Be careful if you are shining

I might never have met you, but if you are here, and reading this, I make bold to say it is your time to shine. You are here to shine.

But watch out!

You will agree with me that when certain things are extremely good they could produce bad results.

I know someone who is extremely brilliant; and because of her brilliance, she is being taken and treated as someone who is abnormal.

This does not help her; neither does it help anybody. It is to her detriment.

Look at it! Not that she is sick; but that she just happens to be far too brilliant for the people of her time and community; and, instead of seeing and treating her with high regard, many see her as being abnormal.

From this, I have learned a great lesson: that it is not enough to perform excellently in anything.

I hope you see the point.

Your excellent performance can be the cause of your unmaking.

I know you may ask what we must then do; and if we must stop pursuing excellence.

I will say far from it. Excellence must always be our target. Excellence in academic performance, if we are still in school, excellence in our work, excellence in politics if we are in politics, excellence in the family, in short, excellence here and everywhere. Everywhere we go, and in everything we do we must try to give it a touch of excellence.

Also, we must continue to encourage our children to strive for excellence in everything; to shine, to be outstanding in every way they can.

But at the same time, we must encourage them to know how to manage their brilliance or excellence

They must know how to treat those who are not as brilliant or as smart as they are.

I know some people who have lost their lives because they were outstanding in their work; and because of this, some others became jealous of them and decided to pull them down.

That is a sad truth.

Pulling down people who are up or who are performing brilliantly is a common practice among us humans.

It seems we generally don’t want to see others progress. Though not every body is guilty of this evil disposition, quite many of us are.

However, it is comforting that, as the adage says, children throw stones only at trees that have ripe fruits.

We cannot say this proverb is exactly true, but the point is registered. When you are shining, you get more attention focused on you; more people scrutinize you; and more people criticize you.

Thus, though it is very good to shine; you have to be prudent when you are shining; when you are in the limelight, be it as a leader, a musical or football star, a superstar, a media personality; a community leader, you have to be prudent; be it in business, or in church, you have to be very prudent.

To draw the curtain on this discussion we say you have a right to go for excellence and attain it. In fact, you were born for excellence, but take note that excellent is not always excellent. At times, it pulls people down. You have to learn to manage excellence so that it does not pull you down because if it does, it will be like falling from a mountain top to the bottom.

Prudence, the cardinal virtue

Life is a marathon;
And not a sprint;
Don’t think
You must emerge victorious
Because you are running
Ahead of the park.
In a long haul,
Wait until you cross
The winning point.
Get the sound
Of the trumpet of victory,
Before jubilation can begin.
It happens countless times, That workers are not eaters;
Someone well ahead
In a race may not be the winner;
Another may come from behind
And reach the winning point first,
And thus carry home
The trophy.
You can win the popular vote;
But lose the white House;
What did Tortoise do
To Hare?
The English caution:
‘Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.’
If that isn’t the voice of wisdom,
Tell me what it is.
Cardinal virtue prudence.
If the saints dont watch out,
They will be thrown out of heaven;
The devil equally likes the place;
And that’s what
He’s fighting to get.
To send God and his angels
and saints to hell,
To have a taste of it.

A new look at compliments

I am taking
A new look at compliments;
This follows a lesson
I.just learned;
I never thought
On those lines before;
Compliments are good,
But all are not the same;
Some have strings
Which can be used
To tie you.
Since that lesson,
I am more careful
With compliments;
Whether I am giving
Or receiving.
Truth is,
I love compliments;
Both to give
And to receive.
But from now on,
Prudence will be
My watchword.
When I give;
When they come hitting
The door of my heart.
This is my new look
At compliments.

Delicate times

Tell me what you do
When you are going through
Delicate times
Like the present times;
Have you ever
Found yourself traversing
Such dangerous times?
It is not easy,
With the threat of death
Hanging overhead;
Everywhere gunfiring;
And human life snuffed out
Like a candlelight;
That is when
You must be very careful.
Prudence is imperative;
Instead of waiting to cure,
That is called wisdom.

Walk with care

If there is so much mud
On your way,
It will be hard to travel through
Without being soiled;
Hence, you have to be very careful;
Take your time
And know where you put your feet.
This is how we must go about life;
There is so much mud on the way;
Walk with care;
Even if you cannot completely avoid soiling your feet,
The soiling will be limited.

A mind that discerns

Being careful!
Have a mind that discerns;
Going slowly
May make you miss
Some big opportunities,
But it may also save you
From disaster;
Gen Z says ” we go fast”;
But don’t pass
Before the angels come;
Whatever the case,
Wisdom calls;
Strike a balance;
Not too slow not too fast.
But be careful!
Take a risk!
But be prudence!
We live in a world
Where contradictions command;
Every good has a downside;
Every evil an upside.
Have a mind that discerns.