Keep going till you arrive

The night was so dark I could not see;
Where I put my foot, I did not know;
But I knew where I was going;
So I moved on, one step at a time,
I tested the ground before I put my foot;
Yet, many times I fell;
Potholes were here and there;
The road was not straight;
Many bends and uphills;
But I kept on going;
And each time I fell, I got up;
When I got tired, I rested;
And on my way I went.
See where I stand today;
I arrived;
My bruises are healed;
Now, I celebrate;
And what do I celebrate?
Not just victory but stay on power.
Because I stayed on,
Because I had the courage
To go through thick and thin to the end,
Victory played its way into my hands.
No secret is greater than this.
Stay on to the end;
Once you know where you are going,
No matter the potholes, the bends and hills,
Keep going till you arrive.



The road to success

The road leading to success
Is not smooth.
The road leading to success
Is rough and full of potholes.
The road leading to success
Is not bright;
The road leading to success
Is sometimes very dark;
The road leading to success
Is not always straight;
The road leading to success
Is sometimes full of bends.
Let not the roughness;
The potholes,
The bends,
or the darkness discourage you;

The road is long

The road is long and rough;
Yet, on it others have traveled;
And safely have they arrived;
Same, I will do;
I will keep on going;
I will not give up.
Bumps I will enter;
But I will come out;
I will fall;
And I will rise;
I may be discouraged;
But I will renew my spirits;
And keep on;
Until I reach where I want to go;
I am not stopping.

Yes! The road is long; but I’ll make it.IMG_20151114_122929

The potholes of life

What is your experience travelling in a car on a road with potholes? Not a good experience. Such a journey cannot be smooth. You cannot go fast either. You have to go wisely slowly and prudently.

Life has its potholes. The difficulties, obstacles, problems that come your way are the potholes of life for you. How do you handle them?

You have to handle them diligently; with wisdom and prudence. If you dive blindly into them, they might carry you off your feet.

Beware of the potholes of life!