It’s possible… #May10


You can do it

“You cannot run away from the difficult things, if you mean business, under the pretext that they cannot be done. Of course, they can be done; and are being done. Why can’t you? Look at the mountain which is so hard to climb, yet there are people climbing it. I do admit that certain things are definitely beyond your reach, but stop selling yourself short on the things you can do. They are far more than you, and many like you, are ready to admit can be done.”

A great week

Let’s make this week
A great week;
Yes, we can;
Let’s not sit and wait;
Nobody will do it for us;
Let’s go out and do it;
Yes, we can;
Let’s not wait
For motivation to come
From outside;
Let’s motivate ourselves;
And do what we want
To do;
Yes, we can;
Let’s be determined;
And work like horses;
And persist;
And we’ll make it big;
Yes, we can;
We can make this week
A great week;
And a special week;
We have every reason
To do it;
And no excuse not to
Do it;
Yes, we can;
Yes, indeed, we can.

Keep on going. You will arrive.

There are many people who are on the same rung of the ladder like you at the this moment. There are also many who are on a far lower rung than you. But they will be right at the top of the ladder in a few years.

What about you? Where shall you be at that time?

If they can, why can’t you? You can even if it looks impossible to you now.

Take note that it is not only to you that it looks impossible to get to the topmost rung of the ladder. It looks impossible also to many of those who will get to that topmost position. But they are not focusing on the the fact that it looks impossible. They are focusing on their belief that they will get there.

That is what you should do. Focus on your strengths and possibilities not on your weaknesses and impossibilities; and keep on going. You will arrive.

Hard is not impossible

For all I know about success,
It is never easy to come;
Growth is never easy;
To achieve is hard;
If someone says it’s easy,
They deceive you;
But this does not mean
It’s impossible;
It’s hard but not impossible;
It’s hard but possible;
And if it’s possible,
You can do it;
You have no reason not to do it;
No reason not to achieve
Something great for yourself,
Your people and the world.
Do you know any tangible reason?
Tell me if you do;
Anf if you don’t, tell me
You don’t;
Let me hear from you.