Ask what ever you like

My life comes from God;
To him, I owe everything;
Without him, I am zero;
Had he not loved me,
He would not have
Created me;
I am all his,
From head to toes;
Body and soul.
Why should I withhold anything from him?
All that I have O Lord,
Belongs, not to me,
But to you!
Ask whatever you like;
I will give it to you.


Cry of my heart

My humble cry, O Lord,
I put before you;
The cry of my heart;
My cry for my people
In suffering;
I yearn for you, O Lord
To make my people happy;
I yearn for you
To make my people succeed;
I yearn for you
To make my sick people well;
Yes, I yearn for you
To give them peace of mind;
To prosper them;
To make them know wealth;
And live in abundance;
Not lack;
I yearn for you, O Lord,
To make my people live free
Of the pangs of poverty
And suffering;
That they may know
The blessings of sunshine.
This, my heart desires
For my people;
This is my prayer, O Lord,
My cry for the people I love;
May you, in your heavenly throne
Hear my humble cry!
The cry of the heart
Of your unworthy servant.

A soothing verse

I was delighted to read this Bible verse in Peculiar Journal today

“And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.” Rev. 21:4

Thank you, Peculiar Journal. It is a soothing verse.

A fulfilment of this promise is what we need the most today where I live. Everyone is crying. People are dying. There is pain and sorrow.

Please, God, make this promise come true for us and, in fact, for all humanity. Many in the world are having it hard because of the wickedness of fellow human beings. Come into our hearts and make a dwelling, that we may be transformed into your likeness.

Quote (praying continuously)

I believe in prayer. I think it should be a continuous activity in one’s life. Are we not summoned to pray without ceasing? Throughout the day, let us take off brief moments every now and then to pray. Whether we are working, walking, running, eating, playing, or whatever, we should take off time to talk to God without necessarily stopping what we are doing. And when we pray, let it be a prayer of thanksgiving and asking God for the graces and whatever means that are necessary to live the life that he has designed for us.” (Romilia Quotes)

Thanks for positive response

You heard our prayer O Lord,
And our boy traveled safely;
We cannot thank you enough;
These are dangerous times;
Nothing must be taken for granted;
Thank you a hundred times;
Fill our hearts with trust for you;
Fill our hearts with love for you;
Fill our hearts with gratitude;
We thank you Almighty God;
You heard our prayer.
You heard our cry;
You gave us a positive response.
Thanks for positive response!