Potential for greatness

We all have the potential
For success;
We all have the potential
For riches;
We all have the potential
For greatness;
We all have the potential
For stardom;
We all have the potential
For holy lives;
We all have the potential
For sainthood;
How we use this potential
Is left to us;
Fully in our hands;
But, of course, we need
The grace of God
To exploit it;
And do so
As he wishes that we do.
Ask Him to grant you
That grace;
And for sure, he will do it.


Amazing potential

gray rhino in macro photography

Photo by Frans Van Heerden on Pexels.com

Amazing potential is what
I know you have;
Deep within you, safely buried;
A power truly immense
You cannot believe;
Resources so vast still unused;
Awaiting to be tapped;
And unleashed to dash for gold;
To enable you achieve
The success you so desire;
To land you
In the soaring plane of fame.


Let me remind you

Do you need
To be reminded
Of something as simple
As this?
That God wants you
To succeed;
And you have no reason
To fail?
Do you need
To be reminded?
That you have so much
Untapped potential
In you?
That you need
To know it;
Develop it,
And tap it
To get to where
You dream to be?
Do you need
To be reminded?
That you need
To work hard
To succeed?
Do you need
To be reminded?
That you have a star
That you have to
Allow to shine
Instead of trying
To hide it?
I don’t think
You need to be
But if you think
You need
To be reminded,
Let me
Remind you.
I am here
To remind you;
You have no reason
Not to shine
And inspire
All the world
Around you;
You have no reason
Not to reach the top
Of the mountain;
You have no reason
Not to live
In an Ivory tower;
All this
Is just a reminder;
Since you like to
Be reminded;
I am just
Reminding you.
You have no reason
Not to shine,
You have all that
It takes to shine.
Let me remind you.

We are exploring

We are exploring;
We are exploring all ways;
We are leaving nothing unexplored;
We want to make sure
We exploit our potentials
To the full;
We don’t want to waste
Our God given gifts;
If our talents are meant
To take us to the sky,
That us where we will go;
If they are meant
To take us to the bottom
Of the sea,
We want to reach there.
That is why
We are exploring;
We are exploring all avenues;
That, I recommend to you
As well;
Explore your talents;
Explore your opportunities;
Maximize your chances.
Go under the sea;
Fly to the moon;
Push right to the end.

I hate to see

I hate to see people
Wasting their lives;
I hate to see young people
Just idling around,
Doing nothing;
I hate to see lazy people;
I hate to see talent
Being wasted;
Or somebody with enormous
Potential wasting it.
I hate to see failure.
I hate to see someone killed:
Orsomeone maltreated;
Or brutalized;
Or tortured;
I hate to see it.
What about you?
What do you hate to see?

Wired for success

God has wired you for success.

God has placed, at your disposal, everything you need to succeed.

You have a mechanism for success which you only need to turn on to bring you desired success. This mechanism is your potential for success.

If you exploit your potential for success well, you will succeed with flying colors. If you fail to exploit it well, you will either fail or you will not succeed as much as you should.

What do you choose? To exploit it well or not? Whatever the case, the truth is, you are born to succeed. You are wired for success.

Are you aware?

Are you aware that deeply buried in you is potential that is too great to figure out? 

Are you aware that with this potential you can do marvels?

Are you aware that you tap just a little fraction of this potential?

If you aren’t, too bad for you; better be.

If you are, what are you waiting for to rock, shake and rattle the world with your works?

You and me

In every individual
Here on earth,
And that means also
You and me,
There lies deeply buried,
A potential so enormous,
To achieve that which
We want to achieve;
But what we each do with ours,
Another matter it is in itself;
If you allow yours to go to sleep,
It’s all left to you;
If you want it to rumble, rock
And move the world,
That also is something you can do;
We all have that which it takes,
To make it big or make it small;
And that which we end up doing,
That’s left to you and me.