Positivity in Negativity

Positivity in Negativity

I’m a firm believer in anxiety and the power of negative thinking     Gertrude Berg

Positive thinkers

Be happy,be positive,be successful etc are very popular statements, we come across these days.

This philosophy says, you wish any thing and be positive and you are sure to get it.

So simple ! Abracadabra !

Oh My God,if only life were that simple ! Positive thinking pattern does not work just like that.

The problem with us is that you have hundreds of options making you uncertain of your choice resulting in wishing for good ones thus going in for positive thinking.

Positive thinking is nothing but a kind of ‘being hopeful’ that can be ‘deceitful’.

Nothing more deceitful than ‘Don’t worry be happy’ attitude.

In positive thinking there is no fear factor,because your wishes are on a platter !

If you go on relying on these so called positive vibrations,there are chances that you may relax a bit become overconfident and lenient resulting in failures and disappointments.Do you wish this to happen ?

This is where negative thinking comes to the rescue.How is that ?

The psychology applied here is very simple.

“When I expect the worst,then I won’t be disappointed when things go wrong”

Respect your negative thoughts by not getting demotivated and try to broaden your horizons.Negative thoughts are natural.Welcome it.

  1. Negative thinking makes you understand the problems thoroughly and keeps you well prepared to face the eventuality and you are sure to come out successfully.
  2. Negative thinking makes you a stronger person mentally.( you become a realistic )
  3. Negative thinkers have greatest advantage in winning the situation because if plan A fails…you already have plan B in motion.
  4. Negative thinkers foresee the problems,willing to learn and easily convert failure into success.
  5. You develop confidence and survival instinct.

Check this youtube clip

“Being able to tolerate negative feelings can be crucial to a wide variety of life situations: delaying gratification, learning from bad experiences, truly hearing what other people have to say, and assessing our own circumstances.”
Julie K. Norem

Please share your views.

Thank you.
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“We are dying from over thinking. We are slowly killing ourselves by thinking about everything. Think. Think. Think. You can never trust the human mind anyway. It’s a death” Anthony Hopkins

Over thinking is exactly what it means,thinking too much.

11 quotes to remember when you over think:

1. You will never be free until you free yourself from the prison of your own false thoughts.

2. Before you talk, listen. Before you react, think. Before you criticize, wait. Before you pray, forgive. Before you quit, try!

3. Stop worrying about what can go wrong, and get excited about what can go right.

4. Overthinking – the art of creating problems that weren’t even there.

5. There is nothing in this world that can trouble you as much as your own thoughts.

6. Worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but it doesn’t get you anywhere.

7. Stop overthinking. You can’t control everything, just let it be.

8. Dear mind, please stop thinking so much at night. I need sleep.

9. Overthinking is the biggest cause of unhappiness.

10.Don’t ruin a new day by thinking about yesterday. Let it go.

11.A quiet mind is able to hear intuition over fear.

Can you escape from overthinking ?

My feeling is that you can not escape from overthinking.but you can bring down the stress level by having a positive attitude,trying to recollect the above 11 quotes.

Thank you
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The gift Of Friendship

The gift of friendship

It’s 3.3 minute read.

Don’t you agree with me that True friendship is difficult since finding a true friend is the hardest.

” A friend is some one who understands your past,believe in your future….accepts you to-day the way you are “. Unknown

We may not realize the value of friendship until the time it is given when it is badly needed,so we have to cultivate and cherish the friendship .

Make aware to your friends how much they mean to you and how well they contribute to your happiness from your routine boring life.

Don’t ask me how to pick up a true friend or how to know,that the other person can be a good and even a true friend.

This is a difficult subject and can be discussed on another day.

The following quote is my feeling ,whenever I interact with my true friends.

Friendship is a treasured gift,and every time I talk with you I feel as if I’m getting richer and richer “. Unknown

Friends can even become Besties.

True friendship is ‘Magical’ !!

“Friendship is not about whom you have known the longest,it’s about who walked into your life and said “I’m here for you” and proved it.  Unknown

The true friend helps me being a counselor in times of distress ,

Can be my confidant when the situation demands,most importantly gives all the strength I need when I am the weakest at some point of time of my life.

Now you will ask me…What is the secret of sustaining this friendship ??

Certain things come to my mind,which can further the bond.

1. Be frank.Accept the drawbacks or short fall either of you may possess.
No body is perfect in this world and everybody has some story to tell and as a true friend you are willing to listen.Provide the much-needed leaning shoulder.Respect the individuality.Even if situation demands call spade a spade and explain the realities.Never thrust your opinions.When you tell the truth let the other person accept this rather than doubting and vice versa.

