Prayer list

I have a prayer list;
Have you a prayer list?
Who is on your prayer list?
You need a prayer list;
To pray regularly
For those
On your prayer list;
Which should include
Situations that need prayers;
Your prayer list
Is a must,
If you’re a prayerful soul;
You need a prayer list;
You must have a prayer list.


The Hardest Thing To Do Is… Listen

We found our way around the yachts parked in their cradles. An empty spot was right next to the dock. We quietly got ready to embark, and the cloudless skies made us wonder how far off heaven was from the pier. The snoozing seagulls perched on the post tops. As we set sail, the gentle breeze bellowed the fabric, and God became our propulsion. The shores of the water looked so endless. It was a beautiful Saturday morning, and no place would I’d rather be than with my love and God at the helm. He created this perfect world of pristine water, and all we had to do was sit and watch Him work.

Sometimes it is difficult to accept God is with us day in and day out. Just as sailing into the open blue, we do not realize we are always at His mercy. Many times our sails luff and we pray as though we ran aground. As hard as life is, even doctors can do little to relieve discomfort. In the distress of my wife’s health, I’m left standing in a vacuum for everywhere I look, I see the remnants of the doctor’s aura.

So, I turn to God and ask Him if He has a minute. The hardest thing to do is… listen and wait for His messages. Our faith is only part of the process. Listening for His answers and reacting accordingly is the trick, so we must have a seeking heart. We should talk to Him as though he is a brother and reveal our frustrations, fears, and doubts. God will teach us how to recognize the difference between His voice and just our thoughts.

Find a location to be with Christ and His great mercy. The Lord always has a place open to sit with me, especially on this endless journey my wife and I have encountered today. I wish I could run away and take her sailing to the place called heaven, but it’s not time yet. God gave us responsibilities we must partake and fulfill. Instead,  I will sit with God and try to understand what advice I need to listen to and praise His great gifts. He united the two of us for some much-needed healing in our difficult road of life. So, I will carry her in every way I can possible. In His strength, we will travel as far as the Lord’s work will need us to go for He isn’t done with either of us yet.

The hardest thing to do is listen for God’s words, but if you acknowledge His involvement in your life, you will always recognize His heaven sent voice. Praise God! It’s our intimate relationship with Him that counts.



If God does not answer your prayer

There are people who believe that God does not answer prayer.  What about you? This makes them not to pray because, to them it is a waste of time. They are certain God will not respond no matter how fervently they pray.

One can understand why people would think this way. They have prayed and prayed but God has given a deaf ear to them or so it seems. We have seen how very prayerful people have had terrible misfortunes even though they prayed hard to avert them. Not long ago, there was a plane crash in Ethiopia in which almost two hundred people died. We saw many of them engrossed in prayer. They prayed so hard as never before for God’s intervention to save their lives. Yet, God did not respond or so it seemed since all of them perished in that accident. Hence, is it any use praying? Is prayer not a waste of time?

 Prayer is not a waste of time. God answers prayers.

“The Lord is near to all who call upon him,

To all who call upon him in truth.” (Psalm 145:18.)

Billions of people pray every day and God answers their prayers. In a different post we shall give you spellbinding stories of prayers that were dramatically answered. This is how it should be. We are told,

“Ask and it will be given to you;

seek and you will find;

knock and the door will be opened to you.” Matt. 7:7.

These words are an invitation to prayer. Jesus Christ assures us, ”If you ask anything in my name, I will do it.” (John 14:14)

Still in the Gospel of John, he tells us, “Truly, truly, I say to you, if you ask the Father for anything in my name, He will give it to you” (John 16:23).

There should be no doubt that God answers prayers. However, God does not answer all prayers. He does not answer prayers that don’t qualify to be answered. Qualified to be answered? Yes! Prayer must qualify to be answered before it is answered. Let us take a look at what will make prayer not to be answered.

