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Positivity, not easy; It’s so hard To cultivate The habit Of thinking Positively; I try when I can, To think Positively; But often, I fall back to Negative thinking; I want to look at The bright side, But I end up seeing The dark side; I want to smile, But I end up Frowning, What…

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Begin a change process now

Can you change your life? Can you change the world? If yes, where and how do you begin? I want to answer these questions. You can change your life if you want. Yes, you can change the world. In fact, we all contribute to change the world everyday for better or for worse in ways…

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Road block

If you are driving and your car comes to a road-block, what are you expected to do? Many options offer themselves to you. Whichever you take depends on your personality style and your attitude. What you do determines whether your journey continues or ends. The same thing happens with the goals you pursue.  You will…

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A fight of thoughts

Through out the day, two kinds of thoughts stream through your mind – positive and negative thoughts. These two kinds of thoughts fight against each other to control your mind. The one that succeeds in this fight and hence controls your mind controls your life. If positive thoughts are the ones that control you, you…

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You are amazing

You are amazing. I want you to tell yourself this every day.Let no one tell you anything contrary to this. If anyone does, don’t believe it. Let their words slide down your mind as water thrown on a duck’s back.The truth is you are amazing.Believe it.

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