My candidate’s victory tonight.

I have a celebration tonight;
I am celebrating my candidate’s
Victory tonight;
My candidate will be the winner tonight;
That’s my projection.
I won’t believe
If my candidate does not win;
I am confident my candidate will win;
And I will celebrate;
I’ll have a big celebration tonight;
Are you joining me?


Who can predict?

Who can predict?
Who can say who will win?
Will it be Trump?
Or will it be Hillary?
Will it still be a man?
Or a woman will have
A chance this time?
It’s just hours away:
Tell me what you think;
Tell me what you foresee;
Tell me who you think will win:
And if you cannot guess,
Tell me who you like to win.
Should women have a chance
To show what they can do?
Or men should continue
To dominate
While the world sings
Gender equality?

So glad…

So thankful today that my tummy wasn’t acting up!!  I was able to get out of the house early and run some errands. I stopped by the firehouse where we are supposed to vote tomorrow and also called the voting office to find out their hours. I was anxious I may not have time in the morning as I work tomorrow but they are open until 7 p.m. so I may have a line to stand in, but at least I can still vote!

Now I don’t have to feel like I am being unproductive even though my anxiety is getting the best of me today!!

Let it come and go!

Let November 8 come and go!
Let the US election come and go!
I bet the world is tired;
A US election campaign,
Too long;
Too bitter;
Too aggressive;
Too divisive;
Too indecent;
Let November 8 come and go!
Let it come and go!
Pray God this election
Does not tear the country to pieces;
And the world with it.
Let November 8 come and go!
Let it come and go!

Shame to anyone!

Shame to anyone who runs for election
But refuses to concede defeat
If beaten;
Yet claims to be a democrat;
What democrat?
Democrats accept defeat
Just as they accept victory;
You are not a democrat;
You are the opposite of a democrat;
You are a dictator;
You want to impose yourself
Regardless of what the ballot box says;
You want the will of the people
Not to be respected;
You want rather your will to be respected;
Shame to you shameless dictator;
You seem out to kill democracy;
Democracy which Americans have fought for
Over the years;
And made enormous sacrifices
To have it prevail in the world;
Who can throw it to the dogs
Within a twinkling of an eye?
Shall democracy emulate communism
And crumble overnight?
Shame to anyone
Who wants to kill democracy;
Shame to anyone
Who wants to establish dictatorship!
Shame to anyone
Who wants to bring a reign of terror anywhere!

My dream country may sink

My dream country may soon sink;
She is at the brink of a precipice;
Some see it but some don’t;
Shall I be a coward
And stand by and do nothing
While my dream country sinks?
Or I shall be brave
Even if I hurt my friends
But help to save this dream country
From sinking?
If my dream country sinks,
The world may sink with it;
Everybody, rise and save
My dream country from sinking,
Else we may all perish when it does;
Shakespeare warned us many centuries ago.
Let’s join voices and save this giant
From the hands of a new King Richard.

#america, #call-to-action, #leadership, #politics

A must-read for all Americans

There is a play all Americans should read;
And this should be done before the election;
It is a play by William Shakespeare
He said many centuries ago,
What is happening in America today;
Had I known is a friend to Mr. Too Late;
The greatest country in the world
May turn out to be an elephant with sandy feet;
A toy in the hands of a 21st century King Richard.
All Americans, please, read Shakespeare’s play ;
If you cannot, read Shakespeare Explains
#leadership, #poem, #politics, #shakespeare

America out of their daze

America is already out of their daze;
The daze into which they were thrown
By the 2016 presidential election;
When lots and lots of people outside the U.S
Never recognized those great people again;
The values on which their nation was founded
Were all dashed to the rocks;
Someone with a dubious character was lifted
To the summit to run for president;
The world was shocked and silently grumbled;
Today, things are different;
A lot has changed;
If you listen to what people say
And read what people write,
You say sanity has finally come into the house;
And you can take a deep breathe of relief;
If like me you had felt devastated, have hope;
The slumber is over;
The greatest democracy in the world
America will not let us down;
They are already out of their daze.

Mister/Madam President of You! How Can You Make The Presidency Of Your Life Count? — Michael J. Fite

“In order to lead and change the world, you have to start by leading and changing your life.” -Michael J. Fite

For today’s inspiration, I want to share with you how you can make the presidency of your life count.

Being a president is something that not only politicians, businessmen, and club owners can be. You are also a president, and have been one since day one. As President of You, it is time for you stand up and do what it takes in your life to make a difference.

Remember that you already have the power to be a leader inside as President of You; you just need to let to show in the things you do so that you can leave behind a long-lasting legacy.


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There was a clear winner

The writing is clear on the wall;
One could see it in the debate;
The first presidential debate
For election 2016;
Hillary and Trump lurked horns;
Supporters of both candidates
Surely will claim victory
Each for their candidate;
Normal in the political game;
But deep down everybody knows
who emerged the winner;
The writing is clear on the wall;
There was a clear winner;
A landslide victory waits ahead;
Doubters may continue to doubt;
When the time comes they will see.
What we cannot change, let’s accept.