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Welcome to day 7 of our Directory project. Hope you are having a great time!

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  1. What happens if you marry the wrong person? Marriage is at the center of our lives. We have to take all measures to make sure that our marriage is successful; and it is hard to be successful if you marry the wrong person. A successful marriage, enhances one’s chances of succeeding in life. You will find a lot of things written about marriage. On Real Time Love blog, I found a good post on marriage titled Marriage and purpose. This is  a beautiful post worth reading.

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2. What is success? There is no unanimity on the definition of success. What are the true signs of success? In her blog Encouragizers, Anita has published  A Success sign. It is a short but beautiful post which I recommend to you.

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3. Do you like to make money at home? These days many people are making good money right in their homes. If you don’t know how to do it you may be tempted to think it is not possible. Jennifer tells you how you can do this because she is making good money at home. Meet her. You will not regret it. Make good money at home.

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4. How firm are you in your faith. Do you stand strong in your faith when challenges and temptation come? In Quiet Moments with God, Blogger, EILEEN gives us a beautiful post, Standing Strong. It will help you to stand strong during those moments when a lot of people are swept f off their feet.

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5. If you love poetry, you may like to savor two poems – I am a woman comes first; followerd by Let me be light. This should resonate with you. We should all strive to be light. If these two poems touch your heart as I know they will, you may want to read more. It will be easy to find Walk with Your Power and Rise like SUN.

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Immense thanks for staying faithful to your call to be here. We always enjoy having every single one of our readers with you. We write because you read. If you like the posts we have recommended to you, beautiful. We keep looking for ways to keep improving and offering you our best. Watch out for more beautiful things on this site before the year runs out.We invite you to get more on this page.

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  1. Do you fear to take risks? A lot of people fear risk taking. Muhammad Ali says “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life. ” He has a point. If you have not read “Better Odds Await the Risk Taker by Yechen, I recommend it to you to read.
  2. Do you like to look stylish? Maybe you know about foral outfit. If you don’t, or want to know more, I invite you to meet one of the most charming bloggers I have met,  Tashnee Mavee. She will tell you How to look stylish on a budget. And if you want more, you will find a lot such as how to look beautiful. Mavee says to look beautiful is not a crime. Look at Before and after.image
  3. Blogging is about supporting one another isn’t it? New bloggers need support. You may like to meet a new blogger and lend them your support. I recommend this blogger to you. Let him introduce himself: 

    Hello! My name is Kevin Ethan. I’m a new blogger here and am in the process of writing my freshman novel. I look forward to everyone’s suggestions and comments. I have the first three chapters available for pre-view on my blog. I also have my “about me” section which is newly created. You will find the link to that page below. Thanks!

    Nathan has written a novel and if you are a reviewer, he needs you: Reviewers Needed.

4. You may like to meet Nandini Jain

Let her introduce herself.

My name is Nandini Jain, I write by the name DexterousWriter.

I’m a novice blogger and a computer science student. I love to write and express my feeling in the form of words that fill up not just the pages but also the souls, and our life! Huge fan of reading and a Potterhead, love to meet new people and visit different places and a big big foodie!

below is the link to my recent post:

thank you! 🙂

5.  If you like to do a course in bogging so that you can take your blogging to a high level, you have many options but let me propose to you Elite Blog ACADEMY. As far as blogging is concerned, Elite Blog Academy says they’ve “worked hard to figure out what works-and what doesn’t-and to put together a plan that gives you everything you need for massive success. “

Knowledge is power. When you learn how to do something, you do it better.

I like to thank you for reading and supporting our Directory project which is at the heart of SIWO – which is out to help people succeed; realize their dreams in life.

Have you seen what has already appeared in our Directory to help our readers attain their goals? Take one step back to see our last recommendations which will lead you to where we began. Save much time on the web by visiting SIWO’s Daily Online Directory Referrals.The last edition can be found here. Thanks again; and if you have written anything you think we can recommend on SIWO, please, indicate in the comment box.


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Hi everyone! My today’s blog post is a poetry in response to the daily prompt: Partner from the Daily Post. Here is the link…
Tug Of War
Have a great weekend everyone!

REALITY: A concrete* poem on reality
*A concrete poem is one that takes the shape of the object it describes. This is different from a Shape poem, in that a Shape poem does NOT have to take the shape of the object it describes. The shape I have used is that of a totem pole.

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2015 a great year for me

2015 was a great year for me and my blog. This blog recorded spectacular success.

2014 ended with a record of 6,875 page views, 3,303 visitors,169 posts published, 1,930 likes, and 1,242 comments.

These statistics skyrocketed in 2015. I have had 50,322 page views, 19,256 visitors, 1,582 posts published, 45,201 likes and 11,329 comments.

For this great leap, I thank God and my sweet friends that you are. I expect to reach 100.000 page views by this time in 2016.

On Sunday 27 December, I had 233 page views and 111 persons visited my blog. This same day in 2016, I expect to receive 300 visitors and have 500 page views.

I believe in dreaming big and encourage you to dream big. There is vast ground for the achievement of big dreams in life. So why would you not dream big?