Unleashing your full potential – the making of stars and superstars

This is a post about unlocking your potential. Maximizing your capacities. The making of stars and superstars. It is not a day’s work. It takes dedication; of which you are capable.


Perfect your skills everyday;
There is no better way
To be your best self;
You hone your skills
and be the best you can be;
Devote time to sharpen them;
Fashion your abilities;
Fine tune your talents;
You have enormous potential,
which is latent;
Lying dormant, wasting;
Waiting to be unlocked
And developed to the full;
If you see people of high potential,
They are dedicated people
who have devoted time
To build their capacities;
There are a number of tools
That can help you
Unlock your potential;
Search for them;
And devote time
To build yourself,
Harness your resources;
And tap into your potential;
You will bloom;
There is joy in realizing
your full potential;
My greatest dream is
To achieve my full potential;
To blossom;
To fulfill my purpose in life.
To be the best version of myself that I can be.
My concern is not being better
Than anybody;
That is immaterial;
My concern is being the best version of who my creator created me to be.
That means full realization
Of my God-given potential.

If we take shining stars
Like the football superheroes
Of the world,
These superstars did not leapfrog to stardom;
They were fully aware of where they wanted to go;
And what they needed
To get there;
They pursued their goal
With a passion not easy to define;
They were committed
To their discipline;
Steadfast in pursuing
Their program;
They were faithful to it;
Firm, staunch, unswerving;
They were resolute;
And that is what I prescribe for you;
You have to go after
What you have opted for;
What you want,
Go whole hearted for it;
Single-minded; relentlessly;
If you are driven by your passion,
You will be indefatigable;
Your reward can be anyone’s guess.
I don’t know about stars
And superstars being born;
I know they are made.
You could make yourself one;
And it’s not only in soccer;
It is possible in every field.

Realizing God’s plan for us

Your primary purpose on earth
Is to realize God’s plan
For your life;
If you find someone
To hound you from doldrums
To bring out the best
In you;
Stick to that individual;
It’s not every day
That you find an inspirer,
Who heightens your drive,
With the aim
To propel you to success;
Be thankful to God
For such a companion.
When you get out of bed
In the morning,
Go on bended knees
And raise your voice
In supplication to God;
That He may bless you
With a mentor;
An inspirer
An encourager
Who will propel you
That day;
Who will be your spring
Of hope;
Uplift and energize you
To strive for the stars;
To exploit the best in you;
You don’t need a discourager
Who will dampen your ambition,
Kill your dream,
And destroy your winning spirit;
There is enormous potential
Lying dormant in you,
Your ocean of abilities
Is waiting to be tapped
And exploited
To move the world;
An inspirer
And encourager
Is a formidable asset for you;
And you don’t toy with such
A great blessing;
You need people to help you
See the good side of life;
The positive side of
Whatever happens to you
Or around you.
You need enablers;
People who will create
An enabling environment
For your crops to flourish;
And your flowers to bloom;
And there can be no greater good
Than to bring out the best
That is in you;
It is your duty
To be the best version
Of yourself;
To bring out
Your highest potential.
That is God’s plan for you.
It is incumbent on you
As fellow worker with God,
To keep on toiling
To ensure that you realize
This lofty plan of God for you.

You have potential for great things

Do you know that we are all born to succeed? Do you know that all of us have the potential to become outstanding in life? Do you know that you and I can become superstars and also shine like the great people we admire in the world? I mean the great people who seem to have it all?

Do you know?

A lot of us think that only some people are meant to be great; and that we are not among such people. This is very wrong. Every normal person has the potential to be great. You who are reading this can become anything you believe you can become. I mean anything. I know what I am talking about. The unfortunate thing about life for most people is they sell themselves short. They underestimate themselves. They put a limit to what they can become; and turn around and say that is their destiny. Not true.

God has given us the freedom to decide our destiny and work for it making him our Senior Partner on our journey. We are coworkers with God in creating our destiny. God created us to become somebody great. If we know the person God created us to become, and do what he wants us to do to become that person, we will become exactly that. Surely, God did not create us for small things. God is a great God. He does great things not small things. Everything God has created is great. Hence, you are great being created in the image and likeness of God. If you don’t claim your greatness, don’t blame God or others. God has already made you great. Claim your greatness by working for it.

