Who will save us?

I have some worries
That need answers
So urgent.

Tell me:
How can the world
Know peace,
When the rich keep
Exploiting the poor;
And the powerful keep
Trampling on the weak?
Can’t this stop?

Tell me:
How can the world
Know happiness
When everyday,
The rich grow richer
While the poor grow poorer?
Can’t we put an end
To this?

Tell me:
How can we talk of
A just world
When the rich
Swim in wealth,
While the poor
Wallow in poverty?
Cant we make things good
For everybody?

Tell me:
Is this how
God meant the world
To be?
Is this
The creator’s plan
For his world?

Who created
The greed we have in us?
The evil prevailing?
The wickedness that fills
Many human hearts?

And how do we free
The world of all the evil
When it is growing
By leaps and bounds?

I fear for the world;
I fear what lies ahead;
Disaster, I clearly see;
Hate is about
To overthrow love;
Evil is overpowering good,
And violence and war
Are taking full control
Of the world,
Putting peace out of work;
Who will not nurse fears?
Who will not be worried
About the future of our
The road to destruction
Is being widened
And smoothened;
Who will save us?
That is the question.


Born in poverty

I know someone so well,
Who was born in poverty;
In a little
Poor village,
And there, he lived;
His were poor parents;
Who hardly made
Both ends meet;
Often, he went
A begging to survive;
Lived a life
Of struggle and pain;
Hunger and starvation;
From hand to mouth;
A life of no hope;
Of total despair;
But skip 25 years,
And see him
Calling the shots;
Had a miracle happened?
Call it that if you like;
But it so often happens;
People leaving from mud
To ivory towers;
From villages
To cities;
Determination, the key;
Together with belief in self,
And faith in an Almighty God
Ever ready
To stand by those who
Put their trust in him.
Yes, to.leave from poverty
To prosperity
Is a reality of life.
You may be down today
And up tomorrow;
Nobody today,
And somebody tomorrow;
Weak today, powerful tomorrow.
Never dismiss anyone,
Or yourself
Because the future is bleak;
After rainfall and bad weather,
There is good weather;
The rainy season is always followed by.the dry;
When the sun overheats the grass, it becomes,
But the rain soon comes,
And new grass grows.
And so my poor village boy,
Nothing is lost;
You could end better
Than those born in ivory towers.

Inspiring narrative (Be inspired today 186 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

I read this true story
With keen interest;
It touched my heart;
The childhood troubles
Of the narrator
Brought tears to my eyes;
I thought of myself;
How would I have felt
If I had been the one
In her place?
How many people
In the world are
Experiencing the torments
Of poverty
As you read this?
If you are one of them,
Despair not;
I have a wish for you,
As I have for this lady
Whose story I have just read ;
It is a high possibility also;
That one day,
Sitting in your ivory tower,
You may share your story
To the world,
To inspire others
In unfavourable situations
To move from there
To great the height
Destined for you.
Read this touching narrative;
It is very inspiring.

Surprise them (Be inspired today 140 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

If those around you are looking down on you saying you cannot amount to anything, don’t accept it. Tell them you will become greater than all of them and do it. Surprise them.

That is what Madellan did. Madellan hailed from a very poor family. His parents were the poorest people in their village. All they possessed was their ram shackled hut in which they lived.

Madellan only found his way through evening school because one of his teachers, Mr. Ndongmo, took him as a house help.

He worked for this teacher more or less like a slave but was happy that living with him offered him the opportunity to go to evening school.

He was a very hardworking boy. He worked hard to do his house chores and also his academic work.

To his joy, he performed brilliantly in school and when he wrote the GCE he passed very well. He continued to the Advanced Level, and university, till he obtained university degrees and picked up a job.

In the job he performed well and was easily promoted. After a few years, he rose to the highest position in his establishment.

Did he surprise anybody? He surprised many people especially those in the village who knew his background and thought he would never amount to anything.

This is something worth emulating.

If people wave you aside as someone who cannot amount to anything, take them by surprise. Tell them you can become anything you want to be. Then go ahead and do it – become the person you want to be.

Letter to poverty from Zacharia Bouzarouata

Zacharia has joined us to dispatch a letter to poverty. This is the content:
Dear Poverty,

I hereby write you out of my story. Be gone from my life. Don’t come back. I will fight you with my last breathe until I break you, should you dare try to re-enter my life experience! Everyone should be happy and healthy🙂.

Here is Zacharia’s message to all of us:

We are the authors of our lives. Let’s all try to erase poverty from our stories

What do you tell poverty?

Read A strongly worded letter to poverty

Great day to you!

The rich and the poor

Who makes the rich?
And who makes the poor?
Who makes them rich?
And who makes them poor?
If focus is on the poor,
It’s easy to understand;
What is hard to grasp,
Is why the so many poor;
How did we get to this?
Is this the world
Our creator gave us?
That a few are so rich
And so many are so poor?
Who makes the rich?
And who makes the poor?
Don’t the poor make the rich?
And don’t the rich make
The poor?
This is my answer:
The poor make the rich;
The rich make the poor.

Critically sick of poverty

Critically sick of poverty;
All around me are riches;
Everyone bathes in wealth;
Having enough to eat,
And some to throw away;
Living in mansions
And enough money
To throw around;
But here I am living in
Abject poverty;
Nothing to live on;
No food to eat;
No roof over my head;
I live in the open air;
On the streets;
At times in motor parks;
Train stations;
Poor me!
I am critically sick
Of poverty.
Poverty, an evil that is
Ravaging the world.

Frustrated bitter sad

I am frustrated;
I am bitter;
I am sad;
I come from the village;
I am a village boy;
I want to go to the city;
I want to live in the city;
I want to be rich;
I want to live in luxury;
I wonder if I have a chance;
I wonder where to begin;
I have no job;
I have no education;
I know nothing but poverty;
I was born in poverty;
I have grown in poverty;
I swim in poverty;
I bathe in poverty;
I live in poverty;
I see people living in opulence;
I see them in mansions;
I see some in ivory towers;
I admire them;
I wish I could be like them;
I think everyday about my life;
I cry every night;
I know not what lies ahead;
I see no light ahead;
I really want to succeed;
I am worried;
I am frustrated,
I am bitter;
I am sad.
I want to succeed;
I want to shine as others;
I want someone to help me.


I will search on

Searching for my way;
I want to go away
From where I stand;
I want to move;
To another land;
To the promised land;
So I am searching
For my way;
Failure is not my land;
Poverty is not my lot;
For a life of wealth,
I am ordained;
I want to go
To a land of riches;
Where abundance flows;
And poverty unavailable;
That is where
I want to live;
The rest of my life.
There, I will live.
And so I will search on
For my way till I find.