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Poem ‘Flight Of The Light’ by Mirakali

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Flight Of The Light

Following the flight of the light. Its silvery line paints the sky.
Splendid defiance against the darkness of night.
But hope is strong, love victorious, freedom glorious.
Remembrance of the mysterious source
subdues all doubts that only play their game with us.

If we are ready to wake up, we will meet again
the precious meaning of life, precious as life is itself
and feel the Glory of newborn love, bright like the morning,
warm like understanding, dreamlike beautiful like trust.
Following the flight of the light. Golden movement
overcoming all limits you have put into time.

There are no limits, eternity waits for a free choice
of an earth-born soul, of a courageous heart
born into time ready to follow the flight of the light.
Endless Wideness, delightful dance of cosmic beings
flying at your side, feeling close your warm heartbeat.
Following the flight of the light. Its silvery line paints the sky.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali © Mira Sound Germany

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Image above: photo by Mirakali; © Filmaur Multimedia

Song ‘Calm Beauty’ based on the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam (audio track & lyrics)

Michel Montecrossa’s New-Topical-Song ‘Calm Beauty’: based on the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam it is lifting a fold of the veil that hides the infinite knowledge.


Calm Beauty (Dedicated To Omar Khayyam, The Astronomer-Poet Of Persia And Based On His Stanzas Of Four Lines Called Rubaiyat)

When you and I behind the veil are past,
oh, but the long, long while the world shall last,
which of our coming and departure heeds,
as the sea‘s self should heed a pebble-cast.

A moment‘s halt – a momentary taste
of being from the well amid the waste –
and lo! – the phantom caravan has reached
the nothing it set out from – oh, make haste!

Would you that spangle of existence spend
about the secret – quick about it, friend!
A hair perhaps divides the false from the true –
and upon what may life depend?

A hair perhaps divides the false and true;
Yes; and a single sign were the clue –
could you but find it – to the treasure-house
and peradventure to the master too.

Whose secret presence through creation‘s veins
running quicksilver-like eludes our pains;
taking all shapes from small to grand and
they change and perish all – but he remains.

And fear not lest existence closing your account
and mine should know the like no more;
the eternal one from that bowl has poured
millions of bubbles like us, and will pour.

When you and I behind the veil are past,
oh, but the long, long while the world shall last,
which of our coming and departure heeds
as the sea‘s self should heed a pebble-cast.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

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photo by Mirakali Montecrossa

Guest interview: talented and prolific writer Sharmishtha Basu – A volcano in the literary world.

When I read about Sharmistha Basu for the first time I knew I had met some body with extraordinary literary talents. I was right. This super talented poet and writer has written many books. I took an interest in her to discover who she really is and w

The Charons is one of her books which presents the disturbing account of the struggle of a single girl in a big city. Sharmistha injects a flow in the book that makes it hard to put away. She injects life and energy, capturing the reader’s attention in telling a story which gains momentum right from the first chapter, capturing the struggle of Urna in fighting deceit and treachery, as she faces the dark moments of life. The labyrinth is described so well and with aplomb.  Sharmistha who delivers the message of humanity and reason even if hope fades with time. Her writing is powerful and injects pace in this dark subject of hell when the life of Urna suddenly tears apart. You will empathize with the character and be part of her fight against the evils in the world. The Charons will make you speechless as you enter the world of Urna. In short, it is brilliant writing to depict the life of underdogs, facing the biggest trials in life in this gory depiction of life on the other side.

Who would resist this author? I did not hesitate to contact Sharmishtha who kindly accepted to be our Guest Author on Success Inspirer. I Have no doubt that you will find pleasure in discovering this highly talented writer whom I describe as a volcano because she makes things move:

Golconda fort FS2 23.8.15 IMG_0449Kindly tell us your full name and where you live.
My full name is Sharmishtha Basu, right now I am in Hyderabad but I am heading back to Kolkata any day now, after a brief visit to Hyderabad that started on February this year.

How long have you been writing?
Sharmishtha Basu: I started writing in 2007 and immediately got captivated by its sheer joy, painting followed a bit later.

How many books have you published?
Quite a handful, I have been writing like an obsessed for these 8 years, due to some monsters in my real life (I have told their story in my book “The charon”) I had to give up my ambition of real life career, so I channeled my energy to writing, illustrating my own works, my readers started to egg me to publish them, so I tried publishing. Then I realized that I can try it as an alternate career, because those monsters won’t be able to manipulate my global readers. So I decided that like a sculptor or artist creates and displays her works (all) for sell I too will do something like that, select my favorite works and publish them, hoping some of them will be able to help me into becoming financially independent. You can check out the whole gallery of my books in daintypetals.wordpress.com and make me happy.
You have told the story of the monsters you talk about in “The Charon.” But can you briefly explain what you are talking about for those who have not read the book and may not read in immediately.
They are some nefarious crooks who voluntarily showed up in my life to corrupt me. I tried my best to expose them, but they are a strong racket, so… It’s a very long story.

Can you briefly tell us what each book is about?