Surely, no great edifice is built by one person. You need people to hold your hand, to journey with you, to support you, to encourage you, to inspire and motivate you to keep going when the going is hard. I am available to encourage and inspire you. I know the power of encouragement and words of inspiration. I have seen them transform lackluster lives into soaring stars. I hope my encouraging and inspiring words on a daily basis will do the magic for you and make you the superstar that God meant you to be.

Don’t be surprised that I am spending my time doing what I am doing for people to shine in life including people I do not know and will never know. Well, that is my life work. That is my call. That is what God put me here to do. I discerned this many years ago and dedicated all my working life as broadcaster and teacher to it with results that lift my heart. I do this for free with the request that if my work helps you, turn around and help another person to become a better person too. This is passing on the gift. This way, we will make our modest contribution to the building of an excellent world.
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My name is Ngobesing Suh Romanus, your success inspirer.

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Potential for greatness

We all have the potential
For success;
We all have the potential
For riches;
We all have the potential
For greatness;
We all have the potential
For stardom;
We all have the potential
For holy lives;
We all have the potential
For sainthood;
How we use this potential
Is left to us;
Fully in our hands;
But, of course, we need
The grace of God
To exploit it;
And do so
As he wishes that we do.
Ask Him to grant you
That grace;
And for sure, he will do it.

Amazing potential

gray rhino in macro photography

Photo by Frans Van Heerden on Pexels.com

Amazing potential is what
I know you have;
Deep within you, safely buried;
A power truly immense
You cannot believe;
Resources so vast still unused;
Awaiting to be tapped;
And unleashed to dash for gold;
To enable you achieve
The success you so desire;
To land you
In the soaring plane of fame.


Let me remind you

Do you need
To be reminded
Of something as simple
As this?
That God wants you
To succeed;
And you have no reason
To fail?
Do you need
To be reminded?
That you have so much
Untapped potential
In you?
That you need
To know it;
Develop it,
And tap it
To get to where
You dream to be?
Do you need
To be reminded?
That you need
To work hard
To succeed?
Do you need
To be reminded?
That you have a star
That you have to
Allow to shine
Instead of trying
To hide it?
I don’t think
You need to be
But if you think
You need
To be reminded,
Let me
Remind you.
I am here
To remind you;
You have no reason
Not to shine
And inspire
All the world
Around you;
You have no reason
Not to reach the top
Of the mountain;
You have no reason
Not to live
In an Ivory tower;
All this
Is just a reminder;
Since you like to
Be reminded;
I am just
Reminding you.
You have no reason
Not to shine,
You have all that
It takes to shine.
Let me remind you.

We are exploring

We are exploring;
We are exploring all ways;
We are leaving nothing unexplored;
We want to make sure
We exploit our potentials
To the full;
We don’t want to waste
Our God given gifts;
If our talents are meant
To take us to the sky,
That us where we will go;
If they are meant
To take us to the bottom
Of the sea,
We want to reach there.
That is why
We are exploring;
We are exploring all avenues;
That, I recommend to you
As well;
Explore your talents;
Explore your opportunities;
Maximize your chances.
Go under the sea;
Fly to the moon;
Push right to the end.

I hate to see

I hate to see people
Wasting their lives;
I hate to see young people
Just idling around,
Doing nothing;
I hate to see lazy people;
I hate to see talent
Being wasted;
Or somebody with enormous
Potential wasting it.
I hate to see failure.
I hate to see someone killed:
Orsomeone maltreated;
Or brutalized;
Or tortured;
I hate to see it.
What about you?
What do you hate to see?

Wired for success

God has wired you for success.

God has placed, at your disposal, everything you need to succeed.

You have a mechanism for success which you only need to turn on to bring you desired success. This mechanism is your potential for success.

If you exploit your potential for success well, you will succeed with flying colors. If you fail to exploit it well, you will either fail or you will not succeed as much as you should.

What do you choose? To exploit it well or not? Whatever the case, the truth is, you are born to succeed. You are wired for success.