No time for negativity

I haven’t the least time
For negativity;
My time is short;
I can’t find time enough,
To do all that I like;
Where then find time
For negativity?
My time is for positivity;
I am a positivist;
A tough-minded optimist;
I look on the good side;
And not on the bad side;
That is my way of life.
Not the least time
For negativity.


Sign a pact

I will not sign a pact
With fear,
I have already signed one
With courage;
I will not sign a pact
With doubt,
I have already signed one
With faith;
I will not sign a pact
With failure
I have already signed one
With success;
I will not sign a pact
With sluggishness;
I have already signed one
With smartness;
I will not sign a pact
With negativity;
I hgve already signed one
With positivity.

I see sunshine

This looks like a hard day;
One not like others;
How will it end?
Positively or negatively?
I see your answer coming;
You may be tempted
To think it will be bad;
But it will be positive;
That is my hope;
The sky is dark quite,
But there is hope;
Even if it rains,
The rain will be over;
And the sun will shine;
I do not see a sky
Full of dark clouds;
I see a clear sky.
I do not see darkness;
But sunshine.
I do not see a day of tears;
I see a day of laughter.

Who doesn’t know this? (Be inspired today 399 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Do you know?
Your lowest moment
Could just be one step ahead
Of your greatest moment;
When a low moment comes
Don’t conclude
It is the end of the road
For you.
Bear always in mind
God works in miraculous ways;
Sometimes it starts badly
And ends rightly;
At other times
It starts rightly and ends badly;
Who doesn’t know this?

NC Thoughts 7.10.19

I am so blessed to work as an Administrative Assistant for a local church. They aren’t just a church. They hold a yearly literacy program for Primary students! They also have summer Vacation Bible school and a pre-school throughout the school year.

Coming from the corporate world, I am awestruck by the positive atmosphere that these young children help create.

I don’t feel my new job is a pain, I embrace it’s refreshing atmosphere with open arms.

I am simply amazed at the difference. I hope that more people can/could experience positivity in their jobs.

Here’s to more individuals having the freedom to be happy at their “day” jobs.

Kind Regards

And #winning – K

Challenges are good (Be inspired today 350 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

I like challenges;
Its your problem
If you don’t like challenges;
Challenges are good;
Don’t wave this aside
Until you ask me why
And hear my response;
There are many reasons
Challenges are good;
They draw you closer to God;
Or do I say push?
They push you closet to God;
We have challenges
Where I am;
And everyone is on their knees;
Church houses are full;
Always full these days;
Everyone starts their day
With a prayer,
And end it with a prayer;
It was never like this.
Honestly, challenges are good;
And many people put on
Their thinking cap
When challenges come;
The result is more creativity;
Better production;
If you sail through life
Without being challenged,
That is not a good thing
For you;
You will be soft
Like a vegetable;
Challenges toughen you;
And life demands
That we be tough not soft.
If you’re tough,
You will break through.
If you are soft,
Life breaks you.
So, welcome challenges,
Challenges are good.

You will make it (Be inspired today 328 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

You will make it;
I am sure of that;
Don’t fear to struggle;
It is for your own good;
You become stronger
When you struggle;
And you find your feet
On the ground;
When the going is rough
Instead of cursing,
Thank God;
The roughness is for good.
God writes best
On crooked lines.
No matter the road,
Rough or smooth,
Have in mind
You will make it.

A positive minded person (Be inspired today 241 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

If people tell you how
You cannot succeed,
Hear you can succeed
And agree with them;
If people tell you how
You cannot be rich,
Hear you can be rich,
And agree with them;
If people tell you how
There’s something
You cannot do,
Hear there’s nothing
You cannot do,
And agree with them;
You must close your ears
To the ocean of
Being bombarded at you.
And each time a negative thing
Is said,
Hear something positive.
Be a positive minded person.

I thank God for this wonderful day (Be inspired today 225 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

If I am going to bed tonight,
I will do so satisfied
That I have had a great day;
I have worked hard this day;
I have done my best;
I wish I had had better results,
But I won’t downplay my success;
It’s great success;
Many wish they did like me;
I did it;
I did it in a way I like;
I really got inspired,
And I did all I could;
I will try harder tomorrow,
While waiting, I thank God
For this wonderful day!
The amazing gift of this day.