  1. Prayer that is not according to his will. Some of the things we ask in prayer are not things we should ask God. If you pray for an evil plan to succeed. Do you expect God to grant that prayer. Of course, your evil plane could succeed and you think God has answered your prayer. He has not. The devil came in to deceive you. In due time you will pay heavily.
  2. God cannot answer prayers that go against his plan. A good example is praying that someone whose time has come to leave the world should not die. Death is inevitable in life. It is in God’s plan for all humans. There comes a time when we must die. When that time comes, no matter how we pray to stay alive, we cannot stop death from coming.
  3. Praying in sin or disobedience. If we pray when we have sinned but failed to confess our sin, God cannot hear our prayer. Disobedience of God is sin and if we disobey we do not merit his listening ear.
  4. We carry hate in our heart and refuse to forgive others. If we harden our hearts on others, how can we expect God to listen to us and grant our plea?
  5. Not the right time. The time has not come for that prayer to be answered.
  6. ‘Yes’ is not good for us. People often say God has not answered their prayer because they were expecting only a ‘yes’. Unfortunately, God will see that ‘yes’ is not good for us and so will not answer.

We need to have it clear that God answers prayers but not prayers that go against his will. We must meet his conditions for him to answer our prayer.

God answers prayers in many ways. You need to know how God answers prayers. This will enable you to know when he has answered your prayer. There are many people whose prayers are answered but they do not know it because they do not master how God answers prayers. Make sure that God does not answer your prayer and you continue to pray for the same intention merely because you are not aware that he has answered it.

 It is also important to know that although God answers prayers, it does not suffice to pray just anyhow and sit back and expect God to answer your prayer. You must learn how to pray well.  If you don’t pray well, your prayer will not reach God.

A prayer is like the key of a door. God is like the lock on the door. If you have the key, which is the prayer, and you do not fit it well into the keyhole and turn rightly, the door will not open.  You must pray well for your prayer to reach God’s ears, get his attention and get his response.

How does God answer prayers?

God answers prayers in many ways

God does not answer prayers only in one way. He answers prayers in many ways. Some of the ways are easy to see. Others are not.

  1. He can give you what you ask for.

God can answer your prayer by giving you exactly what you ask for. For instance, if you pray for a job, He may give you a job. If you do not have a child and ask for a child, He may decide to you a child; which is exactly what you prayed for. If you are in need of money and pray for it, God may decide to give you exactly the amount you have asked for. God has answered many prayers this way. Thus, it is not far-fetched when we say God answers prayers.

However, do not expect God to send things to come flying to you. If he decides to give you what you want,

  1. He may send somebody to give it to you. If you need 100.000 francs and pray for it, God could send someone with a hundred thousand francs to give you. It has happened.
  2. He may lead you to someone who can give you the money.
  3. He may put an idea in your mind about how to get 100.000 francs.  If, for instance, you pray that he should make you rich, he may give you a business idea that can make you rich. If you pick it up and work on it in ways that he prescribes, you will get the riches you desire. He could give you an idea like to write a book which will make you rich. If you are having problems in your marriage and pray about it, He could decide to drop the idea of attending a marriage enrichment course into your mind. When you do the course and follow what you are taught, you will find your marriage enriched.
  4. He may send you to where you will find what you want. For instance, you may pray for a partner and God will send you to a Church group where you will find the spouse who best suits you.
  • Refusal to give what you ask for

God can answer your prayer by refusal. This means he may refuse to give you what you have asked for. The reason, in this case will be that what you want is not good for you even though the desire for it may be burning in your heart. There are times you have a burning desire for something and feel you cannot do without it. You will pray ardently that God should give it to you. Yet, God who knows everything will know that it is not good for you; and that by the way, you can do without it. Hence, he will refuse to give it to you. When he does this, the tendency will be to see it negatively.  It should not be seen negatively. It is for your good. Rather than abandon you through this refusal, God has protected your interest.

  • By placing an obstacle on your path

There are different ways God can refuse to give you what you ask for. One way is to place and obstacle on your path to prevent you from pursuing the course you want to pursue. He will do this if the course you want to pursue is not good for you. Probably, if you insist, you may land in trouble.

