Love is number one

Love is number one;
Top of tops;
Priority of priorities;
Have love
Have it all;
Lack love
Lack it all;
Love is like the sun,
As the sun is
At the center
Of the universe;
Love is
At the center
Of life.
As the earth revolves
Around the sun,
So does life revolve
Around love.
Out of love
God created the earth;
And all that’s in it;
For love of us
He gave his only son
To die
A shameful
And painful death
On the cross,
To save us from sin
And hell.
For love
Jesus accepted to suffer
And die
In torture and humiliation.
How powerful love is!
Nothing surpasses love?
No force, stronger than love.

Truly, love is number one.

How to excel in all that you do

If you want to excel
In all that you do,
To stand shoulders high;
Far above the crowd,
I can tell you right away;
It’s what you can do;
And, truly, what you should strive to do in this world;
It’s at your reach.
If you take one step
At a time,
And keep moving;
Making excellence your trademark,
Surely, you will shine;
Waste no time,
On what matters little;
And don’t rush;
No hurry;
Take your time
And go for the best;
Experience teaches,
The more you hurry,
The slower you go;
And often when you hurry,
You miss your mark;
Quality is slaughtered;
On the slap of quantity;
Better a little well done,
Than plenty poorly done;
A pot full of watery soup,
With little or no taste
Is not worth it.
Better small
With a delicious taste;
Than tasteless quantity;
Make quality your priority.
That is how you stand high
Above the crowd;
And shine.
If you want to excel,
Which you should want,
You were born for that;
Short and simple,
Make quality your priority.

Make marriage work

Marriage is super complex;
Though, it can be thrilling;
You can make it sweet;
If you don’t fold your arms
And wait for it to work,
You deceive yourself;
It’s really difficult;
Like the stone cutters job;
If you keep hammering,
You will shatter the rock;
There are tools to use;
To make success easy;
Communication tops the list;
You have to dialogue;
Talk to each other;
Talk with an open mind;
But don’t only talk,
You also have to listen;
And listen attentively;
With an open heart as well;
Choose words with care;
And be the first to love;
Make your relatiobship a priority;
And speak to your spouse
In their language of love;
To actually guarantee success,
Put God at the center;
Make him your senior partner;
And after you have done all,
Let patience play its part.

Is God first or last?

If the first person
I talk to
When I get up
In the morning
Is not you O God,
Then I have missed
The point.
If the last person
I talk to
Before I turn in
For the day
Is not you,
Equally, I have missed
The point.
You should come first;
You should come last
In my life.
In everything I do,
Whether I am starting
Or I am ending,
You should be there.
I will start with you,
And end with you.
That is my pledge;
For you are my alpha
And my omega.
Nothing short of this
Shall be my aspiration.

Know your priority (Be inspired today 257 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

We run after money;
We run after success;
We run after power;
And care less about
What can give them
To us;
A very wrong approach;
Love and peace are key;
Love God with all your heart;
Love your neighbour;
Live in peace with God
And your neighbour.
All that you desire,
Be it money, power, success,
Will come.
Know your priority,
And go for it.
The rest will fall in place.

Quote ( priority)

“Our major problem as humans is simply that we attach more importance to things that are less important and which can easily be lost, and neglect the really important ones. Examples abound: money, cars, houses, in short, material things. These are, for sure, important, but less important compared to the immaterial ones which include love, air, faith, courage, health and the respect of natural laws. If you want to live a truly successful life, give priority where it is due – the things that have value and are lasting.” (Romilia Quotes)

Challenged as a couple

My most lovely, dear one,
I have some questions for you
Concerning our matrimonial life;
Why is our marriage
So stormy;
Why can’t we enjoy
Conjugal peace
As I see others doing?
Why must there be tension
Between us all the times?
Must we disagree on
Every issue?
It looks like when I take
A stand
You must take the opposite;
Must this be so between
Husband and wife?
Can’t we agree on marital issues?
Why so many domestic squabbles?
This worries me;
We are supposed to be
The best of friends
As husband and wife,
But see what we are;
Rivals instead;
Why are we like competing
Instead of cooperating
And complementing each other?
We have made our home a boxing ring,
And we both are the boxers;
Are we out to see who can box better? Where did our love escape to?
I get worried
Because of how we are
As husband and wife.
And thought to let you know
How I feel;
Lots of red light signals
When it comes to us;
It is time to pay attention
To us;
Our relationship
Is no longer our priority
As it used to be;
And as it ought to be;
Can’t you see that we are
Slipping down
A bottomless pit?
We are challenged as a couple
To sit up
And respect our marital vows;
The vows we took before
God and man:
We are bound to respect them.
I look forward to a new era
In our love;
Take this seriously,
Unless you want to see our love
In pieces, instead of one piece.
Your ever lovely spouse.

I admit my mistake

My marriage is in shambles;
I admit my mistake;
And have to lick my wounds;
I never paid enough attention to it;
I relegated it far down the ladder;
And gave priority to my job;
my career;
And socializing with friends;
I saw it going down the drain;
But I did nothing;
That is why, I have myself to blame;
I blame no onelf but myself;
Not my spouse; nor my friends;
I admit my mistake;
And have to lick my wounds.

Tell me your priority?

Tell me your priority
And I will tell you
What you will become;
Whether you will succeed
Or you will fail;
If you want to succeed in life,
Get your priorities right;
If you get your priorities right,
Your life will be right;
If you get your priorities wrong,
Your life will be wrong;
That is a thing you have to know.
What is your priority?
Tell me your priority,
And I will tell you
Whether you will succeed
Or you will fail.

Who do you live for?

Many of us live for ourselves;
We put our interest first;
Many of us live for others;
We put others first;
Many of us live for God;
We put God first.
Who do you live for?
Who do you put first?
Who should we each put first?