REBLOG – 1 MINUTE READ – Excerpt from “After the Rooster Crows”, My Personal Journal”, Author/Publisher intro 424.2019


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To Improve, Prepare Yourself For Punishment

A great part of writing and being a writer involves criticism.  A lot of time, we are afraid of having our work scrutinized constructively by others that we pass up opportunities to have them take a carving knife to our revered work.

However, to effectively improve your writing, you have to take certain steps that would certainly cause you to cringe.

If you can afford a professional writer or editor, pay them to look at your work and give you critical feedback without sweetening it. The tougher the criticism, the more helpful for you in the longer run.

The narrow road of the publishing industry is full of rejections and criticisms from publishing houses, editors, agent etc and the sooner your mind opens up to such circumstances the better accustomed you become. Read More

Problems with my blog

Many a problem I face here
On my blog;
Even to publish, an uphill task;
Many a friend
Do send me complains;
Difficult they find
To open my blog;
I just can’t say what is amiss;
So hard to work,
But one’s efforts to see blocked.
You see the point that keeps me worried?
Can’t put a picture on this post;
Everything is just upside down;
How long this goes,
I do not know.
Just have to wait
And hope for the best.