Are politicians to be trusted

Or to be distrusted?
How can you be sure
When a politician is

To be trusted?
You have to watch out!

Let no politician take you

For a ride.

And we can’t do without



Romila Quotes vol. 2.13

“In almost every country, during electoral campaigns, you will hear people claiming to have what it takes to fix their country, and in some cases, to fix the world. Don’t just believe them because they have said so. Look at what is happening in the world today. Some lousy leaders who claimed they would fix the world are making mistake after mistake and making the world a worse place. Nobody can say for sure what awaits our planet. We may pay dearly because some people believed someone they would not have believed. Watch out for hollow promises during elections. Politicians have no qualms about making empty promises; promises they know they will not keep.”

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The political train

Do you find it intriguing that while millions of people are mad with excitement about politics millions of others do not care?

If you look at the number of people who attend some political rallies, you will think everybody were there. Then again look at the number that stayed at home for lack of interest, you will think nobody likes politics.

Take the number of people who stay up to watch important political debates. A big number of viewers, indeed. Yet, there are billions of others who know nothing about what is going on.

Are you interested in politics?  How do you see politics?

Some people say politics is a dirty game and should be allowed for dirty people to play. This doesn’t sound nice, does it? Can the big guys who pull long suits and shine and sparkle in politics all be dirty fellows?

Whatever the case, my stand is good guys should get involved in politics. If they shy away because they call it a dirty game, then the bad fellows will take full control and no one can say where they take the world to.

The good fellows must join forces and stop the bad fellows from taking the world off the hands of angels into the hands of the devil’s messengers, for this would mean giving the devil full, unchecked control. The the world perishes, doesn’t it?

By the way, getting into politics is one way to find your way to the top. So get on board. Nothing wrong.