  • God can delay the answer

There are times when God wants to give you exactly what you have asked for, but decides to delay it. If he finds that the time is not ripe, he will wait until it is ripe. Some people may take this delay to be refusal on God’s part to answer their prayer. It is not refusal. We usually say God’s delays are not God’s denials.

Be vigilant when you pray

You have to be vigilant when you pray not to miss God’s answers to your prayers.  He never fails to pay attention to those obedient servants who, in faith, turn to him in prayer. “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.” (9 James. 5:16)

“If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.” (John 15:7)

But know also that he may or may not give exactly what you ask for. He may even refuse to give it if that is for your good. He may delay it to a better time. He may give an alternative which is better than what you prayed for. The most important thing is that you have faith in him and in prayers; and pray believing he will answer your prayer if what you ask for is good for you.

“And all things you ask in prayer believing, you will receive.” ( Matt. 21:22)

The Stars are Lining Up

I awoke with a monumental feeling God is communicating with me, revealing His plans for this world. It is time to prepare for a significant force which controls the universe. God is coming to rule the earth once more. My heart beats an unsynchronized rhythm as the Lord drives a wedge between this reality and His forthcoming Judgment Day. I shudder at the thought of Christ ruling over the genocide of this world. Obliviated is the only word I can use to describe it. Christ will turn a deaf ear as He decides who lives on, and who does not, in heaven. For those who passed on before His coming, let us pray they asked forgiveness and repented of their sins according to the Laws of God, so they may have eternal salvation.

Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins. As is written in the Bible, unbelievers will not be saved and those who claim to know God, yet they withdraw and live an unholy lifestyle.

Titus 1:16

“They claim to know God, but by their actions they deny him. They are detestable, disobedient and unfit for doing anything good.” (NIV)

Many sins pointed out in the Bible need repentance, but the list below is those the most abominable to the Lord. Do you fit into any of these iniquities? If so, it is time to drop to your knees and pray for forgiveness; live the rest of your life through His Word.

One nation under God is comparable to buying a new car for $99 down and $99 a month. Impossible, and false advertising at best. A nation under God would pray and worship together, study and stay in God’s word; it lives in prayer keeping God first. Today we face murder, rape, theft, abortions, worshipping false gods, agnostics, and atheists running rampant. This lack of respect for our Almighty God will be the first obliterated when Christ calls again unless mankind changes now. Satan’s followers will not be allowed through heaven’s gates. No, this is not my opinion, but a fact!

John 3:3

“Jesus replied, ‘Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.’”

What are the signs of the end times, according to the Bible?

  • Mankind will be lovers of pleasure more than God. This includes partying, unfit television viewing, spending more time socializing versus studying the Word, reading lustful books, gambling, drunkenness, listening to secular music, obsessing over the internet. Fifty years ago, worldly entertainment did not exist, and people lived a simpler life. Today, lovers of pleasure are all around us.
  • Mankind will be covetous. Most people today seek worldly riches, with money and material possessions their top priority in life. But, we have those who lust at pornography, strip clubs, and even other spouses. Women flaunt seductive clothing publicly with little to the imagination. We clamor for the latest and greatest money can buy or to keep up with the Joneses.
  • Children will be disobedient to their parents. Today’s generation of children has little respect for parents. They participate in gangs, join riots and protests, bully others, and create drama and chaos in the family home. Society teaches them there is no God, so morals and values are pointless.
  • Mankind will be unthankful. We’re conditioned by the world to take life for granted and not be thankful for our blessings. Ungratefulness runs rampant today.
  • Mankind will be unholy. Many are far less holy and humble today. Some even believe we need not keep the ten commandments anymore, just as long as we “believe” in Jesus. They turn the grace of God into a license to sin. Churches are social places, theaters, and concerts, rather than holy places of worship. Little effort, today, is made to turn away from sin and live a holy life for God. Yes, unholiness overruns the earth today.
  • Mankind will display a lack of natural affection. Gays and lesbians become the accepted norm, and what is scarier, some even take higher positions within our churches. The book of Corinthians condemns these actions. Does this sound familiar?
  • Mankind will despise doers of good. In today’s age, people dislike the correction of their sins. They rebuke with “you are judging me.” If someone is seen as a holy person, they are snubbed, criticized, and labeled as a weirdo or goody-two-shoes.
  • Mankind will be lovers of themselves. This is the ME generations. What looks best on me? How can this make me look more prosperous, smarter, or better qualified? How many toes do I need to step on to get what I want? Who cares how many people are starving on the streets – I come first! Need and greed stand before serving God and His people.
  • Christians do not live the faith they proclaim. Many are hypocrites, never turning away from their sin. Most love the world more than they love God.

