A sunny day

The sun is not shining;
But I call this a sunny day;
Guess why?
Nice things happening;
More on the way;
God is in control;lk
My spirits are high
As bright as the rays
Of the sun.
Thus it’s a sunny day;


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Awesome weekend!

Awesome time;
Sweet, lovely time;
Awesome week-end;
Every minute l enjoyed;
‘Cause I spent it
Doing what I like;
I blogged and blogged
And blogged,
And the likes just kept
Flowing in;
Page views skyrocketted,
Leaving my heart
Glowing with happiness.
Do you know
Who’s made this happen?
It’s you!
You O sweet heart
Ever rich with human milk;
With which you’ve
Nourished me;
And that has been
This lovely week-end.

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Prepare yourself
A downpour of blessings
Will come on you.
Prepare yourself,
Tough times may come,
Face them;
Prepare yourself;
No one knows tomorrow.
If you are ever Prepared
God will give you power.

#prose-poetry, #get-ready, #poem, #prepare

Your place in my heart

You have a place in my heart
That no other can occupy.
It will remain empty
Until you come back.
When then are you coming?
You cannot keep me waiting;
You starve me if you do.
Tell me you’re coming soon.
That my heart may find peace.

#prose-poetry, #heart, #love, #peace, #poem

It’s clear to me

Is it clear to you?
It’s clear to me;
I am talking about
Achieving great things;
It’s clear what to do;
You’ve got strain every nerve;
You’ve got to stay on it long enough;
Its a bull fight;
If You fight hard;
That golden crown
Will be yours.

#prose-poetry, #clear, #crown, #poem

If you say “yes!”

If you say “yes”;
God will say”yes”;
If you say “no!”,
God will say”no!”;
If you agree,
God will agree;
If you refuse,
God will refuse;
Therefore, choose;
You either Say “yes!”
Or “no!”.

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I’ll give you a new name;
Light is your new name;
You are light;
And through you,
The world will have light;
Every where,
There will be light;
You will shine
Throughout the world.
You will light up
The world.

#prose-poetry, #light, #shine