Chasm of Joy

Chasm of joy

Oh boy!

Like a roller coaster ride

Thrilling yet

Filled with regret

Welcome to the chasm of joy

Do you ponder life

With all its strife?

Like being at spot signs

Do you wish

Love would persist?

Welcome to the chasm of joy

(C) Carly Wiggins 2019

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MUSILI: Musika, Sining, Literatura (with English Version)

Filipino Version:

i. Wag mo akong mahalin

Dahil mas pagtutuunan ko ng pansin

Ang tumugtog ng gitara

Sabay sa awit na aking kinakanta.

ii. Wag mo akong mahalin

Dahil mas nilalaan ko ang oras

Sa pagyapak sa matatarik

Na bundok at talampas.

iii. Wag mo akong mahalin

Dahil mas gusto kong gumuhit

At ilaan ang oras sa

Pagdetalye ng aking obra.

iv. Wag mo akong mahalin

Dahil mas gusto kong

Magbasa ng mga nobela

At sumulat ng mga tula.

Huli: Wag mo akong mamahalin,

Dahil di kita titigilan na awitan

Di ako mapapagod na akyatin ang

Bundok kung nasaan ka man

Di ako magsasawang kabisaduhin

Lahat ng detalye sayong mukha

At ilapat sa kaprasong papel

I-guhit, i-pinta

Di ako mauubusan ng mga tula

Hango sa mga nobelang

Aking nabasa,

Nobelang ikaw mismo ang may akda.

Kaya wag mo akong mamahalin.

Dahil ikaw ang bunga ng musika, sining

At ng aking literatura.

English Version

i. Don’t love me

For I’ll focus myself

To play my guitar

As the lyrics come out harmonically.

ii. Don’t love me

For I spend my time

Climbing the highest at steepest

Mountain and cliffs.

iii. Don’t love me

For I prefer to make drawings

Giving my whole time

To details of my creations.

iv. Don’t love me

For I allot my time

To read various novels

And to write poems.

Finale: Don’t love me

For I won’t stop singing songs for you

Won’t get tired

Reaching your summit

Won’t stop remembering every details on your face

And put it on a canvas

I’ll sketch, I’ll paint

There will be no scarce of poems

From the novels

I’ve read

From the novel of yours

So, don’t love me

For you will be the subject of my music, art

And literature.

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Journaling With God

Have you ever considered that God wants to speak with you? Maybe you should try journaling with God. He wants to open His heart up to you. In this video I share some personal journaling with you, as well as an excerpt from Matthew Robert Payne’s book Conversations with God Book 3 on his chapter, “Trouble.” I hope this encourages you to start your own interactions with God in written form. God bless you! 🙂

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Be inspired today 41 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus

I have a word for you;
Having seen
What effort
You are making;
I have seen your level
Of determination;
And commitment;
I have seen your passion;
I have seen
The way
You have persisted;
And how despite all
These efforts,
You have not succeeded
As you so desire;
Your aspirations
Are not met;
What I have
To tell you is
Don’t relent!
If you stop now,
You will lose;
Your effort cannot go
For nothing;
It might just not be long.
You will make it.

The power of Music!

Music heals thy soul,

Of the damndest worries that are attached like a thole,

It makes you see the light,

And makes your life bright,

Music heals thy soul!

Music heals thy soul,

And makes you condole,

Those in blight,

And makes you extol

And makes it your trite!

Music heals thy soul!

Even if it’s dark,

Even if the air is crisp and stark,

Even if the dogs bark,

Music creates a spark,

And makes you embark

On a conquest without a remark.

Music makes you smile,

Even if it was dark erstwhile.



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Now is the Time to Grow

A battle between love and pride
My soul remains restless inside
I thought my heart grew wider
But it only worked as a divider

A meadow only grows annuals in spring
But is growth everything?
Death and decay is a graveyard site
Does six feet under make things alright?

But dirt is decay and growth
But you don’t want both
Your ego is on the line
But remember perennials need sunshine

(C) Carly Wiggins 2019


Where are we?

Where are we as I speak?
Where is our love?
Do you see it as I do?
About to hit a hard rock?
And what will happen
If it does?
That is what I fear to say;
But only a blind man
Can fail to see;
The writing is clear
On the screen;
The glass will brittle;
The pot will shatter,
And the soup will spill;
But that is not where
I want our love to go.
That is the wrong place
For love.

Poem No 23 from 100 poems for my sweetheart

I wrote this for you, sweetheart;
I hope you are waiting for me.
I am coming right away;
I will soon be with you;
I see you with my mind’s eyes
Where I stand;
Never seen someone like you;
Are you an angel or human?
Look at your beautiful face
In your mirror;
You are more than the Queen.
A quintessence of beauty.
And what’s making me crazy:
You are mine;
And mine alone,
You live in my heart
And will so do for ever.
Thank you, my love,
For being mine!
You are an ideal sweetheart.