Daily prayer for Archbishop Andrew Nkea for success in his Episcopate

Dear God, the induction
Of the new Archbishop
Of the Archdiocese of Bamenda,
His Grace Andrew Nkea,
Took place on Saturday 22 February , 2020.
It went on very well;
Many of us
Who were not present,
Saw the pictures
And videos on television and on the web;
Heard on radio or from others;
The weather was good;
The sun was bright;
The atmosphere was prayerful;
Thank you good Father,
Thank you for the Holy Catholic Church;
And your servants whom you choose to work in your vineyard;
Thank you for all the people
You brought from all over,
To participate in the ceremony of induction of Archbishop Andrew Nkea;
And bear witness to the event;
Thank you for calling your son, Andrew Nkea,
To serve in your vineyard
In such a high position
Of Metropolitan Archbishop;
Thank you for considering him worthy
Of being your messenger;
Thank you for the people
You have so kindly moved
To support him in his exacting task as Bishop;
These include his fellow Bishops and Priests;
Men and women of consecrated and apostolic life,
And the lay faithful,
Not leaving out non Catholics, And non Christians;
And all people of goodwill;
When we listen to him,
We have no doubt O Lord,
That you have given him the gift of language power,
To move hearts,stir souls,
And win followers to you;
For this, we thank you;
You have called him to serve
At a very difficult time, Father,
Many challenges lie ahead of him,
His own people are torn apart by war,
There is so much hatred
In the air,
Heavy fighting is going on,
People are being killed;
Homes and property being ruthlessly destroyed;
People are being kidnapped,
Ransome asked,
People are molested,
Murdered ruthlessly in their homes
In the bushes,
No single person living in this land
Is feeling secured;
No one person is spared;
Your Church is threatened;
Many Christians fear
To go to Mass,
And participate in Church activities;
Detractors of your Church
Are doing all sorts of things
To erode the Faith;
The challenges and dangers are many;
We pray O Lord,
That you protect your humble Shepherd, the Archbishop;
From all dangers
No matter where they are coming from;
Give him the wisdom
To handle all the challenges;
We know that he will have pressure from all sides
To dance to their tune;
Keep him strong O Lord,
Not to waver;
To stick to the right path,
As you want him to;
Which is to preach the gospel,
And promote the values of love, justice, peace and unity among all your children;
Send the Holy Spirit
To fill his mind with wisdom;
Send an army of angels to accompany and protect him
Wherever he goes;
Crown his efforts with resounding success;
We make our prayer through Christ Our Lord, Amen!


Today’s daily prayer for protection from kidnappers and killers 61

Create clean hearts in all your children O Lord;
Purify all our spirits,
Destroy evil thoughts
From our hearts especially in the hearts of
Those who are planning evil
At this moment.
Remove the evil spirit from the hearts of killers
And kidnappers as well as those who burn and destroy people’s homes and property;
Grant us the grace
To put all our trust in you,
Dear loving Father,
Many of us are afraid of moving out in the night,
And even in the day!
Many are afraid of these kidnappers who seem to be every where;
Protect all those who at this moment are crying to you
For protection from kidnappers;
That they may not be kidnapped;
We pray O Father,
That anyone who has been kidnapped may be treated kindly;
That no kidnapped person may be killed or brutalised;
Grant all kidnappers merciful hearts
So that no kidnapped person
May be subjected to inhuman treatment.
We pray for the peaceful repose of the soul of the innocent seminarian brutally killed by kidnappers in Nigeria.

Teach us your ways
And grant us the wisdom
To follow them so that no one will suffer in our hands;
Make us obedient
To all your commands;
We put our lives into your hands;
With full confidence in you,
Because you never fail
All those who love you.
We want to love you;
We want our faith in you
To be as strong as iron.

Open yourself to us,
And let us into your protective armpit,
To enjoy your abundance of goodness, care and safety
From your warehouse
Ever inexhaustible power;
Open the door to us,
To enjoy the peace
That in your kingdom
is flowing like water in an ocean;

We make our prayer through Christ our Lord, Amen!

Prayer for everyone in this forum 1

King of the universe,
We come before your throne
of glory
On our bended knees
And plead for your help;
We commit every member
Of this forum to your
Heavenly care,
Shower everyone here
With your blessings;
Cast your fatherly look
On all your children here,
Touch those who are ill
With your healing hands;
God our Father, you are almighty,
You have no limitation;
All power is in your hands;
You do whatever you like,
We pray you
To look into every heart
in this forum,
And see everyone’s need
And fill it;
Give happiness
To those who are unhappy;
Give money
To those who have financial difficulties,
Protect those whose lives
Are in danger;
Give food to the hungry;
Shelter those who have
No shelter;
And give company
To the lonely.
We make our prayer
Through Christ our Lord, Amen!