2. Develop the principle of ‘forget and forgive’ since we know we are never free of committing the mistakes and it’s human to do mistakes.

3.Try to recollect the fun moments or joyous moments you both had while spending time together or enjoying the jokes during your chat times.

4.Share the happiness together.

The happiness ,one can feel only when one is able to share with the other.

Remember you can never enjoy happiness all alone.

Thank you my friends for patiently reading.

Now please share your personal experience on ‘Gift of Friendship’ be on-line or off-line.

Thank you

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Are you sad ?

Are you sad ?

“Some days are just bad days,that’s all.You have to experience sadness to know happiness,and I remind myself that not every day is going to be a good day,that’s just the way it is !           Dita Von Teese

“It is popularly believed that sadness is due to certain things that happens to us. The cause of sadness is often traced to misfortune,hardship or humiliation

In truth all sadness is from within.

Sadness is the result of our inner attitude towards outer happenings”.

Dada J P Vaswani

The reasons for sadness are many. And all of you know.

Reaction to sadness varies from person to person and depends on how sensitive the person is.

Sadness can break the person completely and even push into suicidal tendencies.

Some cry to get relief,some indulge in self harming,some manage the show by fake smile,but still many are unable to come out of the feelings.

We all should realise that nothing is permanent in this life. Change is the way of life.

Whether it is sadness or happiness it won’t last forever and comes alternatively and this is nature’s law. Every thing changes over the time and time is the greatest healer!

Whatever may be the reason for sadness…never keep the emotions inside. Remember it’s like a time bomb.

What is the solution ?

Yes solution available.

A sad person needs another person who understands him/her 100%

The sad person just needs this person on whom he/she can lean on and cry their hearts out. Believe me the relief is instant !

Dear friends,please share your thoughts.

Thank you

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Be inspired today 19

You certainly have heard about positive thinking. But what exactly is positive thinking?

Don’t be surprised if many
people become lost if this question is asked.

This is why I got attracted by the post What is positive thinking? published by Topics of Passion.

It is a good post to read to have better understanding of what positive thinking is.

It is a well written post and very simple but can transform your life when you get to have a better understanding of positive thinking.

Click here.

How to move from negative thoughts to positive ones?

Hi friends,

How are you all doing? Hope the reading is going great. I have been reading some really good books from the beginning of this year.

I am planning to re-read some of the other books I have read long back to see how much progress I have made in terms of my thought pattern.

A few days back, I was a bit restless thinking about the things that I had wanted to achieve and the reality of what I had achieved. I felt like a failure (every now and then I get these thoughts though I am not actually a failure). Such thoughts just kept adding up and I couldn’t control myself from the emotional struggle. I knew that it was not helping me in any way.

I know that like attracts like and I could see that it was happening. On one negative thought, other similar thoughts kept adding up.

The negative thoughts kept adding up one after another till I reached a point (the tipping point) where there were no more negative thoughts and my mind went blank (i.e. a slack moment) after which the opposite started happening.

In that one slack moment, a thought came into my mind that there was nothing that I could do in that particular moment other than to accept my present situation with all my heart. The next moment, I got some strength.

Then, I got a second thought that the negative situation won’t last long and I felt even better. Then I got the thought that things would only get better from there and I felt even better. Then I got a thought that I already had so many good things in my life for which I should be grateful and this made me feel even better.

Thus, the positive thoughts kept adding up until I reached a point where I once again began to dream and visualize about my goals as already manifested and felt really happy about them.

I know it was my intuition that was guiding me (at that slack moment) because those positive thoughts came from somewhere deep inside me. I knew I had to have faith and surrender.

And that’s when I learned the process to convert a negative thought into a positive one. The trick is

  1. If you get worried about certain issues, let those thoughts flow (i.e. don’t fight those negative thoughts because that will only aggravate the situation). It is okay to get negative thoughts, it’s just not okay to dwell in those thoughts for long.
  2. The thoughts may keep adding up to a point (I call the tipping point) where you would no longer get any negative thoughts. In fact, at that point, your mind will be exhausted with all the negativity and so it will be blank for a few seconds (I call the slack moment).
  3. In that slack moment, small positive thoughts will start popping up. They will make you realize that you cannot do anything in the present to change your negative situation and that worrying will only worsen the situation. It will ask you to be grateful for all the things you already have in your life.
  4. Use these opportunities (slack moments) to turn the tide in your favor and see the magic happening. You will notice how in a matter of a few seconds you move from being in a negative mood into a neutral mood.
  5. Once you are in a neutral mood, do things that you love to do or things that you are passionate about. This will give you a lot of positivity and take you into the frequency of receiving.
  6. When you vibrate at the frequency of receiving, you visualize your goals and dreams as already achieved, feel happy as if you have already achieved them and eventually manifest them.

