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Now is the Time to Grow

A battle between love and prideMy soul remains restless insideI thought my heart grew widerBut it only worked as a divider A meadow only grows annuals in springBut is growth everything?Death and decay is a graveyard siteDoes six feet under make things alright? But dirt is decay and growthBut you donโ€™t want bothYour ego is…

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Where are we?

Where are we as I speak? Where is our love? Do you see it as I do? About to hit a hard rock? And what will happen If it does? That is what I fear to say; But only a blind man Can fail to see; The writing is clear On the screen; The glass…

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Cloud Haikus

We can feel shrouded As the white firmaments spread Making minds clouded (C) Carly Wiggins 2019 The cumulus clouds move Colors of blue and pink bled In a cotton bed (C) Carly Wiggins 2019

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I am all yours

I am all yours; I am fully yours; I will never stop Thinking of you; I will never stop Loving you; I will never stop Caring about you; Neither will I stop Being yours; I am yours In light And in darkness; When the sun Is shining; And when It is snowing; In the day…

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