If you will, please take a few minutes and go to daintypetals.wordpress.com you will get the whole gallery there.

golconda fort 23.8.15 FS IMG_0373How did you become a writer? What is your motivation for writing? Do you write for money or for the love of writing?
The person who handled the User’s contribution section of MSN in 2007 made me a writer. I have been a bookworm since I learned reading but never dared to write anything outside academic, I never dreamed anyone will read my work, that person proved me wrong, s/he not only encouraged them but kept making them “editor’s choice” again and again. The remaining credit goes to my readers of WordPress who kept encouraging me all these years.

In my life writing has benefited in multiple ways- it worked as a therapy against those monsters- I could write my experiences and get the views of others, It saved me from depression by allowing me to use it and painting as channel of my excessive energy- which courtesy to those monsters was piling up inside me, it has given me real friends, fans, so all these and more act as the motivation for writing. I loved creating, writing always, the other motivations are added boons.

I really don’t write for money, will love fame and money (latter is more tempting to me) and as you and I both know an unemployed person needs money to pay the bills, so I won’t be a hypocrite saying I don’t care about money, I will say I won’t shut my door on it if it shows up but only if that comes from something I write voluntarily, not something to please the readers without actually liking it myself. My friends often ask me why don’t I write romantic or erotic, now, that is the thing- even though they sell the best I don’t write them because they don’t tick for me, same thing is applicable for fashion or cooking- the next two selling things. But if my travel stars had been benevolent I might have started writing articles on travels, because that is something I absolutely love! So I guess money is welcome but it can’t buy me.

What is your genre? Is it prose, poetry or drama?
All of them, my favorite is fantasy, poetry, paranormal and painting.

Which are the themes that you treat frequently in your writings?
Fantasy, paranormal and poetry I think and my weakness is painting for my works.

Your recent book is titled- “Barir pujo…” and “Durgapuja…” what is the story?
When I published my first book last year, “The lotus of fire” my treasured reader Troy remarked that he will love to read something about India in Indian language, honestly I just could not gather up the courage to write in Bengali back then, but then I did, and published two books in Bengali+ English, the actual poems in Bengali and the English poems capturing their essence.golconda fort 23.8.15 FS IMG_0148(1)

golconda fort 23.8.15 FS IMG_0148(1)All that time Troy’s words stayed in my mind and I wrote these two books, actually the second one came first, and while writing that I realized that someone like Troy, who is not that well versed in Bengali culture will need a little more insight, so came “barir pujo…” its name is Bengali but content is English, and it describes the two main festivals of Bengal- Durgapuja and Kalipuja in traditional way. The way it is held in my family home (ex). These books will be published in Mid October and you will get the details in daintypetals.wordpress.com.

What are you telling the world through these books?
Sharing something that is priceless to me, though I can’t see them anymore, since 1999 but still they are priceless, absolutely priceless treasure to have. A little glimpse in Bengal’s heart and soul will be the thing these books will give you.

How has the public received your books? What are people saying about them? Any reviews?
I will yet again repeat myself, check out daintypetals.wordpress.com and you will see that for an Indie author, who is incapable of investing a single penny for publicity I have accomplished lot more- priceless friends and readers, who are enviable angels.

What are your aspirations as a writer?
Two- see “The charons” as a movie and write a book like “les miserables” or “of human bondage” or some priceless poems like Tagore, my favorite poet.

How financially rewarding is writing to you?
I am surprised that someone bought them!

What challenges do you face as a writer? I do imagine that it is not easy to publish and market your writings. Tell us how you go about it?
As I thought no one will buy my books I did not paid any attention to marketing part, and believe me that is a Herculean task, I totally fail in that department and have no idea about how can people do it without spending money! If you want to sell your books you will have to do some serious homework in this field, luckily there are professionals for hire and dozens of forums to help with these things, so go ahead and be prepared to spend a lot of time there. I am yet to explore (??) them.

Who are the authors that you love or who have inspired you most?
I have a huge list of favorite authors, scattered all over the world but my writing is not inspired by any of them, I write from my own heart and try to keep it influence free! My paintings on the other hand need models, I almost always use google images/sketches from books/scenes from books as models fully or partly, even though my paintings are nothing in comparison to the originals, and often I add my own touch, or pick up just a piece of a scene/painting but I desperately need models for paintings, writing on the other hand comes from within. It is always bubbling there all I have to do is sit down with pen or keyboard.

Very few of my favorite authors are Jules Verne, Victor Hugo, Arthur Conan Doyle, Maupassant, Maugham, and a nice list of Bengali writers.golconda fort 23.8.15 IMG_0384
 How long did it take you to write and publish your recent book?
In my recent pair every poem is fully illustrated, so had do a lot of sketching/ re-sketching so it took longer than other books- almost two months to write and then illustrate them, writing part was much quicker!

: There are many people who would love to be writer like you but fear to venture into it. What can you say to them? Is it a worthwhile exercise?

If you want to become millionaire or legend then I think you should try the traditional way, try editors, they will assess your works believe me and pick up only if they will earn them money.

But if like me you think you have something to say and you will rather try and see yourself whether your works can impress readers then go for it, just don’t expect miracle, miracles sometimes happen, a lot of Indie authors have hit bestseller lists, but not all. Look inside and decide yourself, if you really want to share your story with world, your work, your creations, your dreams, don’t let fear stop you!