It is very unusual
To be so casual
In your attitude
And call it fortitude.
The way you proceed
You may not succeed.
You can achieve
What you believe
If you are serious
Not furious.



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A great musical festival was recently organized in the city hall. A symphony of sounds, married to a symphony of colors, gave birth to startling beauty and a thrilling cultural jamboree that amazed the guests. Highly motivated, from time to time, they erupted into roaring laughter and profuse appreciation. It was an historical cultural show.


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Using a toothbrush

It seems you have not written
On the prompt toothbrush;
Doesn’t it inspire you?
I’ve taught my grand daughter
How to use a toothbrush
To keep her teeth clean;
It is not everybody
Who knows how to use
A tooth brush in a proper way;
It’s good to teach our children
How to do so
When they are still young.
Using a toothbrush is a must
For all, both young and old.


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First-class performance

If your eyes are fixed on the top-rated, highly coveted job of Executive Secretary of your organization, I will say it is a most lofty aspiration; which is not beyond your reach. If others can, so too can you.

My advice would be, wherever you are, tender first class performance. If your work is rated as substandard, it will be hard to convince anyone who matters in the selection process to fill the position that you are up to the task.

It is imperative for you to do your best to excel in every assignment you are given. Stay clear of second-rate work.


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Lust for power

The lust for power is doing great harm to the world. That is why we have wars here and there. These wars have taken away an untold number of human life. We must look for a way to put a stop to it.

Equally dangerous is the lust for riches. Riches are good but when we desire to be rich to the point of having a lust for them, it becomes dangerous. We have to watch out.


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No pests around

When Peter came to me for advice on his future, I urged him to work hard in order to stand on his own legs tomorrow and avoid being a pest to anybody.

Life is hard and nobody likes when people come to pest them. They don’t want any pests around. Unfortunately, one finds rather too many pests in cities and towns in many countries in the world.


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To get a good harvest…

If you want a good harvest,
Take time and prepare the soil
For planting;
If you want a good harvest,
Plant good seeds on good soil;
If you want a good harvest,
Weed your farm;
If you want a good harvest,
Add manure to the soil
If need be;
Same goes for our lives.
If you want a good harvest
From your life,
Prepare the soil well
When you are young;
Sow good seeds in your mind;
Nourish them as time goes on;
Remove the weeds;
Your harvest will be good.


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