The more you publish, the more traffic you draw in

The more you publish good material,
The more readers you draw
to your blog;
This is my experience;
What is yours?
Do you agree or disagree?
Yes, some say less is better;
To me, not so;
Less is not necessarily better;
Less of quality
Is better, for sure, than
Much of low quality;
But Less of high quality,
Cannot be better than much
Of high quality.
Be prolific,
But keep to high quality;
The traffic will flow in;
Write. write and write.


The pen keeps flowing

I write, I write, I write;
On one day, I write many posts;
Short, and simple posts, I write;
No pains to read; no stress at all;
Yet,only the best aren’t bored
By so many posts flowing in;
More or less like a river they flow;
Yet, no option do I have but,
To pour it out of me;
To free the way for the spring
To keep on flowing down,;
Those that like it; like it;
We can’t have everybody with us;
Those who like us will stay;
Those who don’t will not;
That is well and good for us.
Gratititude to you friends;
Who are with us day and night;
May God abundantly bless you!