Success advice 12

As much as possible, avoid anything that can bring disgrace to you, your family or country. You may do it and go away with it, but it could come haunting you many years after. Be wise! Be prudent! Stay clean!


A new look at compliments

I am taking
A new look at compliments;
This follows a lesson
I.just learned;
I never thought
On those lines before;
Compliments are good,
But all are not the same;
Some have strings
Which can be used
To tie you.
Since that lesson,
I am more careful
With compliments;
Whether I am giving
Or receiving.
Truth is,
I love compliments;
Both to give
And to receive.
But from now on,
Prudence will be
My watchword.
When I give;
When they come hitting
The door of my heart.
This is my new look
At compliments.

Delicate times

Tell me what you do
When you are going through
Delicate times
Like the present times;
Have you ever
Found yourself traversing
Such dangerous times?
It is not easy,
With the threat of death
Hanging overhead;
Everywhere gunfiring;
And human life snuffed out
Like a candlelight;
That is when
You must be very careful.
Prudence is imperative;
Instead of waiting to cure,
That is called wisdom.

Walk with care

If there is so much mud
On your way,
It will be hard to travel through
Without being soiled;
Hence, you have to be very careful;
Take your time
And know where you put your feet.
This is how we must go about life;
There is so much mud on the way;
Walk with care;
Even if you cannot completely avoid soiling your feet,
The soiling will be limited.

A mind that discerns

Being careful!
Have a mind that discerns;
Going slowly
May make you miss
Some big opportunities,
But it may also save you
From disaster;
Gen Z says ” we go fast”;
But don’t pass
Before the angels come;
Whatever the case,
Wisdom calls;
Strike a balance;
Not too slow not too fast.
But be careful!
Take a risk!
But be prudence!
We live in a world
Where contradictions command;
Every good has a downside;
Every evil an upside.
Have a mind that discerns.

24 things God is asking you to do

What does God want you to do?

  1. God wants you to believe in him.
  2. God wants you to have faith in him.
  3. God wants you to trust him.
  4. God wants you to live a holy life. 
  5. God wants you to be obedient. 
  6. God wants you to be kind to others. 
  7. God wants you to love him. 
  8. God wants you to be thankful to him. 
  9. God wants you to stay clear of sin. 
  10. God wants you to be happy. 
  11. God wants you to give your heart to him. 
  12. God wants you to be patient. 
  13. God wants you to be humble. 
  14. God wants you to share your blessings. 
  15. God wants you to love others. 
  16. God wants you to be prayerful.
  17. God wants you to be a good example.
  18. God wants you to be disciplined.
  19. God wants you to be responsible.
  20. God wants you to be courageous.
  21. God wants you to be prudent.
  22. God wants you to have a just heart.
  23. God wants you to be honest.
  24. God wants you to sacrifice for him.

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