So, as the wrath of God swarms… it’s almost time for the change of command. You mark my words, Christ is coming to take over His world; be it in my lifetime or yours, it won’t be long now. The stars are lining up, and a remarkable event of unexpected consequence is about to take place. Christ will meet Satan at his doorstep, better known as earth.

I pray you may recognize the sins mentioned in this blog and ask for forgiveness today. Turn your actions into something productive and serve God and his people with compassion and love before it’s too late. Seek the word of God’s truth so you, too, may greet your loved ones and Jesus at heaven’s gates.


Have you thanked God? by Ngobesing Suh Romanus

Have you thanked God for February?
That it came and went
As it did?
Even if it was not as good
As you would have liked,
Take note:
It could have been worse;
Thanking God for it is in order.

Have you thanked God for March?
That He has offered you
This previous gift?
It’s a precious gift, isn’t it?
Many haven’t been blessed
To have this March;
But you have it for free.
Thanking God for it is in order.

Let us thank God together:
Thank you O God our Father,
For all the blessings of the month
Of February;
They were many;
We can’t even count them;
We did not have everything we liked;
We even had things we did not like,

But being alive is the greatest gift;
There are many who would have
Loved to be here,
But are not;
Thank you for offering us that gift;
Thank you for the month of March.
There will be challenges,
But also blessings, for sure;
Help us with the health, energy
And wisdom, to live this month
In a way that will bring you glory.
We make our prayer
Through your son our Master, Amen.

If people hate you

If you find people
Who hate you,
And you don’t know why,
Don’t despair;
Don’t even be angry with them;
Don’t be indifferent either;
Find out why they hate you;
It must be for some reason:
If those who hate you
Are not evil,you are evil;
Or both of you are;
Pray for them
And for yourself;
That good may supplant evil
In their hearts and yours;
Then do your best
To do nothing but good;
And in thanksgiving to God,
Go about your life
As best you can.
Do not hate
Anyone who hates you;
For that hatred will hurt you.
Instead, if you are hated,
Love and pray
For those who hate you;
And with your prayer,
Melt their hatred for you.

You will be happy if you start the right way. I tell you why

A good start is, truly,
A great blessing;
Who can doubt this?
Anything well started,
We are told,
Is more than 50% done;
A year well begun
Is no exception to the rule;
You must start your year well
To guarantee your success;
“And how do you start
Your year well?”
I hear you ask;
And I say straight on,
“That is a good question.
To start your year well
Is to start it with God.”
Yes, to start your year well,
Is to start it with God.
And your success cannot fail
To come.
Thank God your Father,
For 2018;
Its challenges,
Its successes
And its failures.
Thank Him for more successes than failures;
Thank him for bringing you
Into 2019,
Many are those who
Would have loved to be here, to see this year,
But are not. They have been carried away
by the unholy hands of death;
They have left this world,
Some, when life was sweetest;
You owe it a duty to thank God for choosing
To keep you here, unworthy
As you are;
To see another year.
On behalf of all those
Who have seen this New Year,

And on your own behalf,
commit 2019 into His holy hands;
Ask Him to take
Full control;
He who is our great Master!
King of the universe;
King of glory;
King of Heaven and earth.
Ask that his will,
And His will alone
May be done in your life and in the world this 2019.

That is the best way to start the year – thankfully to the Lord.

After thanking him, you then submit your needs to him. Plead with him to take control and direct your heart, your mind and your every step.

He will do so if you put your full trust in him.

