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2015 a great year for me

2015 was a great year for me and my blog. This blog recorded spectacular success.

2014 ended with a record of 6,875 page views, 3,303 visitors,169 posts published, 1,930 likes, and 1,242 comments.

These statistics skyrocketed in 2015. I have had 50,322 page views, 19,256 visitors, 1,582 posts published, 45,201 likes and 11,329 comments.

For this great leap, I thank God and my sweet friends that you are. I expect to reach 100.000 page views by this time in 2016.

On Sunday 27 December, I had 233 page views and 111 persons visited my blog. This same day in 2016, I expect to receive 300 visitors and have 500 page views.

I believe in dreaming big and encourage you to dream big. There is vast ground for the achievement of big dreams in life. So why would you not dream big?

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Congratulations on writing 1337 posts on SUCCESS INSPIRER!

1,337 POSTS

  1. 1,337 PostsDSCN0484
    Congratulations on writing 1337 posts on SUCCESS INSPIRER!

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Long posts short posts

I write short posts nowadays. When I started, I used to write long posts. Some friends complained and I changed.

Now, I write short posts.

When a post is too long, I hardly read it to the end. I abandon it along the way; and go away without a comment.

Long posts have their advantages; but I prefer short posts.

What of you?

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