Awesome weekend!

Awesome time;
Sweet, lovely time;
Awesome week-end;
Every minute l enjoyed;
‘Cause I spent it
Doing what I like;
I blogged and blogged
And blogged,
And the likes just kept
Flowing in;
Page views skyrocketted,
Leaving my heart
Glowing with happiness.
Do you know
Who’s made this happen?
It’s you!
You O sweet heart
Ever rich with human milk;
With which you’ve
Nourished me;
And that has been
This lovely week-end.

Some people are bad

Some people are good;
That is what I really wanted to say;
And indeed, some people are good;
When you are sad,
They are sad;
When you are happy,
They are happy;
When you are riding high,
They applaud and encourage;
They are the ones who also ride high;
They know the joy of riding high;
When you are down,
They know how to hold your hand
And lift you up;
When your spirits are down,
They know how to put their hand
On your shoulder and boost you;
They have such sweet,noble hearts;
Thank God for such good ones.
May you produce more O God!