20 things you need to pray for in the morning

20 Things to pray for when you get up in the morning to make the day great:
  1. Pray a prayer of gratitude to God for sound sleep.
  2. Thank God for preserving your life.
  3. Pray for the day; that your day may be a successful one.
  4. Pray for protection; that you may go out and come back successfully.
  5. Pray that you may meet the right people during the day.
  6. Pray that you may do your work well during the day.
  7. Pray that you may relate well with your colleagues throughout the day.
  8. Pray for your family. That they may be protected wherever they are.
  9. Pray for your neighbors; that their day may go successfully; that they may go out and come back safely.
  10. Pray for your country; that peace may reign in your country; and that there may be prosperity for all.
  11. Pray for the leaders of your country; that God may grant them good health and wisdom to give you the quality leadership that will make you and your people happy; and that will bring glory to his holy name.
  12. Pray for an end to any problem your country is facing.
  13. Pray that nobody may go hungry in your country.
  14. Pray that the rich may have a heart to share with the less favoured.
  15. Pray that none may be pushed to sleep on the streets.
  16. Pray that no one should exploit another.
  17. Pray that no one should cheat another.
  18. Pray that no one should do anything wicked anywhere in the world during the day or in the night.
  19. Pray that all fighting, all wars may come to an end and that nobody should be killed anywhere in the world for any reason.
  20. Pray that all people who are in any kind of trouble may become free from it.
What can we add?

Prayer for an excellent world

O Good Master, King of Glory,

Master of heaven and earth;

Here I am, still in bed,

Rolling from side to side,

In fear, doubt and worry,

Thinking about my day,

Thinking about my future;

Thinking about your plan

For my life this day;

And the year ahead;

Thinking about your plan

For us and our country;

As I lie here looking up,

Thinking of where to go

From here, my eyes are full

Of tears as I see a future

That does not give me hope;

How can tears not fill my eyes

When so many were brutally killed

This night in wicked

And meaningless fighting;

Violence, wars?

I can see blood all over;

Total despair grips me;

But I cannot forget, O Lord,

That you are here with me;

You have given us assurance

That you will be with us,

In good and bad times;

That even when the storms

Are raging,

We have no reason to doubt

If we put our trust in you;

Yes, O Lord, you are

The beginning and the end;

The start and the finish;

You are both the door

And the key that opens

That door;

What you decree, no one can


Grant us the wisdom

To know what is right;

To do what is right:

And what will bring glory

To your holy and almighty name,

Now, today, and for ever.

Protect me and my loved ones

This day and forever as you

Have always done;

Protect all your children

Who are living in fear

Of the unknown;

Not sure to see

Even the next hour;

Not to talk of the next day;

There are many who are living

In great fear;

There are many who are worried;

There are many who go hungry,

With no food to eat

In the mist of plenty;

In a world of abundance;

Destroyed by the sheer greed

Of hawks everywhere,

Who want to be the only cocks

To crow;

There are many everywhere

Who live on hills,

Not in homes,

But in the open air;

What the future holds,

They don’t know;

They live at your mercy alone.

Grant O Lord,

That a way may be found for them

To return to their homes

And live in peace for ever after.

Bring justice to the world;

We live in a world where injustice

Is the order of the day;

Where dishonest people

Find their way through

Unscrupulous means,

While honest ones suffer;

Come into our hearts O Lord,

Fill us with the right spirit;

So that we live not as we like,

But in accordance with your word

And your plan for us and the world.

On you alone we count for justice

In the world;

And love and peace;

We are tired of hate burning

The world;

Consuming the world;

Destroying the world;

We humans have failed ourselves;

Only you can we trust.

All our hope is in you.

Save us;

Stand always by us as you have promised,


Please, kindly share this prayer coming to you from SIWO International crusading for a hate- free world, a war- free world, a world where love fills all hearts, an excellent world for all to enjoy. By sharing, reblogging, tweeting, pinning this prayer, you are making an immense contribution to this campaign.

We want to saturate the world with positive messages so that they can strangle or submerge everything that is negative. Let us shout the positive so loudly that no one will be able to hear any negatives which will drown in the ocean of positives.

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