. Of unreal, normal graves.

The open window, the magic of your touch, suns dawnin’ dreamlike in my
heart. The open window, the magic of your heart.

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Explore Michel Montecrossa’s art, music, movies, quotes and more on Twitter: and on his facebook page

Image above: Michel Montecrossa working on a painting (photo by Mirakali – previews of Michel Montecrossa’s paintings & drawings:

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#Poem 55: I’m perfectly imperfect

We’re all beautiful and complete in our own. We’re perfect in our own way. ❤

Untold Feelings 💕


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Badal te hue Tum….बदल ते हुए तुम

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Badal te hue….tum

बदल ते हुए……तुम

Kabhi ye bhi lagta tha ki

कभी ये भी लगता था की

Tum nahi badlo ge chahe duniyaतुम नहि बदलो गे चाहे दुनिया बदल ना जाए

Kyu na badal jaye

क्यूँ ना बदल जाए

Ye bhi dekha ke jab hamey sahurat

ये भी देखा के जब हमें सौहरत

Milta tha wo tumhi the jo

मिलता था वो तुम्हीं थे जो Badh chadh ke tarifon ki barishबढ़ चढ़ के तारीफ़ों के बारिश Bhi kartey the per aaj aisa kyuभी करते थे पर आज ऐसा क्यूँ

Lag raha hey ki wo din aaj kitna badal gaya

लग रहा हे की वो दिन आज कितना बदल गया Tumhari to namo nishan tak

तुम्हारे तो नामो निशान तक

Ajj dekhne ko nahi milta

आज देखने को नहीं मिलता

Kahin ye Jalan to nahi

कहीं ये जलन तो नहीं

Ya me sayad galat hun

या में सायद ग़लत हूँ

Per jab bhi soch ta hun

पर जब भी सोच त हुँ

Hasi ata hey ke mey to

हँसी आता हे में तो

Tumse nahi khud se ladhai

तुम से नहीं ख़ुद से लडाई

Ladh ta tha ta ki mey khud se

लड़त। था त। की में ख़ुद से

Jit sakun per tum sayad soch

जीत सकूँ पर तुम सायद सोच

Baithe ki hum kahin tum se age na badh Jayen

बैठे के हम कहीं तुम से आगे ना बढ़ जायें

Bah re duniya bah bah

बाह रे दुनिया बाह बाह

Teri bhi Andaz kya kehna

तेरी भी अन्दाज़ क्या कहना



I like people I can trust;
If you cannot be trusted,
Don’t get near me;
If you cannot be trusted,
I am not for you;
If you cannot be trusted,
If you cannot be trusted,
How can anyone believe you?
You have to be someone
Someone can trust.

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