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Don’t hold yourself back

Why are you holding Yourself back, And accusing others Of standing on your way? Why are you holding Yourself back, And blaming others For hindering your progress? Why are you holding Yourself back, And pointing a finger At your leaders? You better stop holding Yourself back; Stop standing on Your own way; Stop being your…

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Ready for the day

I am ready to go; Ready for the day; I am upbeat; Not that everything is good; But I am focusing on the good; All will never be good; But you can always focus On the good and feel good; It’s a decision; a choice. I have chosen The positive option; And so I am…

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The content of your basket

Everyone has come into 2019 Carrying a basket That is heavy in content;But what is in your basket?Some baskets are full of negatives;Some are full of positives;See someone carrying a basketFull of grudges;Another is carrying a basket full of criticisms;And another is carrying a basketFull of complaints;I call their baskets,The dark baskets;Full of everything that is…

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Are you a solution or a problem?

What are you?Are you a solutionOr a problem?What are you?Are you a problemOr a solution?What are you?Are you a winnerOr a loser?What are you?Are you a builderOr a destroyer?It is importantTo stop from timeTo time,To ask yourselfThese questions.It is better to beA solution thanTo be a problem;It is better to beA builder thanTo be a…

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Today seems a perfect day

Today seems a perfect day;Though not everythingIs going well for me;Important thingsAre going as they should;I see things going greatFor you too.It’s all in the mind;And how you see the thingsThat happen far and near;Ours is not a perfect world;But good things abound;If you focus on the good,And keep your heart offThe bad,Life will be…

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