People and their leader

From a leader you will know
His people;
He is as good as the people
Who put him in leadership;
If he is a good leader,
The people who put him
In power are good;
If he is a crooked leader,
The people who put him
In power are crooked;
A good people will put
A good man in power;
A wicked people will put
A wicked man in power.


How sweet is power?

How sweet is power?
That people fight
So much for it?
What is in it
That people want?
Is it for service
Or something else?
The fight is often fierce
And nasty as well.
Is it vaulting ambition?
Greed for money?
The desire to command?
Or self aggrandizement?
This, I long to know.
What is power?
How sweet is power
That people fight
So much to grab?

Power supremacy is dead

The following post is writen as a follow up to the post, “The future I will be proud of.”

Nations will be stronger; the world will be better; and more people will be happier if the world’s people work as a team; committed to winning together; not when some countries want to be stronger than others;to be great alone or to be seen as smarter than others.

The time that one country could stand out alone and be the king of the world and put her citizens above all other citizens is past and gone for ever, and it would be naive for anyone to think they can bring it back. Not only is it not possible, it is not necessary. Wherever we are, whatever our color or culture or race, we are human beings basically the same. We came into the world through one channel and will exit the same way. While we are here, we have the same basic needs and aspirations.

In these present times, the greatest country of the world will not be that country that will seek to be the greatest country through a show of strength but that country that will display a capacity to love more than all others. What the world needs is love not power. Anyone who dares to drag the world into a power supremacy fight will be out to destroy the world and should answer for it. Right thinking people should not give any such persons the chance to lead wherever they are found.

The fight the world needs is a fight for love to prevail. That is what will make the world what its creator meant it to be.
Hawks are not needed in leadership. People are. If everybody working together cannot do it, no individual, no matter how great, can do it alone. If anyone says they can, do not give such a person power because that would be the most dishonest person who knows they can’t do it yet say they can.

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Power: what are you?

You went to bed and slept soundly,
Not every one went to bed
And slept soundly;
Look at what happened in Turkey;
265 dead as you slept soundly;
A city rugged by power struggle;
The fruit of poor planning easily seen;
As attempt to seize power woefully failed;
Winners took to the streets to celebrate;
Losers gnashed their teeth and took flight;
Those on whom fortune refused to smile
Arrested to pay ‘Heavy price for their treason.’
What is power that so fiercely we fight for?
Look at the number that was killed!
And many more still to be killed.
What are you?

WordPress is powerful

WordPress is powerful;
No doubt about that;
I have a feeling that if they
Want you to become a celebrity blogger tonight
You will become;
And if they don’t like you ever to become,
You will never become.
I don’t know why I feel this way,
But I have the feeling
They have the yam
And the knife;
They can do and undo any blogger;
But most of the times they do;
They hardly undo;
But they have the power to undo;
And you never know.
If you don’t agree
That WordPress is powerful,
Then you don’t know what is power.
They can make you known
All over the world in seconds;
Believe me.
And they can make you never ever
To be known beyond your doorsteps.
As i say, it’s only a feeling.

Couple power

It’s called Couple Power;
Formidable power, indeed;
And this is generated
When a couple works
Do you work hands-in-gloves
With your spouse?
Do it and see the power
You generate;
And the results
You produce.
If you are husband and wife,
Use your couple power
Don’t go solo;
Spouses that go solo
Don’t go far;
Spouses that go together,
Using their couple power,
Go miles;
Therefore, dear couple,
Make use of your
Couple power;
And be amazed by what you’ll