Today’s morning prayer 53 for you

Father. Lord,
You like it when we start everything in you name;
And end it likewise;
Which means we start
With a prayer;
And end with a prayer;
That is why I am starting
This day with this prayer;
I pray for every person
Who is reading this now;
And will read this afterwards;
I pray for everyone
In this forum,
And in every forum
To which I belong;
I prsy for all my friends
And readers on the web,
Free their way,
Remove all obstacles
From their path,
So that they may travel smoothly for what they want;
For those of them living
In dangerous situations,
I pray for your protection;
Be their armour and their shield;
Guide and guard every step
They take;
And bless their work
And make their harvest plentiful.
May all the glory come to you!

A Stone of Faith

Sometimes in life, our faith in God waivers in and out. We might roll our eyes when confrontation is before us and shun the real strength we prayed for in difficult times. But then we return to the very spot we waivered from in the beginning. Our Almighty God always remains with us, though, with welcome arms and forgiveness of our bad decisions.

Last night my eyes were opened a little wider by a word God whispered to my conscience. I woke in fear of trying to comprehend His message. So I picked up my Bible for protection and tried to find the meaning of the word He sent me. As many knows, I’m a man of great faith. I’m not a Bible scholar by any stretch of the imagination, but I do my digging when times like this are derived from God.

Before I tell you what the Holy Spirit spoke to me, you must know this word is written in scriptures only three times. It was used in the Old Testament in 543 B.C. by Samuel. He, too, was a man of great faith who led the Israelites to a battle with the Philistines for over forty years. The Israelites lost twice, but then Samuel looked to God and set up an Ebenezer between two mountains. He said, “Lord God, You are my stone of faith, my rock I shall not break.” (1 Samuel) Scriptures say, “The Lord thundered loudly against the Philistines that day and threw them into such confusion that they were defeated by the Israelites.” From that day forward, Ebenezer became the name of an altar for God to protect the Israelites.

So the bigger question is, why did God send me the word Ebenezer? Is it because I, too, am fighting two personal battles, and God came to tell me it will be Ok? Is it to inform you that your struggles are being watched over by the Lord? Yes, all the above is true! Remember, your enemy is not greater than God. He can make miracles occur with a stroke of His hand.

My word for the day, Ebenezer, is the moment you realize you could not have made it through the fires without God’s help. Your faith is like a stone, and only God can bring you through these impeachable battles.

Ebenezer is as powerful of a word today as it was with Samuel in the Old Testament. We all bear our crosses, and as Christians, we must realize it is only God who protects us. Our awesome Father will come to our rescue in times of need. All you have to do is humbly pray for His help. May your Ebenezer be an altar as it was for Samuel. God bless.

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Today’s morning prayer 21

Another day has come,
O Lord, my God,
Another generous gift
Of yours to me;
As on other days,
I thank you;
Also, I commit to you
This precious gift;
Unless you protect it,
Evil people will take it
Forcefully away from me.
But under your protection,
All will be well.
Thank you, O Lord,
For hearing,
And granting my prayer,
As you have promised to do.

Prayer for protection

May the Good Lord
Provide you a safety armor,
To protect you
From any arrows
That may be aimed at you!
May he shield you
From all your enemies!
May all verbal attacks
At you come to naught!
May your journey
Be a joyful one!
May your family
And neighbours,
And all dear ones
Whom you have left behind
Be divinely protected
As they move about,
And as they sleep;
May you have reason
Throughout your stay away
From your home
To sing praise to God!

Don’t be ungrateful

“Don’t be ungrateful to your maker for your many blessings. He took the decision to make you win the race at conception. You did not win it by your own power. And if you are still enjoying this world, it is not by your power but by his. You did not choose to come into the world. You will not be the one to decide when to leave. He is the unseen architect of your life. Don’t be ungrateful to him. Recognize him seen or unseen and plead with him for continuous guidance, protection and provision.” (Romilia Quotes)

Our bishop is safely back home

Thank God for protecting our bishop. God never abandons those who give their hearts to him.

Bishop Michael Bibi is safely back home.

Thank you God for protecting our Sisters. May you continue to protect us!

Help us find a solution to the problem that has made life so insecure for many of your children in our land O Lord!

Brothers and sisters let us intensify our prayers and trust in God.

He will never abandon us.

We thank the captors who paid heed to the call of the Holy Spirit and released our Bishop and religious.

We pray that you bless them.

Each time you listen to the voice of God, you are blessed.