Today’s daily prayer to make our trials draw us closer to God 65

Almighty God and father,
You are a loving father,
You made the world so beautiful,
And handed it over to us,
You intended us to enjoy it;
But we have messed it up,
And continue to do so;
You know how to turn bad situations into good;
Continue to help us O Father,
To transform the evil
Destroying us into good;
Grant us the Grace to persevere in our effort;
Guide us not to stumble
On the stumbling blocks
On our way,
But to stand on them
So that we may see further;
We continue to face trials,
Make them draw us closer
To you.
We offer you our hearts this day O Lord,
Help us to live the faith
In truth and charity;
Help us to build our belief,
To be strong and solid;
May we love you more
Than all else;
You know our needs;
You know our problems;
You know our challenges;
You know our weaknesses;
We hand them all over to you.
Open the way for all your children crying to you;
Among us are people who are very ill at this moment;
Touch them with your healing hands and restore their health;
Also with us are people who are in serious financial problems,
Give them a solution, O Lord,
Because on you alone they depend;
Great God, Master of all the universe,
Our words are not enough to praise you;
We are insignificant,
But in your loving kindness
And compassion,
You pay attention to us.
Thank you God.
Thank you sweet God;
Thank you most loving Father.
To you, through Christ our Lord, we pray,

Does every problem have a solution?

Does every problem have a solution?
This is a question
I have often asked myself.
And I would say “Yes!”;
Every problem has a solution;
But the solution
May not be what you want;
And so you may consider it
Not to be a solution;
But know that a solution may either be
Positive or negative;
Do not think
You can always get
A positive solution to your problem;
Far from it;
At times a negative solution
is better than
A positive one;
At times no is better
Than yes;
At times yes is better
Than no;
We live in a complex world;
Some people go east
To find their treasure;
Some go West to find same;
Some go North to find
Their golden crown;
Some go South to find same.
Not findung what you want
Is a solution
To your problem;
Though a negative solution,
A solution all the same.

Quote (dishonest people)


“If the world is beset by problems, one reason is there are so many dishonest people. In fact, many of the world’s people cannot be trusted. They tell lies without blinking. There are a lot of good people though; but the evil ones seem to exert more influence than the good ones. That is my observation, anyway.” Romilia Quotes

You sleep soundly only when

How soundly do you sleep at night when you go to bed?

Is it easy for you to sleep? 

There are people who do not find it difficult to fall asleep.  They sleep with great ease.  When they put down their heads, it does not take them long to start snoring.

Others are different. Sleep does not easily come to them.  In bed, they turn from side to side and sleep does not come.They look up at the ceiling and count the mosquitoes passing, but sleep does not come.  Then they begin to take one problem after another and examine. All types of good and bad ideas  pass through their minds.

May of us are like this.  We spend many sleepless nights for one reason or the other.  Business people spend sleepless nights calculating business.  They do not know whether things will work out well for them or not. People spend sleepless nights worrying about financial problems. 

You may see someone moving on the street and think he is fine when he is dying under the yoke of problems.

There are problems everywhere; but there is one thing about problems which is worth underscoring. You may have a problem and think it is the worst problem in the world when it is not.  It is when you see other people’s problems that you know yours is more or less child’s play.

Another thing is problems pass away.  No problem lasts for ever. You may think your problem will take away your head when in reality it is just a common problem. It is true that problems take away heads; but you must be careful that this does not happen to you.

If you live a reckless life, you can create problems that will take away your head.  Secondly, if you live as if there were no God, you can be sure to create problems that will take away your head. If you have fear of the Lord, you are well placed to handle any problem that comes your way; and will go to bed and sleep soundly even if you lie on a plank bed.

You do not have to depend on yourself alone to solve your problem. God is there for you. Go to him; depend on him.  He will never fail you. He will make you sleep soundly at night.

Take note that sound sleep does not just come. You sleep soundly only when you make it possible for you to sleep soundly. Remember these 10 points:

  • Living a responsible life.
  • Being disciplined and organised;
  • Not letting problems take control of your life;
  • Putting God at the center of your life.
  • Making sleeping time an important time.
  • Thank God for your day;
  • Thank God when you get up in the morning.
  • Do not go to bed with a grudge against a fellow human.
  • Always forgive those who wrong you.
  • Don’t take anger or worries to bed.

Many wishes to you for sound sleep when you go to bed. You will get up resfreshed and ready to face another day. Blessings!

Are you a solution or a problem?

What are you?
Are you a solution
Or a problem?
What are you?
Are you a problem
Or a solution?
What are you?
Are you a winner
Or a loser?
What are you?
Are you a builder
Or a destroyer?
It is important
To stop from time
To time,
To ask yourself
These questions.
It is better to be
A solution than
To be a problem;
It is better to be
A builder than
To be a destroyer;
It is better to be
A winner, than
To be a loser;
It is better to be
Positive than
To be negative.
It is better to be
A solution
To our problem;
Than to be a problem
Needing a solution.

Our problem is greed

Can we not love one another,
Instead of hate one another
In this world?
Can we not live in harmony
Instead of living in disharmony
In this world?
Can we not stop fighting one another
And live together in peace
In this world?
Instead of being at war always?
What makes it so hard
To live with others in peace?
Can we not share the fruits
Of the garden fairly among ourselves?
Why do some people want to grab
Everything only for themselves?
Some people want the Lion’s share;
But why such greed?
Because that is where the problem lies.
The day we remove greed
From our hearts,
And replace it with generosity,
And think of others
When dishing the food,
So that each one has an equal share,
Peace will start to reign
Among us in this world.
Our trouble comes from greed. We want to eat alone.

Problems everywhere

Everywhere there are problems;
And problems everywhere;
When you are rich, problems,
When you are poor, problems,
When you are young, problems;
When you are old, problems;
When you are employed, problems,
When you are not employed, problems;
When you are married, problems;
When you are not married, problems;
When you are kind, problems;
When you are not kind, problems;
When you speak the truth, problems,
When you tell lies, problems;
Where don’t we have problems?

Love is the answer

Only love will free
The world;
We live in the bondage
Of hate;
We live in the bondage
Of greed;
We live in the bondage
Of self;
As long as we live
In such bondage,
The world will continue
To perish gradually;
We will continue
To destroy our own world.
Only love will free
The world;
Only love will save
The world.
Let’s love not hate one
Love is the answer
We are looking for
To the so many problems
Rocking the world.