Don’t push too much

But don’t push too much!
Know when to stop pushing;
Stop when you should;
If you don’t,
You may end up pushing too much;
And that will have
Negative repercussions.
Never forget
There is a time
To push,
A time to stop pushing;
A time to go forward,
And a time to stop going.
That is the logic of life.


You push again

When the going is hard,
When you are about
To give up,
When that urge is really strong,
And you think it’s
The only option you have,
Push again;
Push a little again;
That is where
The difference comes in;
Where the winners distinguish themselves;
The losers and the average guys end there;
Not the achievers;
Not the winners;
Not the champions;
These guys are tough;
They stay on till the house
is falling on their heads;
They push again;
They stay on and push again;
You must stay on and push again.

Push the youth

My friend Shiva Malekopmath says
We should push the young;
I do agree;
And how do we do that?
Send them to school;
Pay their fees;
Help them in their studies;
And in their lives;
Not stand on their way;
Advise them;
Encourage them;
Motivate them;
Inspire them
Show them the best example;
And that will make them shine;
I agree with you Shiva Malekopmath;
Let’s push our youth forward.

I believe in my dream

I took the first reading in Church during the golden jubilee celebration of my batch's entry into Sacred Heart  College in 1965.

I took the first reading in Church during the golden jubilee celebration of my batch’s entry into Sacred Heart College in 1965.

My hope is high;
I believe in my dream;
My faith in the future
Is unshakeable;
I am passionate about my work;
I want to touch hearts;
Transform lives;
Build people;
Bring out the best in them;
I want to nspire them,
To reach the top
In their chosen field;
These are the things
I live for;
To reach and touch,
The lives of one billion people;
And take them,
From where they are,
To where God wants them to be.
My journey is on;
And I hope to find on my way
People who will help;
And show me the way;
And give me a push;
To reach my destination.