Be careful who surrounds you

Don’t allow just anybody
To surround you;
If you want to be positive,
Surround yourself
With people who are positive;
If you want to be confident,
Surround yourself
With people who are confident;
If you want to be happy
Surround yourself
With people who are happy;
If you surround yourself
With people who are negative,
You will end up being Negative;
If you surround yourself
With people who lack
Confidence in themselves,
You will end up lacking
Confidence in yourself;
If you surround yourself
With people who are unhappy,
You will end up being unhappy;
Be careful who surrounds you;
You are a prisoner of your


In love more than ever

If you want to know
A prisoner of love,
That’s me;
I am in love as I have
Never been;
Prisoner of a sweetheart,
Who has not left my mind
Since I met her;
She is permanently stamped
In my heart;
I can’t spend a moment
Without thinking of her;
It’s hard to say why it is so.
I think of her
As if she were all
I could think about.
And no one is explaining to me
Why she has captured me
So strongly;
Making me such a prisoner;
How long this will last,
I have no idea;
Where it is taking me,
I just cannot say;
All I know is
I hear my heart beating
So fast for her.
And I know I am in love;
More than ever before.

How much time do you spend on the web?

Have you ever sat down to think of the amount of time you spend every day on the web? It may shock you.

The web seems to have taken the world captive. But what is intriguing is we don’t seem to be aware of it.

We are prisoners without a crime of the web. This, I call self-imprisonment. We seem to be helpless.

But what is it that we do when we get on the web? How useful are the things that we do?

Most of the times, people are on social media. How useful is the time spent on social media? What impact is it having on us? And on the world?

I am not against spending a lot of time on social media but I am against spending it wastefully. I am thinking of chatting aimlessly endlessly.

If judiciously exploited, social media can bring immense benefits to us. Unwisely exploited, it Can become destructive.

You have to know what you want when you go on social media. Get it, and off you go; to wait for the next time you need it.

It is a good thing to share and enjoy good moments with friends acquaintances on your favourite sites; but you can do that alongside pursuing some other useful goal.

The long and short of it is:

Do not be a slave to social media;
Do not be a captive or prisoner
of social media;
Do not be a toy of social media.
Use social media wisely;
Use social media positively;
Not negatively;
Use social media in a way that you will reap enormously.