Be positive

When you get up
In the morning,
Be positive;
Don’t say
“What a terrible day
It is.going to be!”
Say instead,
“What a wonderful day
It promises to be!”
Don’t say
“I foresee things
Will be difficult.”
Say instead,
“I foresee things
Will be good.”
Think of ways to do
What you should do;
Don’t think of excuses
Not to do
What you should do;
Put in your mind
That you were born
To succeed;
Don’t put in your mind
That you were born
To fail;
Truth is, you were born
Not to fail;
You were born
To succeed.


The positive side of failure

Failure has two sides;
The negative side
And the positive side;
Most people see
The negative side;
And are blind
To the positve side;
You should not be
Like these people;
They are the losers;
The winners see
The positive side;
And to the best
Of my knowledge,
You are a winner;
The positive side
Of failure
Calls to you.
Will you take the hand?


There’s nothing bad;
Everything is good;
It depends on
The way you see it;
Which means
Your mindset;
Determines appreciation;
If you have a negative
You will see everything
If you have a positive
You will see everything
What some people see
As positive,
Some see as negative;
What some people see
As negative,
Some see as positive.
Thus, goes the world.
We see things
Through our mindset.
Don’t build a negative
Build a positive
And see things positively.

Video: Ten Positives of Blindness

I’ve been reading my heart sister’s [Safe Space]( blog, and it’s beauty and success has made me want to take a good, hard look at this one.

I know I’ve not written much to all of you reading my blog of late, and even before I was forced into an unexpected video hiatus, it was difficult to do both. I would like to begin again, though I would like to post to my blog only the important things in words. The things people want to see. So please forgive me, my Treasures, if you see my blog undergoing some purging and tweaking in the days to come. Much of it might not be noticeable from off site, but just in case.

For now, I hope you enjoy my latest video where I speak about the ten positives of blindness.

While blindness does present its challenges, it isn’t all leaping hurtles and facing hardships. Sometimes, it can be downright beautiful, not to mention convenient.

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Looking for success? (Be inspired today 357 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

If you are looking for someone called Success, I can tell you where to find him.

He is so hard to find but not impossible.

He is found in a place called Persistence.

You get there by passing through a road called Determination. The bus is labeled “Positive attitude”.

If you want to go for him, do so right away. Don’t procrastinate. The sooner you get there, the better.

Good luck!

What the world needs

Don’t be a divider,
Be a unifier instead;
Don’t be a trouble maker;
Be a peace maker;
Don’t be a discourager,
Be an encourager
Don’t be a destroyer,
Be a builder;
Be a positive value;

What the world needs:
Are builders
Not destroyers;
Peace makers
Not trouble makers;
Not dividers;
Not discouragers.
Positive values,
Not negative values.

Be what the world needs;
Not what the world
Does not need;
If you are what
The world does not need,
You are undesirable,
And the world will
Get rid of you.
Be positive!

Continue! (Be inspired today 324 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Continue to be optimistic;
Continue to hope;
Continue to expect the best;
Continue to put aside negative thoughts;
See the good you want coming
Not going away from you;
See your blessings increasing
Not decreasing;
See good things happening;
Not failing to happen;
See yourself smiling
Not frowning;
Laughing not crying.
Continue to think positively;
To maintain a positive attitude;
If you do, you will harvest;
You will reap your reward.
Reach for the stars.