It is very normal to feel worried about our goals and the way our lives are going.  The important thing is not to give up based on this worry.

Instead, we need to accept that every now and then it is normal to have worries or negative thoughts and we need to learn to let them pass. If we try to fight them, they will make the problems and negative situations look bigger, but if we let them pass, by not giving them enough attention, they will reduce in size and eventually fade away.

They will be replaced by positive thoughts and this, in turn, will help us in manifesting our dreams and goals.

There are many external things like music, dance, a hobby etc… that you can use to change your mood from negative to positive but they may not be always available. So we must learn to move from negativity to positivity on our own (i.e. using the guidance of our intuition) as well.

Let me know how do you come out of your negative emotions. I would love to know other alternate methods as well.



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Positivity, not easy;
It’s so hard
To cultivate
The habit
Of thinking
I try when I can,
To think
But often,
I fall back to
Negative thinking;
I want to look at
The bright side,
But I end up seeing
The dark side;
I want to smile,
But I end up
What do I do?
Who can help?
What tips to stay
What to do to sustain

Begin a change process now

IMG_20151226_155626Can you change your life? Can you change the world? If yes, where and how do you begin?

I want to answer these questions. You can change your life if you want. Yes, you can change the world. In fact, we all contribute to change the world everyday for better or for worse in ways that you may not realize but which are real.

If you are like many people that I know, then you are not immune from negative thoughts. A lot of negative thoughts flow through your mind daily; true or false? True; and this is where the problem is coming from.

Most people see mostly the negative things that go on in the society and pay very little attention to the positive ones. Similarly, lots of people like to talk about others negatively instead of positively. When you listen to news, read the papers, negative news very often dominates.

The world is presented as an evil world; and this view is re-enforced daily. We thus, think of, and see the world as a bad rather than a good place. Our minds are filled with negatives instead of positives.

What does this mean? It means we have created an evil world in our minds and we mend or nurse it everyday, while at the same time crying for a good world where there is no evil.

Once we are all seeing the world as an evil place instead of a good place, evil will become a normal thing. That is why there are people who hold strongly that in this world the good boys come last; that to find your way you have to clear anyone you find on your path by any means; and they do it.

It is our thinking that has made the world what it is. We think, then we do. We do as we think. I do not, therefore, see how we can ever get rid of the evil that we have fully installed in the world unless we remove negative thoughts from our hearts and minds; unless we shift from thinking and seeing the world as an evil place to seeing it as a good place; unless we stop seeing more the bad side of people and seeing the good.

I like you to take a moment and think of what is passing through your mind right now as you read this. Are they negative or positive thoughts? Are you saying something positive or negative about someone or what you are reading? That can give you an idea of whether you are a positive or negative person.

It does not mean we should overlook the bad side of anything but that a coin has two sides. We should not focus on the side that is bad forgetting the one that is good. Why should we see the stumbling-blocks and not the stepping-stones?

The thoughts that dominate our minds affect our lives. They determine our actions and others’ actions towards us which in turn determine our results.

I suggest that you start today to make an effort to deliberately shut out negative thoughts from your mind whether they are about you, about others or the world. Each time a negative thought or feeling comes to your mind, deliberately dismiss it and replace it with a positive one. Each time you have something negative boiling in your mind about someone, make an effort not to say it. Instead say something positive about the person.

This is how you can begin a change process for your life and the world.

Road block

IMG_0171If you are driving and your car comes to a road-block, what are you expected to do?SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Many options offer themselves to you. Whichever you take depends on your personality style and your attitude. What you do determines whether your journey continues or ends.

The same thing happens with the goals you pursue.  You will come to obstacles. What you do about them depends on whether you have a winner’s attitude or a loser’s attitude. It will also determine whether you will fail or succeed to achieve the said goal.

Do you have a winner’s attitude or a loser’s attitude?

People who have a loser’s attitude easily give up when setbacks come. They see setbacks or roadblocks as stop signs and give up.

IMG_20141226_222125Those who have the winner’s attitude see every roadblock or setback as a challenge and thus an opportunity to sharpen their wits and do better.

It is like you are chopping wood and your axe becomes blunt. You do not give up the work. If you have a winner’s attitude, you will stop and sharpen the axe. After that you will chop more wood. You will do a better job.

The winner’s attitude is what I recommend to you today. You will come across certain things as your journey in life today that you will not like. Consider them to be roadblocks on your path that call for a winner’s attitude to handle them. Instead of letting them anger you, discourage you, frustrate you, or stop you from doing what you want to do, turn them into opportunities to get to your goal with flying colors.